DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!

Christmas is getting nearer and still haven’t found any gift ideas?
Don’t worry anymore, here’s the perfect present : a new DeSmuME release!

0.9.5 introduces an entirely rewritten main emulation loop
This totally changes the timing, and totally breaks old savestates.
The OSX build is now based on the GTK port which is more up-to-date.

Assorted Highlights:

  • synchronous SPU mode to fix streaming sounds
  • win32: lua engine, path configuration, 7z dearchiving support

If you want to know more, you can read the complete press release.

394 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!”

  1. Ice Cold Killer says:

    Sure, i have quad core q6600 2,86 Ghz (overclocked) and the emulator runs at 60 fps

  2. DGL says:

    for some reason it still runs a bit slow for me… like almost 20 fps

  3. LM says:

    @ ice cold killer, bowsers inside story can you run that one also at 60 fps and does zelda the spirit track runs at 60 fps. My dad has the same processor as you mine is a bit newer i also overclocked that one. And bowsers inside story doesn’t run 60 fps

  4. hi says:

    I think the performance is dependent on the video card and the amount of RAM too, and not just the CPU.

  5. shash says:

    hi: Really? Probably because they’re important parts of your computer. TO add important information in that line of thought, input depends on your keyboard/pad having all keys/buttons.

  6. Ice Cold Killer says:

    hi: lol….
    LM: I never played those games on my computer and i cant play them because i dont have the real ones to dump from but games like pokemon, yugioh and some others run always at 60 fps.
    maybe it is because i have done some other tweaks to my pc who knows…….

  7. LM says:

    Yes I understand, well I think in that case desmume isn’t compatible with all games yet. Maybe it will be in the future, i don’t play pokemon games so i don’t know how they’ll work on my pc, but super princess peach for axample works 100% correct i finished the whole game not a single bug or lag noticed. at one of the two pc’s mentioned above. so that ones works 100% fine with desmume,

    @ Hi Desmume is a cpu eater, the amount of ram is’n;t that important if you have 2 gigs it’s more than enough

  8. Ice Cold Killer says:

    yes desmume cant run all the avalable games 100% (like a real ds can)
    BTW i buyed a xbox 360 controller and installed xpadder and now i can play all my pc games with it! and desmume too! lol….

  9. LM says:

    Haha i have one to i use it for desmume visualboy and pj64, mine isn’t wireless

  10. Ice Cold Killer says:

    mine too! :D

  11. LM says:

    only studid thing i have, is with visualboy if i pull the usb cable out of my comp i have to set the controls agein, with desmume this isn’t the case it still remembers the settings. Well seems we have around the same systems, wich games did you run with desmume and wich of them did work around 100% fine?

  12. shash says:

    LM: Test those you own, which is the only ones you should be using.

  13. maxie says:

    great emulator! but it keeps saying”can’t save cheat to file” when i insert an action replay code in pokemon soul silver…is there anyway of solving this problem?

  14. 1ftit says:

    I am Mac user (10.6 osx) and I have probelm with Children of Mana. When I enter the world map i cant move or do anything…

  15. clixbrigidxterx20 says:

    1.but I have a problem with Pokemon Trozei
    It is so slow or it stucked… after a few minutes, back to normal..
    Is there anyway of solving this problem?

    2.The codebreaker is greyed out. Why?

    3.i am stucked with the game in Zelda, spirit tracks…
    because of the microphone, it is harder when it is skipping notes…

    4.sometimes when i play Pokemon Soulsilver (U)
    some paths are blacked out and i can’t go to that place
    but i managed it by saving the game and reset it and all changes to normal some battles stucked too..

    But overall, it is great. Few words…

  16. juice says:

    thanks for the emulator, however i’m sure this is been mentioned but i thought to make sure, Sonic Rush still can’t save for some reason…

  17. Ice Cold Killer says:

    hmm i smell a big slowdown here…..

  18. amandahope1 says:

    Ok.. so the cheats doesnt work.

  19. shash says:

    amandahope1: They do work.

  20. Z says:

    Right clicking anywhere in the mac version hangs it. serious problem for me, i use a kensington doublebutton mouse, and several mac mice (with secondary click enabled)

  21. tymime says:

    Trying really hard to use this version, despite its big flaws, since the emulation is so much better.
    …But Heart Gold seems to freeze every time Lyra shows you how to catch Pokémon, no matter what I do. I’ve tried the patch that’s supposed to “fix” this, but no such luck.
    Not to mention the emulator itself freezes constantly.

