DeSmuME 0.9.6 released!

This release focuses on emulation bugfixes and features of interest
to homebrew developers. Most users will find that the compatibility
is increased substantially.

Some save files may be invalidated due to use of broken crc logic.
Back up your DSV files before using this version of the emulator or else
the game might wipe it.

Users of OSX, gtk, cli and gtk-glade frontends please note that now we
have a common directory in ~/.config/desmume for config file,
saves and savestates. The old .desmume.ini will be moved
automatically with the name config but you have to move your saves

UPDATE We have released a new version of the source tarball to fix problems building the glade frontend. If you downloaded your copy before 05/25/2010, please download it again :)

229 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.6 released!”

  1. dandman999 says:

    Thanks for this, it appears to fix the holes in the karts in Mario Kart DS, or it was fixed in 0.9.5, I forgot to check for updates before… And the sound appears to be a lot better in Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin too. It still sometimes repeats the SFX, but the BGM is much quicker and less glitched.

  2. z says:

    matt: not supported. out of luck. use bootcamp or virtual machine
    someone: things reported in comments arent paid much attention to since we do have a bug tracker. but that bug won’t get fixed, it is some glitch in gtk on osx. workaround: don’t rightclick
    aaron: they do work
    simple: those issues are worth entering into the bug tracker
    svaemulink: the faqcontains tips to speed up. list the ghz of your cpu when posting specs. opengl has bugs thats why we made softrasterizer. You can’t find unlimited mhz disaster because it isn’t supported.
    dandman999: the black holes were caused by using the opengl renderer. the faq wouldve told you to use softrasterizer to fix graphical bugs. the faq would also tell you how to fix the sound in advance wars, but you need to be using the windows version

  3. Merc says:

    Hmm why Pokemon HG and SS are not supported?
    And what do you mean by not supported?
    It is because they use a protection?
    And what about Pokemon Black and White which will be released on 19.09.10?
    Will you “support” them?

    LOL: Zeromus: “touch the damn pokeball like it says, dont press a button” :)

  4. z says:

    merc: because pokemon pirates annoy us. we won’t support new pokemon games either. i sort of hope they don’t work on desmume.

  5. Mercenery says:

    Pokemon pirates?
    but what about people who want to really play those games?
    it is your job anyways to make all the games playable! (why the hate for pok series?)

  6. Eve says:

    Yeah, I see the input section for the Action Replay Codes, but when I try to save, I get an error message that says “Can’t save cheats to file”. So when I exit out of the cheats window, and re-enter. All the codes I just input are gone. Can someone please help me understand this, cuz’ I can’t find the solution anywhere.

  7. KQ says:

    Hi, i read on the faq that the wifi application is in heavy developement, is there a chance it will be out by 0.9.7?

  8. raine says:

    dementium 2 won’t work. it display nothing

  9. wardrake says:

    This is a great emu, but I hope the optimizations will be of great interest in the author’s mind. I, no I mean WE, that have a low-end gaming pc would like to enjoy this too you know!. As for now, the competitor “NoMoneyGBA” leads in terms of optimization (as for me ^^, cuz it runs much more faster, without those frameskipping badazz). Don’t be offended, becuz, I am truly hopeful for this emu. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  10. z says:

    merc: like i said pokemon pirates annoy us. go away.
    eve: run desmume from a folder in your documents directory or desktop
    kq: no chance whatsoever
    raine: i agree. tough break.
    wardrake: optimizations are boring

  11. svaemulink says:

    It’s not because CPU.cpu- Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz.
    if you enable or disable all speed up options – it doesn’t makes any difference.

  12. beleni says:

    wtf the cheatconverter its a virus? and what the hell is that for?

  13. z says:

    svaemulink: how many fps do you get? on your cpu it should probably be near 60 but not quite to it. probably more than 50. how do you know its not because of cpu? are you the expert on this emulator, or am I?
    beleni: your virus scanner sucks and is reporting a false positive

  14. Mercenery says:

    rolf im not a pok pirate!
    KQ: in your dreams!

  15. matt says:

    pokemon black works on does white. I just dumped my cart i got today to test it..and it works…doesn’t work on no$gba or flash carts.

