DeSmuME 0.9.6 released!

This release focuses on emulation bugfixes and features of interest
to homebrew developers. Most users will find that the compatibility
is increased substantially.

Some save files may be invalidated due to use of broken crc logic.
Back up your DSV files before using this version of the emulator or else
the game might wipe it.

Users of OSX, gtk, cli and gtk-glade frontends please note that now we
have a common directory in ~/.config/desmume for config file,
saves and savestates. The old .desmume.ini will be moved
automatically with the name config but you have to move your saves

UPDATE We have released a new version of the source tarball to fix problems building the glade frontend. If you downloaded your copy before 05/25/2010, please download it again :)

229 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.6 released!”

  1. Nut says:

    Speed is no problem to me. Read the FAQ on how to make the emulator run faster.

  2. z says:

    I’ve got years worth of work to do without even considering speedups. By the time I’m done with that, nobody will need speedups. You see, slow emulation is a problem that eventually solves itsself. Bugs don’t fix themselves.

  3. MemoNick says:

    RPGWiZaRD: If you don’t like this emulator, simply find another one that supports nearly all games and has great speed.

    P.S. Good Luck in finding one, because you will need all the luck possible!

  4. RPGWiZaRD says:

    I don’t have any issues with speed, I can already run it at above full speed for any game on this i7-860 overclocked to 4.1GHz and I prefer running many games faster than 60 FPS. I did measure a ~8% speedboost with this v0.9.6 compared to r3483 though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with the emulator and it’s by far the best NDS emulator out there. It’s just I’m a performance freak and if I was personally an emu author I’d weigh compability / performance around 60% / 40%.

  5. z says:

    Personally if I were the governor of the Ticino canton of Switzerland I’d weigh timber/tourism around 60% / 40%

  6. Maurinho says:

    Thanks, i been waiting for this so long!

    On a phenom II x4 955 3.2 ghz, 2x2gb ram, gforce 7100 all the games works 60fps so far!

    Thanks, thanks, and thanks again :)

  7. jimson says:

    WOTWOOOO! this is just awesome! it finally fixes the trading bug in pokemon soulsilver and heartgold! i love it! sweet! thanks guys!

  8. Majuss says:

    Did someone use the Mac-Version?!
    Pokemon Pearl has lot of laggs under Mac and is unplayable…
    Nearly every game under Mac laggs like shit o.O
    Under Windows everything works perfect

  9. Asian says:


    Norton Anti-Virus said that there is virus in 0.9.6.
    What is is going on?

    This is a game Emu compare with others(no$gba 2.6a & iDeaS1033)

    Thanks for your hard work!!

    Please check your file, why Norton detect it as a “virus”…


  10. Gamer X says:

    Ive been waiting for long. nice work team! ^_^
    are action replay cheats supported though?

  11. shash says:

    Asian: That’s because Norton Anti-Virus is a piece of shit, use a better anti-virus and it’ll get fixed.

  12. Ice Cold Killer says: ¨The project specified does not exist.¨
    okay before i have a heart attack i want to know what does that means?
    tell me that you have been closed the svn for the visitors and that will be fine, only dont tell me that the project is %$#&!!!

  13. Ice Cold Killer says:

    lol nvm i think it is a problem with
    ¨ continues with unplanned partial outage. Progress continues forward. Time re-estimated for 120 min til resolution¨ :D

  14. Nut says:

    I agree with Shash. Norton is suck. AVG is far more better.
    Asian: Quit using Norton, it will keeping report false positives. Use AVG or Avast! instead.

  15. Yoong says:

    Screen freeze while in a middle of dueling on Yu-Gi-Oh 2010 ROA anyone got this problem?

  16. z says:

    i think everyone gets that problem

  17. Fansince2005 says:

    hello, to all
    first of. thx for this great emu which get better and better. amazing work
    i have a computer from 2001, very old think and i can only run the nosse2 version.
    i dont get more fps then 34 for games like castlevania or ff4
    my question is , will it be possible some day that it runs at normal speed on my old pc?
    nocash$gba for example runs faster tho, almost normal
    and pls dont write comments now like “why dont u buy new pc ?”

  18. shash says:

    Fansince2005: No, it has already been stated several times. Buy another computer or emulate less demanding consoles.

  19. Fansince2005 says:

    ok ty shash

  20. Paar says:

    Nice feature would be option to map certain points of lower screen to buttons, like turning the camera in Super Mario 64 DS.
    Even better would be option to map analog stick to certain zones on lower screen, emulating movements better in 3D games (again the case of Super Mario 64 DS or Rayman 2). But this is probably hard to program…

  21. z says:

    learn to use lua. i think it could be done right now. at least the buttons part. dunno about the analog stick, you would have to get access to those from lua which would be a bit harder than the virtual buttons.

  22. B says:

    I had 9,4 prior to switching to 9.6 and something bizarre has occured. I was playing pokemon platinum and i beat the elite four without using the save file except for tin the beggining. After beating the elite four i revert back to the old save file and i figure heck it just reverts back to save files not states. So i save it. But it wont save saying theres already a file and it was impossible to save. So now i can’t save file and i cant beat the game. Also i cant seem to load the file to 9.6 either, it won’t let me past the loading screen after title screen

  23. matif says:

    I can’t play wario ware d.i.y..
    Do any one can run wario ware d.i.y. well?

