DeSmuME 0.9.4 released! Also OSX Universal.

This new release introduces lots of bug corrections, improvements and new features: among them are new save autodetection, new save file format and full rerecording support.

For those wondering about the missing 0.9.3 version, we somehow lost it ; it got captured by hunters that thought it was a new p*kem*n.

And also, the download page now links to an 0.9.4 OSX Universal binary.

269 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.4 released! Also OSX Universal.”

  1. Nut says:

    Yes, the save must be in .SAV format. And yes, I think Pokemon Game need something like a high-quality graphics card.

  2. Leo83 says:

    Hope the emulator gonna have a shortcut soon in newer version. I feel awkward cause I’m used to it in gameboy advance emulator.

  3. nasdaq says:

    i quit trying.. i have tried in all DS emulators and all versions and my savestates are only at .nds format instead of .sav! :( you were like my last h0pe but i guess i have to find an0ther way to spend my time.. any ideas though? thx anyway especially to Nut.. (my graphic card is fine as long as the game starts playin..)

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    Leo83: Shortcut’s for what exactly ? Be specific :)

  5. Leo83 says:

    Ooh.. I forgot to say the detail. A shortcut to save game or open the file, save a snapshot or video file like any other emulator… I suggest it be integrated in this emulator. Cause i’m used to it. ;-)

  6. Nut says:

    Yeah, There should be some short cuts for saving states, recording movies, etc.

  7. shash says:

    Do you all mean hotkeys? Because shortcut is a link to an application, which makes no sense for what you’re listing.

  8. Leo83 says:

    yeah hotkeys… that’s the word. Already forgot about that word :-))

  9. pbnec says:

    In this version (0.9.4), the save file is needed to be in *.dsv format!!!

  10. Nut says:

    Really? I didn’t know that! But at least I can still lode my save game, which is important, then the save type doesn’t matter for me. And, I’ve forgotten already what file type does my save was. Maybe I’ll check it.

  11. Alex says:

    Is there a way to access the memory adresses below 020000?

  12. Alex says:

    Also is there a way to do a complete dump of the memory?

  13. Arikado says:


    I’ve been doing a bit of work with your emulator and I had a few quick questions regarding some code in OGLRender.cpp

    Is there any way I can contact you privately with my questions? (Like e-mail?)


  14. shash says:

    Arikado: Channel #desmume on Freenode, or on

  15. Andrea says:

    The mac universal download is not .9.4. It’s .9.3. My pokemon platinum game is not allowing me to open the menu as a result. Could you update the link?

  16. shash says:

    Andrea: It’s 0.9.4, only the number was not updated, the features are 0.9.4 level. It’s the second (or third) time I repeat the same, would you please read the comments before hitting submit?

  17. Hide Head Turtle says:

    I need help! it crashes whenever I start desmume.exe or desmume_nosse.exe. I can’t even open the emulator. I have a pentium 4 HT with 512 MB of RAM.

  18. Andrea says:

    There are over 100 comments, I’m sorry I didn’t read them.

  19. shash says:

    Hide Head Turtle: Use the forums for those kind of things, here it’ll ignored.

  20. Nut says:

    Hi, when trying to compile DeSmuMe, I always get this error: 1>—— Build started: Project: DeSmuMe, Configuration: Release FastBuild Win32 ——
    1>Performing Pre-Build Event…
    1>The system cannot find the path specified.
    1>Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from “Performing Pre-Build Event…”
    1>Build log was saved at “file://J:\DeSmuMe SVN\desmume-0.9.4\src\windows\.VS2008\Release FastBuild\Win32\BuildLog.htm”
    1>DeSmuMe – 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
    ========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========. And so because of this error, I was not able to compile DeSmuMe 0.9.4 successfully. Anyone know what is going on?

  21. Gilgamesh says:

    A newsflash page is mentioned a few times in the comments and i have been to that page myself but cannot seem to find it anymore ….

    was it removed

    link appreciated

  22. shash says:

    Nut: Use the forums for those kind of questions.

    On a general note, if you’re not commenting on desmume 0.9.4, then post on the forums, here is not it’s place, and thus will be moderated accordingly.

  23. Arikado says:

    shash: I logged into #desmume and posted my general question publicly, but no one seems interested in responding.

    Can you suggest a couple names of people I could talk to about OGLRender.cpp ?

  24. shash says:

    Well, better ask on the forums technical section, there’ll get answered. Sometimes finding people on IRC is not easy :P

  25. Runiq says:

    Are the three linux ports being made by different people? I found that there’s a “Right screen” option in the GTK-glade port, but it’s missing in the GTK and CLI ports. Just being curious, I thought features like these would have to be implemented on a “lower level” or something.

    Oh yeah, great job you did there. Also, much love for fixing the Megaman ZX Advent display issue in the SVN builds. :)

  26. Runiq says:

    Geez, just read it myself on the wiki. Sorry for asking dumb questions.

  27. DaVince says:


    Just kidding. I can do it myself. :) Does this version support the usage of BIOS in the Linux GUI yet?

  28. nut says:

    Wow, This emulator is my favorite! Version 0.9.4 Fixes many bugs with Pokemon which occurs in the previous version. Now the only bug lefft is the problem with the trade function, but I think you can fix it. So keep working hard!

  29. gabi says:

    i have a translation in romanian, where do i send it to

  30. Max G says:

    ninja gaiden cannot walk/run.
    resident evil deadly silence hang.
    mario kart intermittent hang.

    those are only minor issues, you guys really did great jobs… this version is so good!

  31. Devroush says:

    Finally, a DS Emulator that works absolutely great :-). Thanks alot!