  16. Totodile says:

    DeSmuME can play pokémon Black and White

  17. svaemulink says:

    I have a many programs – to watch CPU usage (it’s about 80 – 90%)
    Maybe it’s because – this emulator don’t have optimization for Dual core processors. If you run Sribblenauts – it’s 60 and more fps.
    If you run Zelda Phantom hourglass (1ST 3d render video) – it’s about – 11,20,30, 40, 60 (it’s not stable)
    i’l try to disable sound and other options and it’s the same situation – it’s very strange.
    I have the same problems with No$gba it’s show 20 FPS if sound enable (without sound it’s 60 and more )
    but if you use NO$Zommer you can activate EXtra option – EX5
    No$gba + NO$Zommer + EXTRA EX5 enable – can run Zelda Fhantom h. with 60 and more Fps but with many glitches(sometimes game run too fast because of the sound glitches and freeze sometimes (with sound enable) )
    IF it’s possible to combine No$gba graphic plugin with DeSmuME sound plugin – it can be almost PERFECT emulator for DS.

  18. z says:

    svaemulink: you’re wrong. it has dual core optimizations. opengl renderer is garbage dont use it. if you get those differences in fps then your computer is broken. hint: if it happens for nocash also, why are you in our forum asking us about it? find out why your computer is broken/overheating/virus infested. it is not possible to combine nocash and desmume in any degree whatsoever. desmume doesn’t have plugins.

  19. Nut says:

    I agree that it is not possible to merge no$gba and desmume…at least if we partner with the no$gba developer and if we do dat, desmume might not be open source anymore…

  20. z says:

    That’s not possible.

  21. Mercenery says:

    Nut: lol do you even know who is the dev of no$gba?
    No$gba was a good emu but the dev was umm “cheap”!
    But ideas and desmume are free :)
    Respect to the devs :)
    z: are you the one who is working on wi-fi?
    if yes is there any good progr on it?
    and something else :)
    If pokemon gamers are pirates then why are you working on wi-fi at all? :D
    Isnt that illegal too? :)
    (of course im just jok)

  22. z says:

    merc: there is no progress. what does pokemon have to do with wifi? make some sense.

  23. fred says:

    The game spider-man 3 freezes wen it gets to do a system save, it asks me to reset and insert memory card, in the faq it says the solution is:
    (should be autodetect_size=1, detected as 3),
    however i have failed to fix the problem.
    would somebody please tell me how to do it. Thanks

  24. z says:

    close desmume. delete all .sav and .dsv that looks like it has to do with spiderman 3. boot the game but pause it immediately! set the save size to 4kbit. unpause emulation. should work.

  25. Nut says:

    Pokemon White works for me in full speed!
    My spects:
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo
    CPU: 2.4GHZ
    Ram: 3.0GB
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8400
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86

  26. someone says:

    I just tried running Yu Gi Oh! World Championship 2010 on version 0.9.6 running on Mac OS X 10.6.2 (Intel). Unfortunately, the emulation core often hangs during the computer’s turn in a duel. Sometime, the sound emulation will keep working, and the graphics will hang. Other times, everything will grind to a halt. Since I did not observe this behaviour in 0.9.5, I believe this is a regression introduced in version 0.9.6. It is still present in the trunk. I managed to reproduce this bug on both my own CLI build and the official mac build.

  27. zeromus says:

    dont report bugs here this is just for noisy people with no brains. We have a forum and a bug tracker, both of which already have people complaining about this issue

  28. svaemulink says:

    Hey my computer is not broken of virus infected LOL.
    I can run many PC games with full speed (like new Tomb Raider or Starcraft II)
    I can run at full speed dreamcast emulator and games Shenmu1,2 or Skyes of Arkadia (at 200 fps and higher) Dreamcast is MUCH powerful than DS.
    I can run at very HIGH speed Nintendo 64 emulator and games.
    I also have the best anti virus program – Kaspersky.
    I’m not interesting in Pokemon – i want to emulate Zelda or Final Fantasy 3,4
    i don’t use opengl
    DeSmuMe has very bed optimization for 3d games

  29. z says:

    svaemulink: you don’t know anything. ive already told you your computer is broken if it gets framerates that different and I have no idea what “1ST 3d render video” means but since opengl is listed first, i can only assume you mean that instead of software rasterizer. anyway, you’re wrong, and you don’t know anything about emulation, and I am going to delete anything else you say other than “oh man I was wrong and you were right”