DeSmuME 0.9.1 released!

With this release, we have fixed a number of emulation bugs, as well as added the following features which you might be interested in: Mic, rumble, and PSG white noise. Once again we found a number of refinements to make in the GPU, for instance: blending, mosaic, affine modes; so your game might run more accurately than ever. Watch out, though–your savestates are probably invalidated once again. Sorry!

88 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.1 released!”

  1. Xtrazotic says:

    Wish you could make the speed like No$GBA, then I would LOVE it.

    Nonetheless, it’s better than any other emulator… just needs that speed (or it’s my computer, I use the AMD64 Processor.)

  2. gizmo says:


  3. rip says:

    Really cool emulator! But it seems it doesn’t support DLDI/libfat – how can I use libfat with desmume?

  4. Corpsecrank says:

    I was able to play through Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow with very very minor glitches here and there but nothing to really worry about at all. The game also runs very smoothly with very few instances of slow down.

    System Specs:
    AMD Phenom II 940 Quad Core Processor (Overclocked @ 3.2Ghz)
    4GB Kingston Hyper X 1066 Ram
    ECS A790GXM-A Motherboard
    Sapphire X1950GT 512MB Graphics Card
    Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Sound Card
    Western Digital Raptor X 10000 RPM HDD

  5. Corpsecrank says:

    P.S. Can we possibly get a bit of love in the sound department? Currently the sound likes to stutter a lot during voice overs and FMVs. Aside from the bits of stuttering in those areas it sounds great.

  6. z says:

    Corpsecrank are you keeping 60fps in these areas of the game? I think streaming sound is never going to work at anything other than full speed.

  7. akioon says:

    Hi ! I would like to know if it’s possible to increase the game speed with DeSmuME emulator ? I mean like Visual Boy Advance for example, because sometimes you know, some games can be too slow to enjoy them…

    P.S: By the way, thanks a lot for that great job you guys doing with this emulator, clean and powerfull, congratulations

    (and sorry if my english isn’t so good i’m a french guy ^^)

  8. satoshi27 says:

    Hi i dont why this program dont run in my mac os x i open the program and it say “you cant open the aplication because is not compatible whit the sistem”
    can anyone help me!!!!

  9. Corpsecrank says:


    My frame rates fluctuate even on the powerful system I am using it still cannot maintain a 60 FPS consistently. But I was also thinking that the sound may be falling out of sync with the FMVs and thus stuttering a little. However when I open Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings the opening video is slow at points and the audio still plays beautifully so it does make me wonder.

    I do think that the audio may improve once the speeds come up and the emulator is further optimized.

  10. Gonzalo says:

    hey, how i cant configure the 3d renderer anyone help me, y tried everything
    RAM: 1,75 GB
    Video card: Nvidia Gforce 5600
    i don’t know the video ram
    intel pentium dual cpu
    2.00 Ghz

  11. a says:

    sd gundam g generation cross drive died after 20 chapters…

  12. sipher says:

    Great work guys! Keep up the good work!

  13. Ivancillop says:

    GRAND THEFT AUTO CHINAOTWN WARS – Playabe 100% with sound!.
    Buen trabajo!.

  14. m3teor says:

    Which file of GTA Chinatown Wars are you using? The one I have stutters a lot and the sound is terrible.

  15. shash says:

    m3teor: The one he owns, else the discussion is forbidden here.

  16. Dave says:

    Is there an application version of 0.9.1 out or is the source code all you got? Sometimes getting source code to run is a pain. If one of you could email me the link to a website that has the application, I would be very grateful and thankful. My email is

  17. Sarah says:

    I tried running the new update on my mac, and everything was going fine until I couldn’t find my left arrow key.
    I went to the preferences to see that no left arrow key was programmed into the emulator.
    Please fix this. If I’m not sure if its my opeating system or not. I run the new one called Leopard.

    Could I be notified when this is fixed? Because I love the emulator, but I cant play the games with no left arrow key.

  18. Kira says:

    the sd gundam g generation cross drive crash at the beginning of the 1st it the problem of my computer or the software problem?
    btw..does the 0.9.2 version already out?i saw it from other forum.
    is it official or non official?

  19. shash says:

    Dave: If you’re on linux, building is hassle. On this same comments, there’s a link to a Mac build. If you’re on win32, just use the official build.

    Sarah: Search the forums, there’s a solution/workaround somewhere.

    Kira: 0.9.2 isn’t out yet

  20. Samuss says:

    Can I play to pokemon pearl with this Emulator ?

  21. ZAK says:


  22. DJ says:

    Is there any way you can set the internal clock for DeSmuME?

    When playing the USA version of Pokemon Platinum, the time remains at 00:00 and many activities cannot be done as they are time-specific.

