DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!

Christmas is getting nearer and still haven’t found any gift ideas?
Don’t worry anymore, here’s the perfect present : a new DeSmuME release!

0.9.5 introduces an entirely rewritten main emulation loop
This totally changes the timing, and totally breaks old savestates.
The OSX build is now based on the GTK port which is more up-to-date.

Assorted Highlights:

  • synchronous SPU mode to fix streaming sounds
  • win32: lua engine, path configuration, 7z dearchiving support

If you want to know more, you can read the complete press release.

394 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!”

  1. z says:

    0.9.4 certainly cannot load 0.9.5 savestates. It isn’t possible to have problems with in-game saves in 0.9.5

  2. N2039 says:

    Please keep updating desmume, it is turning out great! Looking forward to 0.9.20 which by that time, it should run games perfectly with wifi acording to the post on the forum, which is 7 years away, which is not too far.

  3. DottorLeo says:

    @N2039: that’s sarcasm. Zeromus want to say that nothing is planned about wifi, could be tomorrow (quite impossible), 3 month later or 4 years later. People forget about wifi for now.

  4. N2039 says:

    So, wifi is possible on desmume, but no one knows when it is done. We can only wait.

  5. hellside says:

    Splendid work! this version sure is a lot better than NOGBA!

  6. dan says:

    dude i downloaded one and its going ssooo slow!!! the game play that is … everything else is normal speed!!

  7. N2039 says:

    Yeah, this version has completely wins No$gba! Keep updating this emu! You are the only hope of a good DS emulation on PC!

  8. Zepi says:

    I play Yu Gi Oh GX spirit caller and at the duel state it running very slow,someone can tell me??why….

  9. DottorLeo says:

    You need a decent PC to use Desmume >2,4Ghz. Also using frameskipping (max 9) could improve your experience.

  10. Zepi says:

    aaaaaaaaa i using frameskip max 9,and the effect become specific computer
    Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    2.99GHz,0.99 of RAM
    Physical Address Extension

    Any wrong with that specific?????????????

  11. z says:

    yeah your cpu is too slow. frameskip may improve or unimprove it depends on the game and the speed and your personal opinion. maybe you should check the faq for tips on how to speed up the emulator.

  12. Zepi says:

    ew,I play with no$gba the speed is rather good than it,anyone can tell me why is run like that?????the speed normal with no$gba.

  13. Pokefan999 says:

    I have a single core WinXP, 3.0 Ghz with ATI card that runs full speed on no$gba but at half the speed for desmume compared tomy Vista 2 core, 2.53Ghz with nVidia card that run full speed.

    Probably desmume has higher requirement compared to no$gba and maybe it loves nVidia card more than ATI card.

  14. console says:

    Desmume Emulator don’t have problems with Dual Core with 3 GHz. I already test on my Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16 GHz and speed is normal and smooth. No issue on Dual Core. No slow down!

    DELL XPS 630i with INTEL Core 2 Duo 3.16 GHz with 6 MB Cache, 4 GB RAM DDR2 @ 800 MHz, Nvidia 9800 GX2 with 1 GB GDDR3. Operating System(OS): Windows XP.

    Already test running Desmume emulator and I saw Intel Core 2 Duo is on 25 to 34%! I happy with it! I notice my old computer with Pentium 4 get 100% on my older 8 years DELL computer is now know minimum system requirement.

    I have no problems on my DELL computer. Work fine. No complaint period. If you have single core is slow, and you need Dual Core and better Nvidia 6 Series and above will do great work for everyone. I have another computer with one core and slow. Pentium 4 with 1.6 GHz is slow because speed and memory are not enough – 256 KB Cache. You need Dual Core which have 2 MB Cache or more. Example: Pentium D, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i5 and above will be fine.

    Please try on Dual Core, Nvidia Series 6 and above will be fine to running Desmume emulator more smooth without lag.

    Nvidia is more powerful than ATI video card as I know. :)

    System required for Desmume emulator I found my between old and new computers with Windows XP, let me write down for system requirement for DeSmuMe emulator:

    Minimum system:

    Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.6 GHz with 256 KB Cache, 512 MB memory RAM SDRAM or DDR1 (Old), Nvidia FX 5600 Series with 256 MB with GDDR or GDDR2 (Old).

    Recommend system:

    Intel Pentium D(Dual Core) @ 3 GHz with 2 MB Cache or Core 2 Duo(Dual Core) @ 3 GHz with 6 MB Cache, 1 GB memory RAM DDR2(Dual Channel) and above, Nvidia 6600 Series with 256 MB GDDR3 and above.

    I already answer which are minimum and recommend system. I glad to solve my problems how stronger computer what we need. I hope my answer help you! ;) Wink!

    Hey DeSmuMe teams! Happy Christmas and New Year 2010 to you! Wish you have fun time on holiday! ;) Wink!

  15. piotre says:

    Is there a possibility to imitate blow in Desmume 0.9.5 on Osx ? Because I a fan of Zelda and I can’t blow on the candles in Phantom Hourglass or Blow in my Panflute in Spirit Tracks… It’s frustrating. Just a blow and I can play my favorite game.

    Please ! Help mac users.

  16. The G5 Soldier says:

    Please build an PowerPC Mac OS X! This is a great emulator on my iMac but I want it for my G5!


  17. nut says:

    Merry Christmas DeSmuMe Team! Hope you have good time!

