2009 CCA – round 2

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to make it to the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards finals! That’s quite nice, but we want to go even further, win the final and get those free pizzas, and we need your help again. So please vote for us! :)

18 Responses to “2009 CCA – round 2”

  1. Calvin says:

    First to post yay.
    Gave you a vote too. :)

  2. Fael says:

    yo I voted, but where’s the updates?

  3. shash says:

    Fael: Whenever it’s done.

  4. toti says:

    i’m happy because you pass to the second round of the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards ( i have voted), and it is one more reason to keep working hard on the emulator , (specially in the mac version .. jejeje).
    i’m waiting for a new faster and better version

    saludos desde chile

  5. MJED says:

    Yow men! I gave a vote for yah!! Ur EMU ROCKS Men!!! It works perfectly on my PC :)— it is move sufficient than No$GBA now. keep up the good work!!

  6. Heavylink says:

    Grats guys, hard working ppl should get some credit for their effort :)

  7. naoan says:

    there, voted, hope you guys win! desmume is a great project! :D

  8. PP_GRILLO says:

    Nice job guys, hope you win!! :)

  9. Leo83 says:

    This emulator ROCK…. feel great playing them..
    great job guys. Wish u the best.
    Hope u win a lot… ehehe :)

  10. Nut says:

    Great job! Hope you win!

  11. Nut says:

    Yow! One vote from me! I really love this project!

  12. Seva says:

    Voted. Hope you win! Desmume is the best emulator Nintendo DS

  13. pbnec says:

    I don`t think this is too bad…
    I think this can be regarded as a reminder of improvement…

  14. lbalbalba says:

    Well, at least ScummVM is another emulator, so at least the winner is in the same category :P

  15. Kate says:

    Hey guys, you do some amazing work — thank you! Just wanted to say this is well done and if you need some Paypal support, you should set it up. I’d donate.

  16. bob says:

    how do i use the touch screen?