DeSmuME 0.9.8 OSX build updated with Mountain Lion support!

The OSX version has been updated to support Mountain Lion and fix an occasional crash that was annoying some users.

Grab it here!

52 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.8 OSX build updated with Mountain Lion support!”

  1. BEARBOY says:

    Thanks A LOT Desmume! Keep up the good work

  2. iToy says:

    It can’t be open T T
    my mac said “DeSmuME” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

  3. rogerman says:

    iToy, just right-click the DeSmuME icon, and choose Open from the pop-up menu. This method allows you to open any app that isn’t Gatekeeper compliant.

  4. Sim says:

    Merci beaucoup super boulot encore une fois je vais pouvoir recommencé a jouer…

  5. NO1SE says:

    On yu-gi-h 5d’s world championship 2011: over the nexus (and i think on 2010 as well) i have a blank black touchscreen window with no video output apart from the main menu icon… the touchscreen still works and yes and no option buttons appear on it when they come up but the actual game (which is played mostly on the touchscreen) doesn’t show, it worked on 0.9.6 though… but that was slow and froze a lot.

  6. NO1SE says:

    sorry to clarify menus work and show on the touchscreen, and the touch functionality still works. but the game video output does not work. any ideas please?

  7. Solivore says:

    Thanks but it doesn’t work for Pokémon. ._.

  8. Stelios says:

    Thank you DesmuME, very impressive so far

  9. rogerman says:

    NO1SE, it seems like 3D rendering is turned off. Try choosing View > Show 3D Rendering Settings. In the 3D Rendering Settings panel, make sure that SoftRasterizer is your chosen 3D engine.

    Solivore, the Pokemon games certainly due work, albeit with some bugs. This is due to a combination of the anti-piracy code in the ROMs themselves, and also the many patches/hacks/cheats involved. Overall, it can be some pretty messy business. You should try to get help from a Pokemon forum if you want to play these games.

  10. Solivore says:

    But it worked on the precedent version… :(

  11. rogerman says:

    Solivore, I’ve tested the Pokemon games, and they should work.

    Go ahead and make a post in our tech support forums, and I’ll try to work out the issue from there. Be sure to include the following info:
    1. DeSmuME app version
    2. Your operating system and OS version
    3. The specific ROMs that you are using (choose File > ROM Info, and give the ROM Name and ROM Serial of each ROM that isn’t working)
    4. A brief description of what’s happening for each ROM (we need to know what exactly is “not working”)

  12. Solivore says:

    Ok thanks.. If I succeed to register. x)

  13. NO1SE says:

    Thank you so much, worked a charm!

  14. Zach says:

    Why was this update necessary? You should have just released 0.9.9 with Mountain Lion support.

    • zeromus says:

      maybe you’ll be an old man by the time 0.9.9 is ready. osx users may appreciate a quicker fix.

  15. the pride says:

    I cant see the images
    i can hear the game and the touch screen works
    but i cant see the game

  16. the pride says:

    i am using Mountain Lion btw

  17. rogerman says:

    pride, the new Mac build was re-released to fix exactly this issue. Download the latest release from our website and try again.

  18. dylan bighorse says:

    when i try to download it says a certain folder /Volumes/PublicZone/something.dmg.trp or something says it cannot be changed

  19. Minestrone says:

    Thks. You’re the best!

  20. blackfoot says:

    umm hot do i speed the gameplay up a bit

  21. rogerman says:

    blackfoot, the options for changing the emulator’s execution speed can be found in the Emulation > Speed Limit menu. If you need a finer degree of control, you can choose Emulation > Speed Limit > Custom.

    There is also a toolbar button for toggling between 1x Speed and 2x Speed for your convenience.

  22. Adi Tri Web says:

    Cool emulatorr,… ^^

  23. iVoldemort says:

    Thanks for the update. But I meet a problem that the touch function cannot work, which is implemented by the mouse. How should it be resolved?

  24. rogerman says:

    iVoldemort, in the main window, there should be a status bar at the bottom that reports all of the inputs as they are used, including mouse clicks. (If the status bar isn’t visible, you can show it by using the View > Show Status Bar menu option.)

    Try clicking around in the main window.

    If you are seeing mouse inputs in the status bar, then the problem could be in the ROM you’re using. You should confirm that the ROM indeeds uses the DS touch inputs, and that it is a clean dump of the ROM.

