DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!

Christmas is getting nearer and still haven’t found any gift ideas?
Don’t worry anymore, here’s the perfect present : a new DeSmuME release!

0.9.5 introduces an entirely rewritten main emulation loop
This totally changes the timing, and totally breaks old savestates.
The OSX build is now based on the GTK port which is more up-to-date.

Assorted Highlights:

  • synchronous SPU mode to fix streaming sounds
  • win32: lua engine, path configuration, 7z dearchiving support

If you want to know more, you can read the complete press release.

394 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!”

  1. Dean says:

    yes Nut i know there is no nds emulator with working wi-fi and i think that we will never see wi-fi on a emulator. BTW can i compile desmume using visual studio 2010? oh and in desmume in the controls tab can you remove that text that is saying that some controls are unsupported right now and marked with gray sorry!- because there is no unsupported control left……… lol my cat scrathed me right now lol……..

  2. Dean says:

    HAHA and i feel DeSmuME 0.9.6 is coming this week! 1. check SVN and you will feel that too! 2. my cat scratched me again :D – Lol and finally i will play pokemon soul silver, i was just waiting 0.9.6 to play tha game :D

  3. Tyrael87 says:

    no it won’t be released this week… :/

  4. Kilrha says:

    Let them take their time. Like I said: the longer they take the better it will be.

  5. Nut says:

    At least there is progress, I’m happy!

  6. RPGWiZaRD says:

    Well you can always play around with the latest SVN if you can’t wait for a 0.9.6 to be released. I’ve been playing Pokemon Platinum with r3483 and it has worked perfectly.

  7. ANONYMUS says:

    this emulator should have an ANTI POKEMON hack
    so no pokemon games work
    shit kids who play shit games

  8. Kilrha says:

    @ anonymus

    Why do you care that others play games that you don’t like?
    Just let them to do their stuff and they will let you do your stuff.

  9. Kilrha says:

    Sorry for double posting

    @ anonymus

    I’m 18 and I still play pokemon heck I even still watch the episodes.
    Even my uncle who is 32 years old still loves pokemon.
    You have no right to belittle people who like pokemon.

  10. RPGWiZaRD says:

    I’m soon to be 23 years and I still play the pokemon games. That the games contain fantasy monsters that may be targeted mainly at age say 7 – 15 or so is irrelevant to me as I enjoy the RPG concept, battles, learn new moves and evolve into new forms, use items and set up different kinds of strategies etc.

  11. Tyrael87 says:

    i wonder why all the pokemon fanboys come out right after being insulted.

  12. Kilrha says:

    @ Tyreal87

    Because we have the right to speak for ourselves. I never insulted someone because they listen to techno (which i hate) and can’t stand it when someone else does.

  13. Dean says:

    ”we can do whatewer we want and no one will tell us what to do”

  14. Aduro says:

    There are several bugs with this version….I’d say one of the major ones is, it freezes when you bring down one of its dropdown menus…two, the cheatlist doesn’t work at all That needs to be fixed badly….(As well as the format for the cheatlist needs to be fixed)

  15. Roludo says:

    The 1.5 version of this emulator is slower than the previous
    I hope the next version is faster.
    I use an intel quad core to emulate this and still slow

  16. ANONYMUS says:

    i normaly dont put ppl in one case too
    but POKEMON players are just all fucking nerds, if ur uncle plays pokemon with 32 years HAHAHAHHAHA tell him to hang himself
    fucking pokemon motherfuckers, every 3rd post on emulator pages is about pokemon
    fuck u and ur pokemon

  17. Dean says:

    lol dont reply to anonymus he is just another troll with no life or he is an abused child – sorry for my english anonymus :D BTW: GO F*** YOURSELF!!!

  18. Kilrha says:

    @ anonymus

    So you call me a nerd? I’d like to see you in real life you punk.
    Guys like you think they are so tough because they think you can say whatever you want online. In my eyes you’re a little kid who either is just mentally disturbed or suffered heavy brain damage from excessive c*ck penetration.

    @ mods of this forum.

    I just had to let this out because I can’t stand people like him. You may delete my post if you want.

  19. shash says:

    ANONYMUS: Stop that crap, retard. Learn to write properly before calling someone stupid.

  20. Dean says:

    LOL (Kilrha)

  21. Dean says:

    thanx for fixing that text that is saying that some controls are unsupported right now and marked with gray sorry! :D

  22. Dean says:

    and what is that firmware tool in the tools folder on the svn repository? are you going to release it with desmume 0.9.6? with it you can view your firmware (but you cant change anything for now)

  23. shash says:

    Well, marked ANONYMOUS as spammer, won’t see any of that retard posts around here any more.