  32. link says:

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS !!!!! thnx a 10000000000000000 times :))))))

  33. Geri0n says:

    There is no desmume.exe file in download

  34. shash says:

    Geri0n: There is, download the proper files before posting such nonsense.

  35. Supanut9678 says:

    I think V0.9.4 is fastest of all versions because I had tried my compiled 0.9.5 and latest SVN Builds, it runs slower. So I think 0.9.4 is fastest.

  36. Supanut9678 says:

    I had compiled the new 0.9.5. Inside the emulator it labled: “0.9.5SVN0.” Where can I upload this? I want everyone to try it because it runs find on my computer, so I don’t know if it will run well on yours, and note that this is windows only, as I compiled it on windows.

  37. shash says:

    Supanut: Doing so is discouraged, it’s ok to compile and use it yourself, but SVN is work in progress, and thus shouldn’t be spread or speed profiled by non-developers.

  38. Max G says:

    this version still can’t play dragon quest 5. only selection interface and sound…no 3D graphics… I like to see it work perfectly in the newer version. thanks…

    i’m currently enjoy playing zelda phantom hourglass, trauma center and all the 3 castlevania(s)… they all working perfectly on 0.9.4. great job guys!!!
    you are all my best friends!!! I like emulator more than I like window games…! :)

  39. dark says:

    Will DeSmuME release a newer version where users can enter codes?
    And is there a patch that allows uses to enter codes for the Mac DeSmuMe ?

  40. XMSFel5 says:

    Also, 0.9.5 is still under revision. Unless the team releases it officially on this site, it’ll still have quite a few bugs as the team continues to straighten out stuff and fix things.

  41. SoBear says:

    I know this may be a long shot, but would you guys ever consider porting DeSmuMe to the Wii?

  42. me says:

    that is good for finally i can play

  43. GoldDragon says:

    hello Dear Yopyop I am very happy to find this emu of nds.

    My English is not good, for avoid translating the engine translation error margin a meaning for causing confuse, I have encloses with the Chinese original text, hoping right express my meaning.

    My English is not good to hope right express my meaning
    It of the function is very strong and big
    New edition affiliation of the window way zooms the function makes interface more humanized really very grateful
    And make what me amaze is
    Found out incredibly in your software Chinese language pack
    Make we these come from the Chinese friend true grateful times to
    As for your software my individual there is two very small suggestions:
    1, consults the emulator of ideas can separate the characteristics of the window way suggests that you also join this function, and support two window ways to zoom respectively, believing to speaks this to shoulds be not difficult to realize on the technique for you.^^
    2, whenever open the time of the procedure will remind that the ” can’t read” can’ts be normal to save the drama in game and then, do not know whether can repair once.
    3, hope to join to the solid hour backup with solid hour the fast key of the backup from definition function, operate with the convenient player.
    Thank your effort, I represent all the player of emus thank you.Hoping you can see my speech, the heat slices the further improvement of the your software in in hopes of with perfect.


    我的英语不好 希望能正确表达我的意思
    新版本加入的窗口缩放功能使界面更加人性化 真的非常感激
    1、参考了ideas模拟器可以分开窗口的特点 建议您也加入这个功能,并且支持两个窗口分别缩放,相信对于您来讲这在技术上应该不难实现。^^
    2、每当打开程序的时候都会提醒”can’t read” 而后在游戏中不能正常存储有戏,不知是否可以修复一下。

  44. shash says:

    GoldDragon: Use the forums for that kind of posts, it’s the last one that I’m approving of that type: this is a comments section, not a discussion section. And read the readme, so you know who the authors are.

  45. JamesMicko says:


    People only say “MY GAME DOESN’T WORK! FIX IT, YOU DUMBSHIT!” … and almost noone thanks those developers for even RELEASING the emulator to the public. You should keep it to yourselves, guys. ‘Till people start to think and thank, ’cause I can imagine how hard and life-sucking it is to write such thing as an emulator.


    I’ve been using NES, SNES, N64, PSX, PS2 & GBA emulators and I love them… You guys give us a chance to replay those old, great games… Zelda’s, Lufia’s, Mario’s… Not that I don’t own a SNES, a N64 and some PlayStations.. Even though, I don’t have all the games…

    I guess the difficulty level for an NDS-emulator doubles, since there are two screens and a lot of features included in the DS (mic, touch screen, 3D) and so on.

    And although some games don’t run perfectly (slow sometimes, crappy sound, etc.) we all should be thankful someone is even GIVING PART OF THEIR LIVES to do this.

    Once again, THANKS! Zelda Phantom Hourglass was a GREAT, refreshing play! Keep up the good work to make us possible to play such nice games.

    Do you think you’ll be able to make that WiFi-feature work?

    See ya!

  46. Golden_Sun_Fanboy says:


    Thanks for the most awesome DS emulator, guys, well done, keep it up:D

  47. Zeithri says:

    Lovely, finally an DS Emulator that works somewhat!
    Love my DS but I hate not being able to record good clips for it.

    Will this emulator have support for say DS Simply saves in the future?

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to having Front Mission playable ^^

  48. Derek says:

    thx for the release. crossing fingers for the trade/wii function fixed soon. good job!

  49. Joren says:

    Very good emulator. It would be especially cool if you were able to make it more multithreaded somehow, as my E6600 averages around 48% use now.

  50. Max G says:

    yes, indeed. current version is a processor speed sucker. E7200 average 36% usage for desmume 0.9.4. polygon inttermittent missing and only 50% game speed if running with archieve pentium 4 3Ghz. I’m sure they are now fixing bugs and will further optimize this matter. I’m happy with it. it is stable and running fine with core 2 duo.