0.9.2 update for Mac users

A new binary package for Mac is now available and this time it’s an universal binary. The old intel-only binary package is still available on sourceforge, to get the new one go to the download page.

18 Responses to “0.9.2 update for Mac users”

  1. DwD says:

    Thank you very much

    Glad to see some PowerPC consideration ^^

  2. madproff says:

    this is great, now i can play this on my mac, although i do have a problem with it when i play pokemon platinum, it slows down during certain parts of the game which i find annoying, is that due to my version of the game or just a bug that needs fixing with the emulator?

    much appreciated

  3. Chelo says:

    Why does it cant work? I tried to ran it but it doesn’t see to happen anything! if someone can help I would really appreciate it. My mail is marcelloavila@gmail.com

  4. Lewis M.Hardin says:

    I have a problem with this version, when i try to play pokemon platinum, the game slows down horribly and you really cant play because this happens almost always :S can someone help me?

  5. Me! says:

    When i play pokemon platinum its slows down as well, but not only that , the colour of the backgrounds while playing turns like pink and red, you can hardly see whats happening.
    not sure if its the emulator or the rom.
    would appreciate help

  6. ANDY says:

    I can’t save when playing platinum…

  7. CYKEB says:

    thank you, great app
    i have the pokemon problem, too, but only when fights are starting and with bigger animations

  8. RTJ says:

    Nice to have a DS emulator. What can we do when a rom runs slow and crashes? (megaman zx). Cheers

  9. Jaenius says:

    I have Pokemon Platinum working and saving but sometimes it just crashes and its always random and at different times. Is there anything i can do about this?


  10. Xan says:

    What are the keys?
    I know that the V and B Keys are the “A” and “B” buttons. And Enter is “Start”. But what is “Select”?

  11. CYKEB says:

    the mac version isn’t as good as the windows version
    today i played at a friend pokemon platin, his hardware is really bad, but it works perfectly
    and with my macbook pro it is very slow

  12. Herman Tho says:

    Does any one having the issue with DeSmuME 0.9.2 it takes the CPU 100% and the heat of my macbook to 60++ when starting the emu.

  13. Confusion says:

    Some games do run slower than others.(digimon world championship) but another thing is how can i change the keys?

  14. edwin says:

    i hav a problems with my desmu , cause it dont let me sva and in some gamas like yugioh say turn off and insert the card , combody ca help me please?!!!!!

  15. Sillica says:

    Hey! can any1 tell me how to change the save type to, say, eeprom or something? i really want to play dbk assualt of the saiyins, but it says data cannot be supported!

  16. Hivetyrant says:

    Is anybody going to give us answers on the slowness problems. Look up there, there’s a lot of pokemon slowness’. Someone create a remedy! I have the same problem.

  17. zeromus says:

    what the @#*($ is wrong with you people. Some games run slower than others. Some computers are faster than others. Some compilers are faster than others. Some PEOPLE are apparently slower than others, and I think that this thread accounts for most of those people.

  18. shash says:

    Enough of this crap, specially Hivetyrant’s crap, which I won’t tolerate here. Closing comments, as zeromus answer was good enough to sum up the general opinion about people’s retarded comments. Oh, and just to end it, Hivetyrant, get lost.