  24. Kilrha says:

    @ shash

    Thanks for getting rid of him. Now we can go back to talking about the überness that is desmume. :p

  25. Nut says:

    I don’t know either about the furmware tool thing, but I know the cheatconverter is use to convert 0.9.5 cheats to a new format to use with the latest SVN.
    I think this will be included with 0.9.6.

  26. Jean says:

    Hello there.

    First of all. Thanks for this great emulator. If this emulator where a little bit faster, NO$GBA will be out. But I got a pettition: It’s possible to integrate a 1.5x zoom, with filters, for people like me, that plays in 1024 x 786 resolution in the desktop? Or a 2x Zoom fullscreen option?

    Greeting from Chile.

  27. Maroon1 says:

    I hope that they add 2x/4x Anti-aliasing to 0.9.6 version

  28. z says:

    they won’t.

  29. Maroon1 says:

    Why ?

  30. Nut says:

    Maroon1: You don’t need to know why. Accept the truth.

  31. shash says:

    Maroon1: It produces glitches, and is a hack. Hacking it onto the openGL driver is a matter of minutes, but is a potential trouble maker, thus rendering it a bad option, based on how stupid the DeSmuME average user is.

  32. DeSmuME Reporter says:

    Hey im Dean and i decided to post every week a report in the DesmuME Project (if you dont mind) so here is the report of this week:
    Wifi: some potential improvements are made to wifi and there is really a hard work going on wifi! (maybe we will see a working wifi in o.9.7 or even in 0.9.6 who knows!)
    desmume: some bug fixes and visual studio 2010 support! (thanx for the last one)
    The 0.9.6 release will be hot for sure!!! :D

  33. PokéHelp says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for this to happen!
    NO$GBA is bad because you cant save games
    But with DeSmuME i can save all i like WITHOUT errors!
    Well done! This is a perfect present! :P

  34. DeSmuME Reporter (Dean) says:

    actually you can save on no$gba too but who cares when you have DeSmuME to do the job!!!

  35. panda says:

    It doesn’t work on my PPC g5 2.3 ghz its not a Intel processor but why should I need one I had a imac and the graphics card blew out on it so I went no I’m not getting another Intel mac it pissed me off so bad that I had to give it away

  36. zeromus says:

    panda, enjoy having a 5 year old computer, and enjoy never upgrading again since apple doesnt make PPC macs afaik and certainly not for the masses.

  37. Daniel says:

    Hey, I really like what im seeing here. I like to mess around editing pokemon games and thats how I got into emulation. Keep up the good work, I appreciate what your doing. Can’t wait for the next version! =D


  38. LM says:


    Zeromus or someone else involved in producing Desmume,
    Is there a compatibility list of games for desmume 0.9.5?
    And are there any bug or lags known in the following games:
    Yoshi’s island ds
    Mario and Luigi : Partners in time.

    Hope someone knows it.

    Can’t wait for 0,9,6 to come out!

  39. z says:

    there is no compatibility list.

  40. ferds says:

    i’m playing pokemon soul silver but it does not load my save what should i do ?

  41. LM says:

    Okay good to know that, does anyone knows if there are lags or problems with the games i just noticed above?

  42. Sinyk says:

    I love this emulator! I read some of the comments and I agree with most of them but one thing I would LOVE to see in the next release is the seperate screen sizing like no$zoomer has. That would put this emulator over the top and crown it king of DS emulators in my eyes!

  43. Sinyk says:

    Oh and one more thing I forgot too add which is NOT by any means necessary but would be nice, is to make the sound a little bit smoother and less cricky. Thanks! =D

  44. z says:

    As to the lags why cant you just try it yourself and see?

  45. LM says:

    Well, in partners in time i found 1 lag sofar, when you go a level up, the amount of points is not cleary shown. Other than that nothing to mention.

    I also have bowsers inside story, only that one will run at 40 fps or something, while all other games run at 60 fps, also zelda isn’t working that fine, but i gues it’s due to the 3d options missing in version 0.9.5 correct me if i’m wring. Other than that i’m just pleased with the work you guys did on it.

  46. Ice Cold Killer says:

    LM what render do you use, OpenGL or Soft Rasterizer?
    Go to the graphic options and if you have opengl then switch to soft rasterizer because opengl breaks graphics some times.

  47. LM says:

    Yes i already tried that, but i’m 99% sure, that there have to be some improvements in the future, just hoping for it in 0.9.6 well maybe if those good people who’re involved in this project will make some time for this. After all they’re on a good way to a perfect emulator and they are doing it for free. so we better bless them.

  48. shash says:

    LM: Focus is not on that, buy a faster computer.

  49. Ice Cold Killer says:

    or buy a REAL Nintendo DS :D

  50. LM says:

    I’ve got an intel Quad core Q8300 4 x 2,5 ghz that should be more than enough ain’t it?