    If you are not seeing any mouse inputs, then the problem could be in your mouse or other hardware. In this case, you will need to troubleshoot your hardware yourself and find out why your mouse (or other hardware) doesn’t work properly.

  25. eldoctor says:

    When i start up Pokemon, everything goes well until i actually play. The touch screen is fine, but the top screen is black. I still get audio, just not visual.

    Any help would be really appreciated, thanks.

  26. BEARBOY says:

    I just want to know, When will the next desmume be released? I’m not saying the recent emulator stinks or what. I’m just excited. Just give an estimate of month/s and/or year/s

  27. rogerman says:

    BEARBOY, we can’t give estimates about when the next version will be released. The next Mac release is geared more towards fixing bugs, improving performance, and cleaning up the code base. But rest assured, there are some new end-user features planned for the next Mac release, like more display options, replay record/playback support, and so on.

  28. Dickens says:

    anyone knows how to trade pokemons in pokemon black 2?
    or open 2 desmume and let them connect together.

  29. Dickens says:

    then how to use the cheats???

  30. BEARBOY says:

    @rogerman Thank you, its my first 2 years using Desmume and i don’t now the system thingy thingies. Anyways, Thank You for answering it in a polite way because most people just insult these questions.

  31. Youguyyou says:

    You guys rock. Keep making awesome emulators.

  32. kelxk31 says:

    Hi, I’m running Mountain Lion, and I downloaded the latest version of the emulator, with Mountain Lion support. However, I seem to have run into a problem.. Whenever I open a rom in the emulator, the screen is blank. I can hear the audio, but nothing comes up in the emulator window. The way I’ve been opening the .nds roms is by secondary click>open with DeSmuMe. Please help!

  33. rogerman says:

    kelxk31, try redownloading DeSmuME directly from our website and try again. Afterwards, check the app version of DeSmuME by choosing DeSmuME > About DeSmuME, and checking if the version reads “v0.9.8b”, and not “v0.9.8″.

  34. rainbowzhang says:

    thank you so much for all you have done, i’m a Mountain Lion user, and downloaded the lasted version. it seems that this new version is not applicable for all the nds games. sometime it comes up with a blank screen and sometime i can not hear some background music. hope my information will help you to improve it.

  35. dbzclips2 says:

    i started to play pokemon soul silver and was ready, about to watch a girl show me how to catch but the game froze. So i x it and restarted but now its a white screen with no music or anything. Can someone help out???

  36. blackatz12 says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! played gold heart, crushes every once in 30 minutes but its amazing

  37. PokemonLover says:

    I’m really mad. Everytime im trying to open a rom to actually play the game it says that it has stop working and is look for a solution to the problem.A few seconds later it exits out.???? btw im trying to play pokemon black 2

  38. Robert says:


    Is it possible to add a gamepad layer on the view?

    I’m trying to play the app through a. remote android platform….

  39. Rory Smart says:

    I have a mac with mountain lion OSX and I downloaded this and Pokemon Heart Gold. When I open it up I can hear sound and click but all I see is a white screen? This is the case with other pokemon games as well. How do I fix this???

  40. Cody Goodman says:

    thank you thank you thank you lolz finally something that works

  41. K says:

    What about a .deb (amd64)?


  42. Dan says:

    Blue Harvest DS does not work for this emulator

  43. Jam Lasica says:


  44. Derk says:

    Pokemon works for me but everytime i try to press start on it the menu doesnt come up. playing Diamond and White from

  45. Dirk says:

    I’m attempting to play pokemon black2, but when I load the rom, only blank white screen remains. Can someone please instruct me on what to do. Thanks.

  46. najib says:

    i don’t now how to blow into the microphone. :(
    help please?

  47. Icarus says:

    @Dirk, that rom isn’t patched, go get a clean rom then patch it from the pokemon black and white 2 translation project english patch and that should solve everything.

  48. jay baller says:

    the bottom screen dont work for none of the games

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  50. JoshuaWood says:

    hey uhm every time i open a game it plays well like pokemon soul silver or any other game for that matter every game that i try to play just lags really bad ive tried to fix it myself but i dont have a clue what im doing and im probably just messing stuff up can someone tell me how to play the game without it lagging like slow motion