DeSmuME 0.9.4 released! Also OSX Universal.

This new release introduces lots of bug corrections, improvements and new features: among them are new save autodetection, new save file format and full rerecording support.

For those wondering about the missing 0.9.3 version, we somehow lost it ; it got captured by hunters that thought it was a new p*kem*n.

And also, the download page now links to an 0.9.4 OSX Universal binary.

269 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.4 released! Also OSX Universal.”

  1. Pokefan999 says:

    there was a typo and I corrected it – it is not double posting. :)
    Anyway, I have no choice but to reply as it is my bug post. :(

  2. Dean says:

    oh lol then :D. Anyways im waiting for wi-fi and the boot from firmware thing to work now :D

  3. Dean says:

    and sorry 4 my engles :D

  4. Pokefan999 says:

    have you tried encrypting your rom for the “boot from firmware” option?
    does it work?

  5. Dean says:

    Yes i encrypted my rom but nothing only white screen.

  6. Pokefan999 says:

    I guess we will have to wait for the developer to fix that portion.
    But it doesn’t really matter if that option doesn’t work. :D

  7. Dean says:

    I know but i looks like a real DS :D

  8. Pokefan999 says:

    Pokemon in-game trading is working in the latest svn.

  9. Dean says:

    Really? Yes, now i will trade my pokes!!!

  10. Dean says:

    Pokefan can you tell me what i need to trade my pokes? i have the 2926 svn for now (i get the latest as it is available :D) and i have pokemon platinum (E)

  11. Pokefan999 says:

    You just need the latest svn (2924 or newer) to do in-game trading (nothng special). Of course you must know your game to go to the right place to trade (I assume you know where).

  12. Dean says:

    hoho a lot of work today! (lol 10 files updated from svn 2926 to 2929!). Thanks for the emulator!!! And keep the good work :D

  13. Dean says:

    Thanks again Pokefan and yes i know where to trade :D

  14. rampokker says:

    Hi, is Desmume still alive? It is by far the best emu for DS games. Keep up the great work if it is still alive…

  15. Supanut9678 says:

    Yeah, it had been sometime now since last release. Hope this emulator still alive!

  16. Pantamorph says:

    Sorry for being a bit dumb, does this emulator support rendering using only SDL (If it does, I wanna make some ports for mobile phones)
    Thanks in Advance for the answer

  17. Dean says:

    The emulator is alive and keeps updating very often (every hour-hours). Howewer you need to know how to compile and downloading from svn to have the latest svn of DeSmuME.

  18. Anon says:

    Well, there are a few problems. 1) It oversizes certain graphics, and 2) it needs more support for menus involving name-changes and such.

    Other than that, I generally don’t see other problems uther than lack of speed, but that’s understandable.

  19. Supanut9678 says:

    Well, I had compiled DeSmuMe SVN R2930 yesterday. At first I was going to share it but I don’t know where can I upload it. Anyway, the SVN Builds of this emulator keeps updating every day, so good!

  20. Supanut9678 says:

    Great, now I know how to compile it! Now I had updated my source code and re-compile it, I had got the latest SVN Build! This is like the first step in programming world!

  21. FlashForward_FAN says:

    Hey, I just installed Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and downloaded desmume/trunk/src folder off the project page… well, I compiled the source code (teh latest svn build) and then I got this error message – something about missing LNP or LNK stuff, please halp me :(


  22. Dean says:

    wtf wheres my comment!!!

  23. Dean says:

    uhh BIG sorry 1 minute ago i dident saw my comment and now i can see it again!!! Wierd Google Chrome or something…..

  24. FlashForward_FAN says:

    Hey I can’t see your comment on my firefox :( Should I download the whole source code? Even those tags/branches folders? I don’t like wasting my bandwidth :( It’s huge! 145mb?!!!

  25. shash says:

    Dean: It’s moderated out, we don’t tolerate SVN builds here.

  26. Supanut9678 says:

    Another successful compilation. Updated to SVN R2938! I think compiling from SVN builds is easier than compiling from the current oficial version.

  27. FlashForward_FAN says:

    Where can I download the source code????????? I read the FAQ but it doesn’t specify the place where I can download!!!!! HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME!!!!!!!

  28. Supanut9678 says:

    FlashForward_FAN: I don’t know, I use the SVN Client to download the latest SVN Build source code. Maybe you can also try google it and you should find the downloads for that.

  29. Dean says:

    uh sorry then. Flash you need to download the files from here: and im sure you know what to do next.

  30. FlashForward_FAN says:

    Ok, I have downloaded the source code (Trunk folder only) as you said.

