DeSmuME v0.7.1 released!

Another month, another release. The main features for this release are the major speedup for the 2D core, a GDB debugger stub, multiple language support for windows port and a FPS limiter for the *nix ports. For now the only packages available are the source package and windows binary. The regular *nix builds will come sometime week.

UPDATE: Debian 32-bit/64-bit builds are now available on the downloads page.

51 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.7.1 released!”

  1. Nicolas says:

    First comment!

    I am compiling for linux right now. Keep working hard!

  2. Iae says:

    Fails to compile with with -Wl,–as-needed LDFLAG. 0.7.0 compiles fine with this flag.

  3. Tsuska says:

    Ok lets chekc this out than =P

  4. yeyezai says:


    Downloading now

  5. Phen says:

    Will test now~ =)

  6. insanity says:

    nice work =)
    although the frame skipper doesn’t work properly (at least for me)…
    with frameskip 0, i’m getting around 35 fps, but with the “auto” option, it drops to as low as 5
    also a frame limiter would be very useful, now that the things are faster =)
    (i’m using the windows build, of course)

  7. MattHunX says:

    No difference, it’s the same as 0.7.0. can’t get speed over 30 fps!

  8. biemew says:

    got this error when i,m tring to run the .exe:
    “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). Click on OK to terminate the application.”

  9. Tsuska says:

    Maybe it’s just me…but is harvest moon running slower?

  10. schnappy says:

    Debian packages are still broken

  11. Shadic says:

    “Maybe it’s just me…but is harvest moon running slower?” Well, if it does, maybe something has been improved, like for example, some details of the game, making it run slower.

  12. Kamesenin says:

    Hey everyone, how do you get 30 FPS????

  13. Nicolas says:

    Hi, I have tried to compile under linux unsuccesfully. The .deb packages aren’t working, they asks for libc6 dependency, and I have it correctly installed. I hope it will be fixed soon, so I can keep testing.

  14. felipe says:

    hello…I am not speek english! i am sorry
    emm I am speek spanish hablo español

  15. vergas says:

    Excellence! Thank you!

  16. TG says:

    Please translate into Japanese.

  17. Lupi says:

    Not working in Linux with the GTK package

    The program ‘desmume’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘GLXBadContext’.
    (Details: serial 525 error_code 155 request_code 143 minor_code 5)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the –sync command line
    option to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)

  18. masscat says:

    The GLXBadContext problem is known and thought to be beyond the control of the Desmume code (see

    PS use the forums for support.

  19. Trevor says:

    still does not work with pokemon Diamond nor Pearl so eh take ur time =)

  20. Bob says:

    I have made ubuntu packages which are on my site.

  21. Kysan says:

    Great Work.. it have higt compatibility but.. is possible improve the frake skip ? because frame skip 0 for me is more fast than 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and auto frame skip or is posible include CPU 120% 150% 180% like Ideas ?

    sorry my bad english i speak spanish

  22. Yushin says:

    would you like to have a skin for the Desmume?
    i know someone in aqua-soft that can build an aqua-glass skin for the DS.

  23. Drinkmaster says:

    downloading ASAP

  24. zippy says:

    Not Work.
    Still says,”unable to Initialize OpenGL”…

  25. Low Lines says:

    Can we please get the GUI drop-down menu bug fixed in the next release? (Drop-down menus don’t appear)

    Bug has been there since version 7.0, makes using the Tile Viewer for instance a bit painful considering there’s quite a few hex entries to choose from.


  26. Winer says:

    Keep up the good work :)

    Will be waiting for your next release…

  27. Nicolas says:

    There is some way to compile with optimizations for AthlonXP so I can get more fps?

  28. Nicolas says:

    Harvest Moon DS running at 60 fps, the same of 0.7.0 but it’s more stable, and better graphics. Thanks a lot.

  29. shash says:

    zippy: If your desktop color depth isn’t set to 32bits or if you haven’t got a 3D accelerator, the 3D core won’t run.

  30. Still slow… I still am sticking with No$GBA

  31. Lino says:

    Great work !!!

  32. Trevor says:

    MasterOfHyrule Says:

    June 16th, 2007 at 2:04 am
    Still slow… I still am sticking with No$GBA

    Same here with pokemon diamond and pearl ;) but eh no worries even tha emulator is slow but the music comes out aok ;)

  33. Bolo says:

    The Mario and Luigi Partners in Time – bugged, doesn’t work. Only goes to the first battle.

  34. cris says:

    thanks your great and your emu

  35. jenelyn says:

    not running it says unable to parse command line arguments how can i fix this pls help!!! tnx

  36. schnappy says:

    Thanks “bob” the deb packages here are the buggery

  37. rob187 says:

    dont listen to any negative replies, it is EXTREMELY hard to be doing what you guys are doing and i KNOW your going to successfuly emulate this thing 110 %, nice update keep up the great work, look very forward to your next update

  38. Ruinairas says:

    Nice update, I can see some improvements in this release. Take your time and do a great job!

  39. claudio says:

    nice update,

  40. Bolo says:

    this emu is great, nut on my athlon XP i get only 5-10 fps. :(

  41. Dog says:

    How do you even work these things, every time I download it it always says an error message.

    Please someone tell me what to do! Also, it ALWAYS has an error no matter what.

  42. Nicolas says:

    Bolo: Just look for games that run fast, like Harvest Moon DS.

  43. Bolo says:

    I want to play Mario and Luigi so much. I completed the first version (superstar Saga) 3 times

  44. Bolo says:

    Harvest Moon DS – I got only 30-40 fps on pframe skipping “0″

  45. tesivo says:

    Very good work.DeSmuME is the best emulator of Nintendo ds.

  46. greenboomslang says:

    Running Vista on Duo Core Laptop
    Desmume is flickering in game can’t see almost anything- Menus are working
    On Xp it did work

  47. NavyDragons says:

    it is the best emu in my opinion still but i need a faster frame rate before i gouge my eyes out even bomberman runs at 3 fps its a little nuts i ave to set it to fs9 and make it jumpy just for a half decent speed(after getting multiple speed up icons)

  48. agent17v says:

    Good work… but of course, needs work.

  49. Dan says:

    Hopefully we can expect more optimizations, it’s gotta be possible (every N64 emulator runs decently on my box, but DeSmuME doesn’t break 4 fps… of course I’m in Vista which is probably halving the FPS).

    Here are a couple issues I’m having:
    - When I switched to Windows Classic theme (probable a coincidence) occasionally DeSmuME hangs with high CPU usage when loading or saving a state. When saving it never actually writes the new state to disk, in part or whole (I can reload it and get the old state I was overwriting).
    - Scaling doesn’t seem to be quite right. You should be getting/setting the client area of the window when fixing the aspect ratio or setting to 1x, 2x, etc. Right now when I click on 2x I get a height > 2x and a width

  50. Dan says:

    Bah, it cut me off. Must not like the less than symbol.

    …and a width less than 2x. Using the client area also takes care of the problem of calculating the size when the menu takes up two lines.