DeSmuME 0.9.9 released!

Yes, it’s been a while since the last release, but we haven’t been completely idle. There’s a brand new jit cpu core which yields some impressive speedups, and a ton of work on the OSX port!

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  1. aLpHa-rEd says:

    Finally….. Desmume made it
    Now i can really play Pokemon black 2 super fast
    Now its even faster than no$gba
    Even Pokegen supports savestates of this awesome emulator

    • ninthListener says:

      Hey try this trick, press the “=” key, and it makes the gameplay faster. to slow it down press “-” key. This enables the game to play 4.0x normal speed.

    • bedr says:

      when does desmume 1.0.0 come out I am really exited it for it after all of these years number 100 came

  2. Super Awesome!!!
    i’m using it on ubuntu gnome 13.04 64bit and it run smoot \o/
    i only can send two sugestions a ‘stretch to fit’ on full screen options
    and a support to use diferent screen on diferent windows to use full screen with stretch one screen per monitor(in case of 2 monitors)

  3. Morgane says:

    I just want to know if this version works with snow leopard ?

    Thank you

    • rogerman says:

      DeSmuME for Mac requires OS X v10.5.8 or later.

      So yes, it’s compatible with Snow Leopard.

  4. Nut says:

    What is the difference between the OpenGL 3.2 and Software Raisterizer engines?

    • zeromus says:

      Nut, youve been using desmume for years, and youve just now asked this?

      • Nut says:

        Well, there’s 2 OpenGL options, so I want to know what is the difference between the 2.

        • zeromus says:

          So shouldnt you be asking the difference between OpenGl 3.2 and OpenGl Old?

        • rogerman says:

          There are no functional differences between the two OpenGL options in v0.9.9. In terms of how they affect DeSmuME’s 3D rendering emulation, they are identical.

          However, in terms of graphics driver compatibility on the host machine, OpenGL Old is backwards compatible with older drivers, and OpenGL 3.2 is forwards compatible with newer drivers. So this difference shouldn’t be an issue unless your graphics drivers are buggy.

          As far as future development is concerned, OpenGL 3.2 makes it easier to add new features that would otherwise be difficult (if not downright impossible) to add in OpenGL Old. In other words, stay tuned for better developments in OpenGL 3.2, but don’t be surprised if certain features aren’t implemented in OpenGL Old.

  5. Nut says:

    @rogerman thanks for the info!

  6. AsPika2219 says:

    I hope next version will fix the MICROPHONE features after No$gba version 2.7 was released! :)

  7. Nut says:

    This version works perfect! The new CPU mode really makes the emulator feel snappy!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. patrick says:

    Merci beaucoup, c’est très pratique, bravo pour vos efforts !

    • Titouf says:

      Translation :

      Thanks a lot, the emulator is really useful to me, congratulations for the lot of work you put in this !

  9. Fares says:

    Thats a nice ds emulator . It’s correctly installed in my computer and i can use it fastely than NoSgba
    Thanks for this version of DeSmume thats my favourite and special Nintendo Dual Screen Emulator

  10. Fares says:

    Merci pour vos efforts . DeSmume est mon émulateur préféré
    Thanks for your labour . DeSmume is my special emulator for Wii and Pc

  11. Pokèfan says:

    DeSMuME released the best DS emulator version, thanks to its awesome speed.
    Right now we can play all pkmn games at full speed.
    But we’re still looking for DeSMuME Wifi.
    Great Work….

  12. MMDGUY says:

    As far as NO$GBA was my favourite emulator due to its speed.
    But now, i’ll have to change my thought and say about this update that, “The Best DS Emulator I’ve Ever Seen”.
    Thanks for giving us this awesome update.
    I hope DeSMuME will soon bring new wifi feature to make pkmn games more exciting.

  13. Peter says:

    Any estimation on when will WiFi compatibility be available?

  14. CCEAL says:

    compatible avec windows 8?

  15. trlkly says:

    Am I right and this is only faster on so many machines because, unlike NO$GBA, it can use multiple cores? Sure, the new JIT recompiler is fast, but, on my netbook, it’s not faster than NO$GBA.

    Not that I don’t appreciate at least being able to play games on it now. Sure, it may still be a bit slower, but linear interpolation of the sound makes it a lot more tolerable than NOSGBA when neither will play at full speed.

    I’m just wondering if the JIT compiler is actually faster, or if it’s the dual core nature. As I only have one core (with hyperthreading).

  16. trlkly says:

    Also, any chance you’ll ever release a proper installer? Using ZIP files leaves it unclear which files you actually need to run the emulator. And it makes the whole thing feel like an alpha build.