    When I try to compile this source code, I get this:

    1>zziplib-2005-x32.lib(dir.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB ‘vc80.pdb’ was not found with ‘.\zziplib\zziplib-2005-x32.lib’ or at ‘D:\DS & GBA Emulators\Emulators\DS Emulators\DeSmuMe Source Code\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\__bins\vc80.pdb’; linking object as if no debug info
    1>zziplib-2005-x32.lib(err.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB ‘vc80.pdb’ was not found with ‘.\zziplib\zziplib-2005-x32.lib’ or at ‘D:\DS & GBA Emulators\Emulators\DS Emulators\DeSmuMe Source Code\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\__bins\vc80.pdb’; linking object as if no debug info
    1>zziplib-2005-x32.lib(file.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB ‘vc80.pdb’ was not found with ‘.\zziplib\zziplib-2005-x32.lib’ or at ‘D:\DS & GBA Emulators\Emulators\DS Emulators\DeSmuMe Source Code\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\__bins\vc80.pdb’; linking object as if no debug info
    1>zziplib-2005-x32.lib(plugin.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB ‘vc80.pdb’ was not found with ‘.\zziplib\zziplib-2005-x32.lib’ or at ‘D:\DS & GBA Emulators\Emulators\DS Emulators\DeSmuMe Source Code\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\__bins\vc80.pdb’; linking object as if no debug info
    1>zziplib-2005-x32.lib(zip.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB ‘vc80.pdb’ was not found with ‘.\zziplib\zziplib-2005-x32.lib’ or at ‘D:\DS & GBA Emulators\Emulators\DS Emulators\DeSmuMe Source Code\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\__bins\vc80.pdb’; linking object as if no debug info

    1>Embedding manifest…
    1>Build log was saved at “file://D:\DS & GBA Emulators\Emulators\DS Emulators\DeSmuMe Source Code\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\.VS2008\Release\Win32\BuildLog.htm”
    1>DeSmuME_VS2008 – 0 error(s), 5 warning(s)
    ========== Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========

    WHY? :( What did I do wrong? I use Visual C++ 2008 EE (without this MSDN library thingy). My OS is visa. My cpu is intel core 2 duo e6550 with SSe2 support.

  31. XMSFel6 says:

    I get those warnings too, but they don’t affect the build process. It should still be successful and you should see the Desmume_VS2008_release.exe or something in the _bins folder.

    If you look at the end of that build log you just posted, it says “Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped”. That means that it went through alright. If you see “1 failed” that means that it didn’t compile correctly and there’s a problem somewhere in the code.

  32. FlashForward_FAN says:

    Ok thanks :D I figured that you can get rid of these scary warnings.

    Go to project property -> configuration setting -> Linker -> Debugging -> Change GENERAL DEBUG INFO to “NO” :D

    One more thing, Why the console windows appears when I run Desmume_VS2008_release.exe??? How do I get rid of this? 0.9.4 doesn’t have this problem oO.

    The reason I downloaded this latest svn is to play pokeman games :D Cos they made the pal park working!!!!!

  33. Watt says:

    Gee men! Your work looks more like a poem than a program! As you are a grape of geniuses, tell me, don’t you ever wanna work on an emulator for GameCube? I’m sure it would be a great one? Tell me that you will!

  34. Supanut9678 says:

    Hoho another successful compilation! Updated to R2942!

  35. FlashForward_FAN says:

    I built a release solution from the latest svn, but when running *.exe, it opens up 2 windows – a desmume windows and a debug console windows

    I don’t know how to disable this annoying debug console windows.

  36. shash says:

    FlashForward_FAN: Afaik, it’s answered on the FAQ, else ask on the forums.

    To the rest, stop the SVN compiling discussion here, discuss it on the forums: I’ll be deleting anything not strictly related to 0.9.4 and mac build, as this are COMMENTS for that.

  37. Supanut9678 says:

    FlashForward_FAN: Maybe there’s a solution in the build configuration. Try check it out.

  38. Dean says:

    When you will release 0.9.5? im just curius (throught im using only the svn one)

  39. Trevor says:

    sourceforge wont download the file. it keeps saying it cant find the server and wont download. any other mirror i use doesnt give me the correct one. i am using a macbook pro. anyone who knows who knows how to fix this please email me at thank you.

  40. Supanut9678 says:

    Yeah, It’s had been months already since the release of 0.9.4. Hope 0.9.5 comes out before Christmas.

  41. Damor says:

    i play pokemon platinum (mac ver), there are still some slow moment (especially during the encounter of wild monster, & when ur doin any skill).u might want to fix this on the next release

  42. Dean says:

    whoa 8 new files added to my desmume folder and 10 files updated? wow you are working hard- good, you are better than some game developers!!! Thanks again!!! your emu is already better than no$gba and it gets better every second!!!

  43. Dean says:

    um strange thing: i can boot from firmware! and i can change and save the options too! in 2946 svn! Thank you!

  44. Supanut9678 says:

    The best emulator today! I can say that DeSmuMe is much much better than No$gba and ideas because it supports features in Pokemon D/P/PT that No$gba and ideas don’t support like Pal-Park, save states, and movie recording. You are the best! Thanks for this nice emulator and keep up your good work!

  45. Dean says:

    hmm the only things i want now is wi-fi (:D) and web camera (to be like Nintendo DSi

  46. FlashForward_FAN says:

    Dean, how do you get the firmware thingy working? oO I tried mine, I still get the white screen when loading an encrypted nds rom. Please reply. THanks.

  47. Gnomo says:

    I have to report a small bug in Mac version. The mute setting do not persist when reloading a previously saved state.

  48. Dean says:

    I Have done some things to DeSmuME :D. Now i can boot from firmware and change & Save the options in Firmware (like in real DS)!!! I Have created a nice installer for DeSmuME with those files and the svn 2952 and i have uploaded it but i cant post the link here! Please can i post the link somewhere? Its a beautiful installer :D you will like it :D!!!

  49. shash says:

    Dean: How many times do I’ve to say no?

  50. Dean says:

    OK,OK Calm down!