DeSmuME 0.9.1 released!

With this release, we have fixed a number of emulation bugs, as well as added the following features which you might be interested in: Mic, rumble, and PSG white noise. Once again we found a number of refinements to make in the GPU, for instance: blending, mosaic, affine modes; so your game might run more accurately than ever. Watch out, though–your savestates are probably invalidated once again. Sorry!

88 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.1 released!”

  1. CDD says:

    Will this work for Intel Core i7 Extreme processors? A friend gave it to me for free, that’s why.

    Much appreciated!

  2. Maturion says:

    Uhm, that’s great news!
    Thank you a lot.

    By the way, if anyone is interested I could create .RPM packages for openSUSE and Fedora…

  3. KDave!! says:

    I have created a for this version … it was done on a intel macbook with leopard, any ideas on how to submit it ?? I wish to help

  4. anon says:


    Well, since Linux packages are lacked, it will be a great help.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. rubicant says:

    Thanks for the release, we all appreciate your hard work

  6. Erik says:

    I’m so happy rondo of swords works perfectlly it doesn’t for any other emulator. Shash is a rock star!

  7. Rafi says:

    Merci !!

  8. vinnie says:

    thanks so much

  9. shash says:

    Erik: Don’t be mistaken, I didn’t do anything between 0.9.0 and the 0.9.1 release, so if anything got better, it’s not my work. I did small fixes here and there for 0.9, but nothing major. Better go thank the rest of the team.

  10. sipher says:

    incredible ! this reaches for perfection! great work guys!

  11. abhishek says:

    amazing stuff. i knew open source will rule. very nice progress. still a bit far from from other “free” projects, but i will catch on and surpass them. testing on mint linux. will check the windows version later. thank you guys. that was a speedy version 0.9.1 after 0.9.0. waiting for the version 1.0.0.

  12. abhishek says:

    i know this is not the place for bug reporting, but sadly the windows version is not working. i only see garbled screen on any game, and if i choose opengl then it revers back to none. the linux version is fine but i ws hoping that with sse2 the windows version would be better. any help will be appreciated. sorry for posting here. i dont have to register here to post, so i thought that would be easy.

  13. trogdor says:

    Is this version not going to be released on Mac?

  14. quagmires says:

    Mario Luigi RPG 3 doesn’t work on the latest version without patch! Can you please make it work in the next version!

  15. maso says:

    i tried to extract the desmume 0.9.1 windows binary zip but couldnt. is it corrupt or something?

  16. abhishek says:

    erm.. i solved my problem. my desktop colour depth was at 16 bit. the windows versions seems better than linux. yahoo. keep up the good work

  17. jonhny says:

    can you please release the mac version ?
    we have a lot of players waiting XD
    the 0.9version is so slow

  18. gunstar says:

    can’t wait for the mac version i hope it’s release soon.

  19. xepher says:

    Is there going to be a mac version that isnt only for intel macs? i tried downloading 0.9 and it said the app was not supported.

  20. Loïc says:

    * Debian packages already in experimental;

    * Ubuntu intrepid packages available at getdeb (sync from Debian);

    * Ubuntu Jaunty packages soon to get into the repo (sync from Debian).

    Would it be possible for the DeSmuME site to offer linux binaries or, better, packages (packages can be provided)?

    Is there a mailing list or a way to contact the team? Packages aside, where can we send translations, for example?

  21. darth says:

    if anyone has a compiled mac app, please zip it & upload it to mediafire or something, and post it here..i can’t wait for mac version

  22. KDave!! says:

    Well I compiled one for MAC while ago:

    Desmume 0.9.1 for MAC:

    This was done on a Macbook with Leopard … I guess it requires Tiger and Leopard last updates.


  23. darth says:

    @KDave: thanks man!

  24. Duncan Idaho says:

    This version is compatible with pokmeon pearl/ diamond or platinium patched?

  25. SonicDude200222 says:

    Ya i got it but it runs real slow. does it work for windows vista? if it does mine doesnt work so well.

