DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!

Yes, it’s been a while since the last release, but we haven’t been completely idle. There’s a brand new top shelf Cocoa frontend to make life far more pleasant for OSX users, and a host of compatibility fixes.

Head on over to the download page and check it out!

* edit (09-apr-2012) – the win32 binary was updated to remove the console window which was accidentally left enabled
* edit (18-apr-2012) – the win32 nosse2 binary was updated to fix it so that it was actually what it says it is
* edit (29-jul-2012) – the OSX version doesn’t work in mountain lion. youll get sound but no video. we’ll post an update here when we have a solution for you.

337 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!”

  1. Wifi says:

    Just wondering if there is any way to enable wifi in the new version specifically for mac OSX. If not it would be a great addition. Other than that no complaints thanks so much

  2. Magma says:

    WOW. THANKS !!

    and im curious about WIFI….
    is there somebody could connect to wifi network by desmume ?
    not yet ? T_T

    • zeromus says:

      Wifi isn’t supported. Ask whoever gave you a wifi-enabled build for support for it.

  3. Great release. I’m curious: what are the plans for the next release, which I assume is 0.9.9? More 3D and sound fixes? CPU and memory address bug fixes for better accuracy of hardware? What comes after 0.9.9? The official version 1.0? Do you mind informing us as to how the DeSmuME team is mapping out the future?

  4. Arusi says:

    You guys are awesome! This version of the emulator is LOADED with improvement! I can now play games without having to change too much settings! Thanks!

  5. Oh, well, I guess some programmers would definitely have certain bug fixes in mind, depending on if they’re aiming for hardware accuracy vs. playability performance. But Desmume seems pretty well balanced, with great speed, gfx, sfx, and solid saving and control input, while having a decent compatibility rate. Definitely my fav DS emu, and just about the only one still active. I wonder if iDeaS emu is still active. The author hasn’t been around much that I’ve seen. Anyway, thanks for the speedy response. I look forward to 0.9.10 and other future releases.

  6. arcem says:

    tnx guys, hehe,
    but i hope the next update would be less memory and cpu consuming, more power, ^_^

  7. Carlito says:

    No need for Wifi, but at least could you made some way to trade pokemons? :)
    Like with old VisualBoyAdvance, just open two of them, in each the game, and do the thing :)

    • zeromus says:

      that requires wifi emulation. whether it goes over the air at that point or between two emulators in your computer is a minor detail.

  8. RubixMasta2476 says:

    Hey can u make this more compatible with some games because i tried playing Rubik’s world on the newest version but its like flickering to which screen should be the top nd which should b the bottom

  9. RubixMasta2476 says:

    also maybe learn to link it with vba or another game on a different window of desmume

  10. Deszeld says:

    So far I am unable to find anyone else that is having a true problem with the latest version compared to the older one. However, I may be the first. With the last version, 0.9.7, I was able to play all the DS Roms I have perfectly, little lag and glitching (Which would be due to my computer being quite the scrap metal in it’s old age.) Unfortunately, with this updated version I am no longer able to play any of my rooms. I get the sound, but no graphics/video, it remains unchanged from when I bring the program up.

  11. Deszeld says:

    I may have just found the issue. After running the NOSSE2 version that comes with it, runs just fine. So it would seem I can just use that as it doesn’t mess with anything I’ve done in my games, like causing me to restart and such. Though this is weird, as I never had such an issue in earlier releases.

  12. Deszeld says:

    Or not, spoke to soon, while I cannot load savestates, games I have saved in-game with I can still use. Lol.

  13. J' frost says:

    I have experienced flickering in the menus, but it’s only on Radiant Historia. All the the other games are fine.

  14. Alan says:

    On Mac OS X Lion 10.8 it stopped working. If you can please update compatibility :)

  15. Bryan says:

    You need to put a Wi-Fi system using the internet modem, if possible. Thanks for all.

  16. someone says:

    Just want to mention that the graphics problem is still present on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion GM (thus the retail version)

  17. Nut says:

    I think DeSmuMe is the only DS emulator still in active development! Although stable release can be up to a year away, but the SVN build is updated almost daily! I’m now playing with the SVN and so far it’s pretty good.
    So far DeSmuMe has improved itself from a buggy emulator back in 2009 when I first discovered this project to now an awesome DS emulator with good graphics and good speed.
    So far DeSmuMe seems to have a very bright future.:D

  18. Sir Hare Bunnington says:

    this version must run on sorcerous powers, it actually runs Fire Emblem Shin Monsho No Nazo with no hitch whatsoever…

    however, i still get the pokemon soul silver glitch on Bellsprout Tower. on the Third monk, my pokeballs keep spinning and won’t stop. anyone else getting this problem?

  19. Shawn says:

    It’s too slow. I don’t know if it’s the computer or what, but if it’s the DeSmuME, can you fix it? Playing Pokemon slow is not a lot of fun.

  20. James says:

    @Sir Hare Bunnington: That’s an anti-piracy measure. Save often, because that happens randomly and when it does, you have no option but to reload.

  21. Spradic Zoom says:

    I have an issue with one of my roms, Sonic Chronicles – the Dark Brotherhood. There is a certain point where the game completely hard-crashes and stops responding. I’ve tries using several copies of the rom and different version of the same game, but this one area always breaks. I can provide both the rom and the save-state if you’d like. Please respond as soon as you can.

    Spradic Zoom

    • zeromus says:

      I responded right away! But I dropped my dinner in my lap. But, in an emergency, what can you do?