  18. Shaon says:

    Hello, I have a problem.
    When I start any rom it starts but when I run mario and luigi inside bowser’s storycenter and well it does not start: the screen remains blank.

  19. z says:

    Quit using a version of the emulator that you found buried in a cave along with mammoth bones. Alternatively, choose software rasterizer instead of opengl.

  20. Satisfaction says:

    Long time no see everyone! Merry Christmas to all and keep up the great work! I started college so I haven’t had much time to play games too much but I still love what you guys are doing. =)

  21. LM says:

    Well, i run it through a core2quad q66
    It works superb! Only thing. Why doesn’t desmume save?
    Every game works just as fast as on the ds.

  22. hello says:

    how can i contrbute ?
    i love this but it’s not entirely perfect…

  23. Sam says:

    I have to ask, since this is open source. I can play around with the code right?

  24. shash says:

    Sam: Yes, you can, just go to the sourceforge project page and look out for the svn url. Or you can use the 0.9.5 source code, available directly from the download section on the main page.

  25. nut says:

    You can also modify the source code.

  26. Sam says:

    That’s great!


  27. BABA says:

    Hello guys,

    Haw can I use teh microphone in desmume 0.9.5 based on work by Jopjop?
    It doesn´t work, and I would need it for the game Zelda on a Mac.
    Thanks for your help and I wish you all a happy new Year!!!


  28. Happy new year DeSmuMe team! Hope to see new release soon.

  29. z says:

    Happy new year nut! Hope to see my tip jar filled soon.

  30. Nut says:

    Happy new year you too!

  31. Kiyoshi says:

    currently the best nds emu surpassed cash finally thnx

  32. LM says:


    Does desmume save just like the ds does or do you have to save state?

    please answer.

  33. shash says:

    LM: It’s explained on the wiki, go read:

  34. LM says:

    Thnaks I see,

    Well i have to be more accurate, I played desmume on a 32bit vista system intel q6600 and when i played on that computer it doesn´t make ingame saves.

    I have a computer Q8300 well here it works with in game saves. Thats my problem, does someone know how this comes…

  35. Personman says:

    What the hell? I download the OSX version and it says “not supported on this architecture” I’m running Tiger. Does it only work on Leopard?

    Please respond!

  36. Sam Y says:

    Thanks for your generosity.
    This is a great present for New Year.

  37. Nut says:

    Yeah, a best new year gif.

  38. z says:

    personman, it doesnt support PPC macs. the OS isn’t what matters there.

  39. the8thark says:

    I muast say I am really loving your DS emulator. Version 0.9.4 (on OS X) that is. It works liek a charm. I can not get 0.9.5 to work at all on OS X. So for ther time being I’ll stick to the slightly earlier release. Till the next release and hipefully it’ll work.

    Still thanks for a nice DS emulator.

  40. Nut says:

    Version 0.9.5 has completely superceeded 0.9.4!
    Version 0.9.5 is the most successful version of desmume you had ever produced! Hope 0.9.6 would be more successful than this!

  41. LM says:

    I jsut removed it from my harddrive, en downloaded it again.
    Ingame saves are working now:) You guys did a great job on this.
    Why dus desmume needs a fast cpu to run 60fps?

  42. console says:

    DELL Netbook – Dual atom processor @ 1.6ghz, 1 GB RAM DDR2, 256 MB Intel graphic card. I got netbook today. Bad on some games. Weird things.

    $150 for my P3 Netbook.

    Screenshot proof:



    My netbook is worst. LOL

  43. Nut says:

    Of course, desmume ain’t suppose to perform better on a netbook. Try it on the desktop, and it will run perfectly.

  44. caela says:

    Under Linux, I made a build with SSE and SSE2 extensions enabled and it really became faster.
    I checked with a first configure which CFLAGS would be added by default into the Makefile, and then I just added the -msse and -msse2 like this:
    $ export CFLAGS=”-g -O2 -msse -msse2″; export CXXFLAGS=”-g -O2 -msse -msse2″; ./configure

    Thanks a lot for deSmuME!

  45. console says:

    I agree with Nut. But Netbook are more cheaper and afford.

    I have 3 desktop computers with XP. All working fine on DeSmuMe Emulators.

    I notice few bug with my Nvidia 9800GX2 (This have two cards together know like SLI) when play New Super Mario Bros. DS on SeSmuME emulator and I sometimes lost control on arrows buttons when move (More than 1 button of arrow keys on keyboard). I just let everyone know. Problems with Nvidia SLI that why cause control not work good, but well and not prefect. Have to press one button at time for SLI. Strange things on Nvidia SLI mode.

    I hope DeSmuMe fix problems next new version for SLI mode. Better to add new setting in emulator – Nvidia or ATI SLI – You can turn SLI on or off(Use one card) to fix problems.

    Also don’t forget add mic for right button on mouse without add mic to our computer. How about that? I think it should be great for everyone! ;)

  46. z says:

    desmume isn’t going to add an sli mode. get a better keyboard.

  47. Dean says:

    1.Thanx for 0.9.5 2.Happy new year! :D 3.I Want Pokemon Soul Silver (E) :D 4.DeSmuME with full working wi-fi :D

  48. Nut says:

    No, wifi won’t be in the next release. It will be in when it’s done, probably by 2016, which is around 6 years from now. Wait patiently, as wifi is a lot of work, and it is not easy to do.

  49. z says:

    bad news, nut. it has been rescheduled for 2027 now.

  50. Nut says:

    Cool! I will wait until that time!