  26. topoman says:

    Am I the only one having problem with the mic support?
    I’m playing Gyakuten Saiban 3 (Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, this one has both versions) and it doesn’t respond when i say Take That, Objection or whatev’s. I know it’s not really needed in this one, but you need it for Apollo Justice and the very first Phoenix Wright game. Is there anyone else having the same issue as me or I’m just a “special” case?
    Also, thanks for the great work. Graphics look much better now (mainly on the lower screen). Congrats!

  27. fat geo says:

    topoman, your just a special case cause when i used the mic, it work. well, i only tried it on Crash of the Titans when you have too blow into the mic to do the monsters special attack, but still, it is crazy that they got the mic on this.

  28. johny says:

    Still a bit slow .
    This would be really good without the speed problem ~

  29. johny says:

    By the way ,
    I’m still waiting for the mac version !!
    Please XD I can’t wait

  30. Heavylink says:

    Thxs again guys.
    Don’t mind about the save states… Its worth it when improvements outweigh the benefits :)

  31. KDave!! says:

    You should read all comments … I compiled a 0.9.1 DeSmuME version for MAC and uploaded it to:


  32. fat geo says:

    whats the difference between the the applications(desmume; desmume_ss2)?

  33. Luigi__ says:

    fat geo: desmume_sse2 uses some SSE2 optimizations for 3D matrix calculations. If your CPU supports SSE2, better use this version. Otherwise use the other version. And about mic support, it’s not perfect yet, it’s mostly inaccurate and has sync issues, but it works correctly in most games.

  34. Raymodn says:

    Does anyone know how to change the system date/time in desmume?

  35. shash says:

    Raymodn: It’s not possible on 0.9.1, afaik.

  36. marlwin says:

    KDave, I don’t know if it’s normal but your version is slow and crashes a lot on my mac pro and 10.5.6

  37. @Sascha says:

    Oh yes, GREAT WORK!!!

    But it would be great if it is possible to choose the position of the touchscreen. I have a widescreen, so it would be great to get the touchscreen beside and not under the other screen.
    Moreover I have my TV set connected with my computer, so I would love to choose a free position. Then can I move the touchscreen on my TV ^^
    In addition anti-aliasing between streched pixels would be very good (only when the screen is streched).

    Sorry for my very bad English. I hope you understand ;-)

  38. topoman says:

    “Luigi__ Says:
    [...]And about mic support, it’s not perfect yet, it’s mostly inaccurate and has sync issues, but it works correctly in most games.”
    So…. for the record, desmume’s mic doesn’t work with Gyakuten Saiban 3/Phoenix Wright 3?

  39. johny says:

    I’ve downloaded the one you said

    but it’s still slow ~

    is it suppose to run faster than 0.9.0 version ?

    If it does ~ Than I think its my computers problem ~!

    I’m playing ” Lost in Blue ” now on Desmume

  40. KDave!! says:

    From 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 they
    “fixed a number of emulation bugs, as well as added the following features which you might be interested in: Mic, rumble, and PSG white noise. Once again we found a number of refinements to make in the GPU, for instance: blending, mosaic, affine modes; so your game might run more accurately than ever.”

    So yeah I think it should run better … I compiled it using Xcode … any ideas on how to compile it? how do I compile to make a desmume_sse2 (people said here its better for some kind of cpu) ??

  41. tiagoln says:

    I’ve tested the mac compilation made by KDAVE
    I notice great inprovements in the grafics, the previous one had some glitchs in the grafic while playing final fantasy tactics a2, in this version the grafic is way bether, but in the other way it’s too slow compared with the 0.9 version

  42. tenshin2002 says:

    Tried KDAVEs Mac binary and it works. Its very slow though. Also The legend of Zelda does not work. I think it worked on 0.9

  43. KDave!! says:

    Thanks for trying out my compiled app … as soon as new version is ready I will compile it again for you guys!

  44. Kid says:

    Um, there’s no issue with speed, and you guys did a GREAT job making a solid emulator. But I’m wondering, are you guys working on in-game save battery support?

  45. shash says:

    Kid: It has been on desmume for a while (that’s why you can select a save type). As of now, it has only a few issues which might or not be looked in the future.

  46. tenshin2002 says:

    KDAVE, thanks! I was searching like mad for a mac binary until I saw your post here.

  47. GAN0 says:

    I want request a feature for save palette in palette view, it will help a lot the romhackers!