      Post a bug on our bug tracker with the savestate attached as well as the top 20 pieces of information you think we might need, for instance which OS and desmume version youre using and whether youve used any cheats (if youve used cheats, the answer will be to stop using cheats)

  22. haziq says:

    i got a problem my pokemon diamond and pearl on desumei cant open my bag

  23. daunte says:

    i was playing digimon world ds and every time after like 3 or 5 hours after playing it ,when i get a farm call desmume wont respond when i use the sylus feature and the a button. i tried 4 times starting over after that.i would actually save on the game ina=stead of using a state but its to slow and it goes 10% slower even on a boosl.i tried on different versions but it makes the same mislake .i want to use no$gba but i want the fast forward feature or else its too slow for me.its the emulator not the game,canyou please see if you can fix it please,its the only game im REALLY desperate

  24. Matthijs says:

    when will there be wifi for this version??

  25. daunte says:

    i ment boost and thanks but whats a pen drive?

  26. Kevin says:

    i trying to play Pokemon soul silver on this new version, but its seem to be lagging.

    please help!!
    Many thanks

  27. Nut says:

    @Daunte: Pen drive is a USB drive, or a portable drive that you plug it into your computer.

  28. Meghan says:

    So, I just downloaded desume yesterday, and when I tried to play pokemon, but each time i try push the start key to see my pokemon/items/ etc. It doesn’t work. I have windows, so If anyone could help me figure that out, that would be very appreciated. Hopefully I don’t sound like a complete idiot, But I haven’t seen anything online that will help me fix this problem.

  29. Mike says:

    I have yugioh world championship 2010, but when i save and close the emulator i need to restart the game again, is their a fix to this to save my game file?

  30. mike says:

    i click to save the game from the start menu but every time i try to play again it makes me start over… how do i save it?

  31. Kirous says:

    Please review the game NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED FIFA and the audio sounds bad, try to set up but it sounds like, please arrange for the next exit the emulator.

  32. Iris says:

    i notice that its reallllllllly slow. i tried doing the tab thing but its still slow. im playing pokemon white 2

  33. eclipsezero says:

    Ohgod I hate to be one more of those Pokemon people, but if it all possible please bear with me ;-;
    Uh, I can run Pokemon White just fine, but I have heard that there problems with gaining experience. I can’t check this myself just yet due to being away from my main PC, so I wanted to ask, does that problem still occur with 0.9.8(Pokemon White is US version)? Or will I need an anti piracy code/patch for it?

  34. silverandbooandcoco says:

    I downloaded Desmume. How do I enable the mic? Anyone know how? Email me at when you know how.

  35. Gilga says:

    I read the comments everyday im not sure why.

    To the Dev team , your doing incredible work keep it up and
    dont let the comments here get you down.

    Take it easy.

  36. daniel says:

    hey guys, just wanted to say how awesome i think the software is. can’t wait for some mountain lion support! keep up the good work

  37. Hahah says:

    Why on earth call it 0.9.10 n not 1.0.0

  38. daniel says:

    okay, so i even went as far as to install windows 7 on my mac via parallels.. and the game loads fine… in windows 7… but the visuals fail in coherence mode… man, i thought i had it figured out

  39. Sim says:

    Please an upgrade for mountain lion …

  40. Jay says:

    Hey Im having an odd issue…I just downloaded the emulator and now and it was working fine…amazing software…anyway it was working fine and i am playing soul silver I got to cherrygrove city and I turned it off….and now the emulator isnt running it again…everytime i try to open the ROM nothing happens?

  41. Mr. Pokemon says:

    had same problem as this guy, what can i do to fix it? please help

    “BLAKE Says:
    April 28th, 2012 at 9:01 pm
    hey i was just wandering this is my first time trying this stuff, andy i downloaded the mac version, and was trying to play pokemon soul silver, and it works fine, until about 10 mins in the game, where it will just randomly start having problems, like me not being able to move, or when i try to go into a building the screen will just stay black, or when i go into a battle the music play’s but my dude is just sitting there frozen in the grass… can someone please tell me how to get rid of this thank you”

  42. Ralph says:

    Guys, any know issues with Mountain Lion? I have just updated from Lion and the emulator stop working properly, the application screen is just blank, the sounds from the game can be heard, but no video at all

  43. Roberto says:

    Hi please send a mil when the mountain lion problem is fixed, thank you very much I think it’s almost done right?? thanks

  44. rogerman says:

    We’ve posted a new OS X build that fixes the graphical issues in Mountain Lion. Be sure to get it from our downloads page!

  45. Brady says:

    I’m having the same problem as jay my pokemon soul silver was working perfectly fine till my comp shut off and when i turned it back on the rom wont play its just a white screen.

  46. James says:

    Hi, my pokemon soul silver keeps freezing/crashing. I had to save every now and then to ensure that my efforts do not go to waste. Is there a solution for this problem? Please help. Thanks.

  47. Nut says:

    DeSmuMe works great, even on Windows 8 To Go X64 booted from a USB hard drive.

  48. James says:


  49. Nut says:

    BTW, how can I compile 64-bit DeSmuMe binary from source?

    • zeromus says:

      nut, use the visual studio options to choose x64. it should not be hard.
      chris, all desmume versions work in XP. your OS is not your problem.

  50. Chris says:

    Hi um I’m having TONS of difficult problems with my download. I am using Windows XP (version 2002) only because my labtop atm is being fixed and costs alot to repair (Windows 7 btw) however I realized 0.9.6 is the only version that works on my desktop however it’s not the latest version and I’m having speed issues. Is there any way the latest versions can work on Windows XP? thanks,