    If it cannot already be done, will an internal clock be implemented in the next release? Does anyone know?

  23. Daniel Tm says:

    Hi, i’ve tried the KDave version on my mac but when I open it, it closes instantly or a message apear “an emulation error ocurred”, so i was wondering if anyone could help me with this!!!

  24. Daniel Tm says:

    Hi, me again, it seems that I managed to get the Desmume running, but there’s a problem. I open Desmume, then I try to Load a rom, and actually it loads because in the inferior part of the window apears “ROM Loaded” but the screen is blank. I’ve intalled Desmume in another Mac (wich is an older version than my mac) and everything works perfect so I figure out that there’s a problem with my Mac, like a bug or something. Also I’ve played Desmume before in my mac but suddenly one day it stoped working and from that day I’ve been having problems with “bugs” and instalation or something. Please if anyone could help me I would be very grateful.

  25. ILOVEDESMUME says:

    I tried this and it seems that pokemon platinum works perfectly. Just wanted to give massive thanks and say that someone can update the list now. Once again, thanks!

  26. Angel says:

    Hi, I’ve tried DeSmuME with Pokemon Platinum everything goes just fine, just one thing, i seems as I cant configure the time and date on the game anywhere, anyhow, (it keeps being 00:00 hours of jan 1 2000), also I can’t save the game, i have to save the game stat, anyone that have tried this tittle can sumit any feedback for this issue please and thank you in advance, this really is a great emulator. =)

  27. lolcat says:

    GTA Chinatown Wars seems to run very good with a few hickups.. but it is playable!

  28. Un pere says:


  29. David says:

    Hi, I’m trying Pokemon Platinum but it doesn’t run well. If I use OpenGL, the game is infinitely slow, and without it, the screen is blank except for menus.

    I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series video card. Is that the problem? It says on wikipedia that supports OpenGL.

    Let me know if there is a solution. Thanks.

    you can email me at





  30. Kensai says:

    Desmume 0.9 and 0.9.1 does’nt have working savestates unlike desmume 0.8.
    Please fix it in next release, and thanks a lot for your job :)

  31. peacepawn says:

    everytime i open a rom and try to execute it, it keeps saying error in process cannot execute rom

  32. Nealz says:

    How about add keys record and playback function like VisualBoyAdvance ?

  33. Silentbobus says:

    I am definitely a fan of Desmume! The sound, graphics and speed are all near perfect in 0.9.1. When should we expect version 0.9.2 to be released?

  34. dagr81 says:

    I cant play GTA:Chinatown Wars…in DeSmuME…
    Plz tell me how to run chinatown wars..??

    My problem is that the upperscreen doesn’t display any visuals but the text are displaying….in upper screen and map too are displaying in lower screen.

    poor english


  35. Dan-Wo says:

    Playing Pokemon Platinum and yes just like everyone else, you cant save the game state or keep “real” time or date. I also came across another problem. When I went to trade a Pokemon with a character in the Game (not linking up) the screen starts the animation of trading but doesn’t move from a circle emitting from a small picture of a DS on the touch screen. No matter what I do, the trade will not commence. Any thoughts on how to fix any of this?

  36. Hello,

    I try to build new version on ubuntu hardy amd64, i have this error,

    ../libdesmume.a(MMU.o): In function `_MMU_ARM9_write16(unsigned int, unsigned short)’:
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1757: undefined reference to `gfx3d_Control(unsigned long)’
    ../libdesmume.a(MMU.o): In function `_MMU_ARM9_write08(unsigned int, unsigned char)’:
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1531: undefined reference to `gfx3d_Control(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1538: undefined reference to `gfx3d_Control(unsigned long)’
    ../libdesmume.a(MMU.o): In function `_MMU_ARM9_write16(unsigned int, unsigned short)’:
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1786: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glFogColor(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1772: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glClearColor(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1779: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glClearDepth(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1792: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glFogOffset(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:1765: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glAlphaFunc(unsigned long)’
    ../libdesmume.a(MMU.o): In function `_MMU_ARM9_write32(unsigned int, unsigned int)’:
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:2464: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glFogOffset(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:2444: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glClearColor(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:2437: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glAlphaFunc(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:2458: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glFogColor(unsigned long)’
    /tmp/buildd/desmume-0.9.2/src/MMU.cpp:2451: undefined reference to `gfx3d_glClearDepth(unsigned long)’
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[4]: *** [desmume-glade] Error 1

    I tested build on arch i386 and i have no problem.

    Thanks you in advance for your reply.

  37. omy says:

    I have probblem with may emulator of ds in the game guitar hero if i dont have guitar grip dont play my game what gona do to fix that please help me