    I just wanna play some games, darn it!

  22. tymime says:

    It’s… working now. Somehow. õ_ô

  23. Realsupporter says:

    hey thanx guys!!! :D….btw hope u guys are fixing the speed problem when playing certain games like pokemon heartgold…and hope that you guys will fix the problem with the wifi connection and trading capabilities…please try make all that work :)…thanx again! keep me posted with the next release of Desmume! :D

  24. Nut says:

    Experimental wifi is in the latest SVN build. Compile it yourself.
    Also, a complete usable wifi won’t be in the near future for sure, as no emulator exist yet that can emulate wifi.

  25. Ice Cold Killer says:

    no, no, no, nintendo banned desmume because it caused some failures to theyr servers so wi-fi doesnt work right now because of some idiots trying to use an experimental wi-fi, so now just sit down and wait for a “perfect wi-fi” on desmume or go and buy a real ds!!!

  26. atlanta realtors says:

    Overall the best NDS emulator available today

  27. Nut says:

    Ice Cold Killer: Really? I’ve never heard of that story. But anyway, Even it is not true, it doesn’t work for me.
    So, we can do nothing now except wait, and I’m willing to wait, since my attempt failed to compile a working build with experimental wifi.
    Also, when does the new version comes out? It is very long, I’m relying on the SVN builds. Hope you all good luck!

  28. shash says:

    Nut: It’s true. Also, the new version will be released whenever it’s done, and that’s the best schedule you’ll probably get.

  29. Joshua says:

    I’d rather it done right than done quick anyway. I just hope the official 9.6 release will be better than those SVN builds, I don’t particularly care for them..

  30. z says:

    joshua, I have read your mind and addressed all your concerns about svn builds. Happy now?

  31. Nut says:

    Shash: thanks for reply.
    Let’s hope the 0.9.6 will be better than the SVN builds!

  32. Zengster says:

    Sorry if I sound noob, but I’m moving from 0.9.4 to 0.9.6, and I’m just wondering where my save files are so I can back them up! I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit if it helps.

  33. Faris says:

    hey I’m using desmume 0.9.5 and my save file always gone

  34. LaughingKat says:

    So when i try to unarchive the zip file i get an icon with an A, but when i click on said icon it says ” you cannot open the application “desmume” because it may be damaged or incomplete.” what can i do about this…. i am not very used to downloading programs and things….

  35. LaughingKat says:

    oh… and i am using a mac g4 cube with os x 10.3.9

  36. shash says:

    LaughingKat: Read the FAQ, section 10.

  37. B says:

    THanks a lot!

  38. svaemulink says:

    About 1-ST 3-D Render video. Render means Rendering.
    I mean video from the game – Legend of Zelda Fantom at start.(before pressing start button)
    This is real-time 3D rendering video!(it’s not streaming video)
    It’s not video plugin. LOL

  39. mike says:

    It doesnt allow me to configure the ps3 controller properly. i can configure all the buttons just fine but when i try to configure the directional buttons (right, left, up, down) its puts in a random number (256, 512, 768, 1024) automatically. anybody know how to fix this?

  40. beleni says:

    i think that you videocard is the probleme why i test that game and i got probleme only on bugs grapic but i don’t worry whit that much that’s and i only use softRasterizer and i see that some game work better on older ver mor faster

  41. beleni says:

    sorry mor = more

  42. beleni says:

    i forgot to say that the mensage was for @svaemulink not to mike
    @mike its a bug why on x-box joypad 360 have the same probleme on the LT,RT botton and some old pc game have that too like gta sa

  43. Console says:

    Star Wars The Force Unleashed II (Europe)- flick or flash with black color on top screen and minor on bottom screen (Desmume 0.9.6) without frame skipping. This will be fix on next version of Desmume emulator – 0.9.7 or higher to solve problems.

    Golden Sun Dark Dawn (Japan) – run fine on Desmume 0.9.6 emulator without Frame skipping. When use frame skipping can be problems like flash black screens all times. I hope USA version will be fine.

    Keep test on different games which had issues or not. ;-)

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