    • zeromus says:

      You could determine whether its the jit that’s responsible for the speed advantage over nocash by disabling the jit and comparing. But the dual-core use in desmume isnt helpful for performance at all, its pretty much just a waste.

      There is no chance we’ll ever release a proper installer. Proper emulators are in zip files. Installers are for children. Plus, if you inspect the desmume version number, youll see that it is intended to be an alpha build.

  17. heyitsme says:

    Is this version already running on dual core or still single core?

    • rogerman says:

      DeSmuME has been multicore-aware for quite some time.

      However, the multiple core utilization of your CPU is completely dependent on how you use DeSmuME, so you may or may not take advantage of it with your usage pattern.

  18. Lan21 says:

    how do i migrate my saves from windows to my osx lion? D: help.

    • ... says:

      I’m guessing the save state format is the same across platforms; in that case, all you’d have to do is copy over the save states from wherever they are on Windows to wherever you want them to be on your Mac.

    • ... says:

      As for the actual game saves, I dunno where they are on Windows, but on Mac they’re located in:

      ~ (your user folder)/Library/Application Support/DeSmuME/0.9.9 (or whatever version)/

      in the appropriate subfolder. I’m guessing it’s “Battery”.

      • rogerman says:

        You should use the menu option “File > Reveal Game Data Folder in Finder”. It is the most reliable method for locating DeSmuME’s data files, since the location of the data files could change in a future version of DeSmuME.

  19. NitroX says:

    This is amazing! Final Fantasy IV runs super smoothly now! That was by far the slowest game I’d encountered. But now it’s butter!

    Thank you, people!

    If wi-fi is ever implemented, I wonder if there can be some kinda internet-based get together of users around the world.

  20. Creyney says:

    I hope they will focus on making a 3ds emulator after 1.0.0 :D

  21. Lan21 says:

    Zeromus regarding save files.. for both windows and mac it’s the same type right? but where do i find the save files of my desmume on apple? i’m currently using osx lion

  22. MrTheSoulz says:

    Thx for the update!
    heres a few things i would like to see:

    a .deb installer for ubuntu since not geeks dont wanna compile the file or even know how to and the one at the store is stuck at 0.9.8 :(

    filter support for linux, since the gpu drivers have improve alot when steam came to linux, they should handle it right?

    the one that is really needed is the .deb installer or update the ubuntu store one plz :D

  23. MrTheSoulz says:

    oh and btw plx add action replay cheats for linux! :(

  24. AVeryGratefulGamer says:

    I can still clearly remember the early days when this one got panned for being terrible compared to NO$GBA.
    Running DS games now at 100% speed with no frame skip feels so good now.
    I salute your efforts.

  25. m2m says:

    I’m totally lost for words, the work that has gone into this is simply unbelievable.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the devs for all your hard work!

  26. Soaps says:

    Wow! You guys did such an awesome job! It’s amazing the amount of progress that’s been made. Thank you all for your hard work.

  27. james says:

    Hey awesome emlater but for PC it needs to be faster still

  28. Khanh says:

    Thank you it’s wonderfull :)

  29. relminator says:

    Zeromus you nut! Now I gonna have to make DS brews again.

    Great update!

  30. dsgamer says:

    do dsi roms work with DeSmuME

  31. zeromus says:


  32. Franck says:

    Thanks a lot! I used to play with No$GBA on my macbook but hello new DeSmuME update! thanks to your amazing work, I can now play with your emulator, faster than ever and with great graphics ! Keep it up you’re awesome !

  33. Nut says:

    Hmmm. From checking the SVN, it seems that the emulator hasn’t been updated for a while. Is this emulator still being developed?

  34. Lan21 says:

    Zero, will you ever add a gba slot option? so that we’d be able to do ports from gba games..

  35. Nut says:

    How do I configure TortoiseSVN to work with the new DeSmuMe SVN repository?

  36. zeromus says:

    read the reply two posts above

  37. Nut says:

    I get it that there’s a new link, but how do I actually get TortoiseSVN to check out from the new link?

  38. James says:

    THANKS THANKS so much for JIT! I’ve been playing my Castlevania games for years skipping frames cause I found no other solutions, now it’s settled! Desmume was great, now it’s almost perfect^^!

  39. Nickchad says:

    Wow. You guys are the best. Ever. This is the main reason I used to only play the GBA and older games. Now I can try out the new ones :D (PS – I will buy the games once I can afford them D:)

  40. Thirsty says:

    Could you please add linking support like that of No$gba so that in-game trades and battles in for eg. Pokemon games are possible?

  41. Casmut says:

    Just want to say THANKS for everyone’s hard work in creating this emulator for us! I truly appreciate it–you guys ROCK! :]

  42. medo bobo says:

    hi i just want to know does desmume for mac have to be x86 please answer

  43. Lan21 says:

    will you guys ever put gba slot on the mac versions?