  24. Ambush says:

    This is a really good emulator. Nice improvement over v9.5. I noticed the gfx glitches in SMT: Strange Journey are fixed now. Yeah there are some lag spikes here and there, but what other emulator is as compatible and stable as this one right now? People need to stop bitching and appreciate the hard work that goes into making these emulators for us!

  25. z says:

    B youre out of luck. Read the faq and learn from your mistakes.

  26. B says:

    what did i do wrong? I’ve never encountered a problem like this before

  27. z says:

    The faq said what you did wrong. If youre going to play a game where in-game saving is important, then in-game save from the beginning to verify that it is working rather than waiting til the end.

  28. B says:

    Hm, i did a test in the beginning to verify in game save worked, i did it at 0:08, it worked. But apparently it doesn’t work at the end

  29. WTF says:

    Thank you very much for releasing Desmume 0.9.6. I have been waiting for *quite* a while. Great job.

  30. WTF says:

    Uh-oh… It seems like in-game saving does not work for (at least) one game in 0.9.6.

    2181 – Rosario and Vampire

    You can save and load as normal during the game, but if the ROM is reloaded, or if the emulator is closed and then run again, the saves disappear, and so do the unlocked stuff. ^_^

    Save type is Autodetect. Tried the different types of EEPROM save types and they still fail.

    BTW, I like the toolbar. But it would be great to have a hotkey to toggle show/hide for it. Also, what is Emulation > Shut Up on the menu bar?

  31. shash says:

    WTF: Read the fucking manual, they wrote it for a reason.

  32. SE7EN says:

    lol @shash

    anyways, this was an awesome release! speed was noticeably faster.

  33. tsw19911108 says:

    I am very happy to this release, I have waiting for it a *long* time, too.
    I have test pokemon, it lags a lot.
    I don’t know what is the problem?
    My computer:
    Duo core 1.80 GHz
    RAM: 1GB
    Vedio card: Intel 82945G

  34. shash says:

    tsw19911108: Your computer is below the requirements.

  35. Leo83 says:

    Congratulation for this release…..better than the previous version.
    With this version i can run it on my old PC
    Pentium 4 2.4Ghz with only 512sdram!!
    which the previous version crash on this spec.
    the speed seems can be tolerate faster…
    good luck for the future enhance on this emulator….

  36. soneflo says:

    thanks! worth the wait. it’s significantly faster.

  37. keri3948 says:

    Suikoden Tierkreis has cracking voices ingame regardless of sound settings.

  38. yamhk says:

    What can I Do??
    My Nokia N900 can install DeSmuMe from the App store…..
    but i can’t run any “.nds” file copied from my nds……

    Is it real that my N900 can play the DS emulator?
    or any problem i met?

    What can i Do??

  39. shash says:

    yamhk: Not produced here, ask the author of the port.

  40. Nut says:

    I agree speed is improving in this release.
    Good luck!

  41. fred says:

    Excellent version, solved a lot of problems. It’s the best emulator i have due to the fact that the graphic plate on my computer is BS.

    There is only one thing that bothers me, the lay out of the screens, so i would like to propose an idea, SEPARATE THE TWO SCREENS, so that they could move about of different sizes and so more user friendly.

  42. D-TurboKiller says:

    Wow, excellent release. I think the speed has increased quite a bit for me, and it’s smooth as butter now.
    I seem to have one problem that’s bugging me a lot though. I have WarioWare D.I.Y. (U) but I can’t seem to play it. Everytime I reach the menu it asks if the timer is ok, I click yes and then it’s stuck there. Clicking no will just give a message that the ds will be shut now. I was hoping if someone managed to bypass this.

  43. z says:

    fred, as a courtesy i will suggest that you do not hold your breath waiting for that feature.

  44. crazychaoskitty says:

    I’m very happy about the new release, but I played harvest moon rune factory until summer and one day the game started freezing whenever I opened the bag.
    This wasn’t happening before, maybe you could tell me why it happens and how I can fix it?
    Oh, by the way: Great Job!^^

  45. CaekDaemon says:

    Im havving a wierd glitch with this one. Every now and then, my screen completly goes black and the sound gets stuck on the last note. My computer is completely locked up and has to be turned off at the button.

  46. z says:

    caekdaemon, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your computer sucks.

  47. JustinD says:

    Anyone else having this issue? The MAC version has been running fine a few times, but lately it always freezes when i load up a game. I cant quit it or do anything. Anyone know how to fix this?

    PS: Im trying to load up ace attorney: miles edgworth, btw.

  48. juanit0x says:

    Cant save in GTA China wars, what should i do?

  49. z says:

    justinD, reboot
    juanit0x, delete all .sav and .dsv and try again

  50. greyspot says:

    Thanks a ton for this release guys :D

    Faster and more compatible. You guys are awesome!