DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!

The new things in this release are a Cocoa port and translations support for Gtk-glade port.

With the Cocoa port, Mac OS X users can now fully enjoy DeSmuME on their favorite system! The Mac port doesn’t yet have all the features of the other ports but should run all games with near same compatibility. (DeSmuME running on Mac OS X)

Translations are now available on three ports: Cocoa, Gtk-glade and Windows, feel free to send us new translations (there’s instructions on how to do it in README.TRANSLATION).

273 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!”

  1. Bjorn Nitmo says:

    Whoever compiles the binaries for OS X should be aware that most APIs in have been deprecated in Mac OS X 10.5. The cross-platform APIs in are the preferred replacements.

  2. Bjorn Nitmo says:

    Crap. The website truncated my post. I guess it doesn’t like greater and less than. Anyway, I was saying that most APIs in mach-o/loader.h have been deprecated in Mac OS X 10.5. The cross-platform APIs in dlfcn.h are the preferred replacements.

  3. Malpy says:

    We need an update now!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Bjorn: The cocoa port in and of its own code isn’t doing anything unix related, so if mach-o stuff is being brought in, it’s inadvertent. I’ll take a look at that. I’ve added an xcode project which generates binaries that work nicely across 10.4 and 10.5.

  5. Trevor says:

    No, saying “we don’t own you anything” makes no sense at all. Saying, “we don’t owe you anything” makes perfect sense and I agree with that.

  6. Bilbo Vaginns says:

    There will be no update. Get used to it !!

  7. shash says:

    Bilbo Vaginns: There’ll be. No ETA as of now, but shouldn’t take more than a month. Don’t take my words as official, though, but there has been enough work on the CVS to do a release that is worth it.

  8. Skooj says:

    I have tried to compile the source on my own machine as the “leopard” binary that was linked to did not work. My usual method, along with the method posted above (different arguments to the ./configure script), and downloading codeblocks did not work at all. I’m not sure how to install libs but I believe that I already have everything necessary. if anyone could help with getting it setup, that’d be wonderful.

  9. Jeff says:

    Skooj: Assuming you have the apple developer tools installed, all you should have to do is open the Code::Block or Xcode project and hit build and go. No libraries are necessary that don’t come with the developer tools. If this does not work, let me know what the error/problem is.

    Alternatively you could wait until the next official release.

  10. Skooj says:

    I guess i’m not entirely sure what i’m donig with xcode or code::block. I open the .cbp file (/src/cocoa/desmume.cbp) in xcode and all of the options under build are closed (I assume this is what I’m supposed to open in xcode as it’s the only file that _will_ open, and also the file that is associated with code::block). and in code:: block it returns this:

    ||=== DeSmuME Cocoa, Cocoa ===|
    /Users/skooj/Downloads/desmume-0.7.3 2/src/cocoa/../types.h|75|error: conflicting types for ‘uint32′|
    /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Headers/cssmconfig.h|64|error: previous declaration of ‘uint32′ was here|
    /Users/skooj/Downloads/desmume-0.7.3 2/src/cocoa/main.m||In function ‘CreateMenu’:|
    /Users/skooj/Downloads/desmume-0.7.3 2/src/cocoa/main.m|385|warning: type ‘id ‘ does not conform to the ‘NSCopying’ protocol|
    ||=== Build finished: 2 errors, 1 warnings ===|

  11. Jeff says:

    Skooj: I hope you didn’t open the codeblocks project in xcode, since you’d probably be staring at a bunch of xml. Anyways, updating to the latest sources should take care of your problem. See

  12. Skooj says:

    aah, yep, that worked perfectly. thanks!

  13. ploggy says:

    has anyone got the latest cvs version aready compiled handy

  14. shash says:

    ploggy: Just compile it yourself. Not to mention latest CVS doesn’t mean stable :P That’s why we doing a release isn’t easy.

  15. stephanie says:

    I have a intel mac, and this emulator wont work, when I double click on it I keep getting ”The application desmuME quit unexpectedly” every time i click on it and wont load just keep getting that message!

  16. Jeff says:

    Stephanie: You are probably using Leopard, which the current build doesn’t work on. The next release will take care of it.

  17. ploggy says:

    If I could compile it myself I wouldn’t be asking on here now would I. :)
    Shash is there a release on the cards anytime soon?
    (Not beggin) :)

  18. shash says:

    ploggy: read the rest of recent comments :P

  19. ploggy says:

    my bad, just read the comments I hope that this release is a rival for the latest nocash coz I loved this emu.
    By the way does Desmume use Circa,apparently faster than opengl. :P

  20. shash says:

    I don’t even know what Circa is. On Windows XP, the speed difference between proper implementations with Direct3D or OpenGL is negligible: and that’s a fact, not something debatable. I don’t know on other OSes, but as I only code for Windows XP…

  21. eddie jayco says:

    Great job guys! By the way would you say your version is better than NDeSmuME version 0.4.0 or worse? And is there a chance that the emulator can play newer games like Final Fantasy CC: Ring of Fates or FF: Revenant Wings or is it limited to a certain library? If so are you guys working on making any Final Fantasy games work because that would be great!

    Just want to say great job and I hope the emulation is going well for you guys!!!

  22. joker says:

    where can i download?

  23. Confused says:

    umm does v.0.7.3 work for mac os x ppc (powerpc)