    • rogerman says:

      Will GBA Slot (or SLOT-2) support be coming to Mac DeSmuME eventually? The answer is yes.

      Will SLOT-2 support be coming to Mac DeSmuME in the next version? Maybe.

      It’s a matter of making an excellent Mac GUI for SLOT-2 that works the way users would expect. This is a lot more difficult than it first appears, so this is all still a work-in-progress.

      • Lan21 says:

        oh cool :D thanks for the info, i really appreciate all the work you guys put into this, by the way i have a suggestion and at the same time another question, you think it’d be possible to add a full screen option to the next version? for both mac and windows?

        • zeromus says:

          you mean, like what you get in windows by hitting alt+enter? why do you care about mac and windows both, anyway?

          • Lan21 says:

            yes, cause my little brother uses windows, i use mac :) it’ll be cool i guess, also because i think full screen option would be cool on both :D

            • rogerman says:

              Of course the next version of Mac DeSmuME will have full screen support! This feature was added in r4637.

              Better yet, when you combine full screen support with the multiple window support added in v0.9.9, this means that you will be able to have the main and touch screens in full screen on separate monitors. How’s that for having rich display features? :)

              • Lan21 says:

                cool! All i need is to get myself a touch screen monitor :)) by the way rogerman the r-series like r4637 that’s one of those automated builds i keep on seeing in other emulators right?

                • rogerman says:

                  No, the r# designation refers to the revision number of the source code, not a particular build number. There are no automated builds of DeSmuME for any platform.

                  The closest thing to having per-revision builds is to use websites like However, EmuCR only makes builds for Windows. For other platforms, you will need to make a build from the source code itself.

  44. SoberSteel4 says:

    This is great! First I upgraded my PC to be able to play the newsest games, then I remembered I also could test out Dolphin and DeSmuME because I couldn’t on my old system. And I’m stunned. Dolphin 4.0 runs epic and DeSmuME 0.9.9… 60 FPS without any drops in Pokemon Black. Thanks guys. Things can only get better from here!

  45. The Noob One says:

    This update is simply AMAZING. My speed with golden sun dark dawn changed from 40~50 fps to 150~170 fps… The increase in speed due to JIT is simply crazy. I had thought that it would be a minor speed-up but this is INSANE. Now I have no problems with any games, Pokemon black runs at 140+ FPS with limit framerate unchecked. If you’re still using 0.9.8, PLEASE UPDATE TO 0.9.9… This is insane…

  46. guilherme canella says:

    Guys congratulations! The DeSmuME is awesome! Super fast and nice!

  47. Darrel says:

    The latest DeSmuME is really awesome. With JIT core it runs smooth and fast. A very much thank you for this latest update.

    However I want to ask that now as there is no wifi emulation and you people are not going to make 3DS emulator, the current desmume being PERFECT(for Windows), will there be anything new in future releases i.e., is there any development going on this area ?

    • zeromus says:

      the current desmume isn’t PERFECT, there are thousands of bugs.

      • Basjohn says:

        If that were the justification then it would make no sense that the last year of development has almost entirely been porting work.

        I haven’t found a single DS game that doesn’t run wonderfully on the emulator in a LONG TIME.

        The NEVERDOING3DS2DS seems more like legal fear or apathy. Both are a shame because this is the only decent DS emulator ever built, and I shudder to think how long it would take others to pick up the reigns.

        • zeromus says:

          In the past year there have been 376 commits. 93 of them were the cocoa+linux ports. that is 25% of the total. “Almost entirely porting work” isn’t true.
          If you want a list of DS games that don’t run wonderfully on the emulator, check our bug tracker or google for “desmume sucks” and you may find more than you care to read.
          The NEVERDOING3DS is actually more like desmume’s internals not supporting more than one system, nobody knowing anything about the 3DS, and whats known being completely dissimilar to the NDS.

  48. Squall Leonhart says:

    Next person to ask about X / Y and 3DS gets smacked in the face with an orca.

  49. Osinagi says:

    First of all great work on the emulator. I have been using it for years now and it’s just amazing. I have been reading comments from the past posts and see that you have implemented the multiple window support for Mac, now since i myself am a Windows user would like to know if this feature is going to come to windows any time soon. Thanks for your answer in advance.

  50. Alinya says:

    Wow! Pokemon Black 2 really runs at the true desired speed (aka its supposed normal speed on a real DS)! And on a Windows 8 quad-core CPU too. Such great advances! Keep it up, and thanks for such a “miracle-listic” technology, DeSmuME Team! (Imma spread news about this build on a page I’m admin of…)