DeSmuME v0.7.0 released!

Yes, it’s that time again. 3D emulation is the big thing for this release! Other important new features include *.duc support, sprite rotation/scaling. There was also a number of bug fixes. See the changelog file included with the packages for more details.

Special thanks to snkmad who’s been doing a lot of testing for us of late.

132 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.7.0 released!”

  1. MattHunX says:

    Turco – Mega Man ZX runs with 20-23fps on my PC too, and I have WinXP, SP 2, 2.8Ghz (clock at 210Hz > 2933 Hz, um…you probably know this kind of stuff), 1G RAM and a Sapphire ATI X1600 Pro, so I don’t think it depends on the computer really.IT NEEDS SPEED!!! hmm…there’s a lot of Mega Man ZX fans out there, COOL!!!

  2. Torin XIII says:

    This update is good but like the other hundred comments it needs speed.

    Mario 64 DS now works with this 3D function… it’s just slow.
    Megaman ZX is just as slow as ever, I seriously doubt it improved at all like some say, it’s just not updated in that field.

    Please work on frame rate now that you have 3D capabilities… it’s time to get things atleast playable, forget specific errors. Get it playable.

  3. shash says:

    For all those people begging for speed, and as personal note, it’ll take a while for me to work on that. I made some minor speed ups that’ll you’ll see on next release, but that’s all for now.

    It mainly affects games that were limited by interpreting graphics and not the CPU, and it gives a maximum of a 40% speed boost (so, for example, for me yoshi’s island went from 40-45fps to 60-65fps).

    I’ll focus on speed related work in the future, not now, so stop asking as this isn’t my top priority. And I won’t change my mind, as I do this for free and work on what I prefer, and that’s not gonna chang anytime soon. Of course, some other devs might have a different opinion and work on speed, but not anyone that I know has said so, so that’s all for now.

  4. Tsuska says:

    Oooh okay than +D TY for ur hard work =P, hope ur having fun coding +P

  5. xero says:

    do you want people to use your emu or not?

    if yes, you should get it playable like Torin says. no$gba now only lacks save.. (it gets to 300%+ frame rate) when that’s done, only minor bugs would be needed to be corrected. i support desmume, but i will use any other emulator that meets my needs as a gamer.

    if not, nevermind.. good luck

  6. shash says:

    xero: I guess you don’t get the idea: we don’t work for you. You don’t pay us a single dollar, neither give anything to us. So you don’t have any right to demand what we should be working on.

    We will work on whatever we feel it’s due, and we are in mood to, as we work on this on our (little) free time. Opinions of people are listened, but aren’t received as orders. I might consider to check a bug or two that get reported and I’m willing to check, but don’t ever, never, expect me to follow others people demands blindy, because that’s not going to happen.

    This is a hobby for us developers, and we want to have fun, not to follow others people orders: we already have a real job for that.

  7. Trevor says:

    excellent point shash ;) im not gonna bother u guys because im usin a different emulator now:)

  8. rekli says:

    Good job guys! but speed is needed :)

  9. Bolo says:

    This is very nic ND emu, but on my spec. I get only 5-8 fps.

    Athlon 2200XP+
    Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb
    512 MB Ram

  10. nht says:

    This one got lots of improve
    Keep up the good work

  11. Me says:

    I heard that you cannot save games. If thats true, I hope to see that working soon; along with frame rate improvements, thanks.

  12. arro says:

    Special thx to all ur coders ,ur contribution to Ds emulation is indelible,go on pioneers!

  13. quasib says:

    i even can´t start the emulator…

    what is the main program start file?

  14. Lilith says:

    Very nice emulator, keep going!! I guess the best control config will be:

    UP (E)
    DOWN (D)
    LEFT (S)
    RIGHT (F)
    A (numberpad 4)
    B (numberpad 5)
    R (numberpad 6)
    L (numberpad 0)
    X (numberpad 7)
    Y (numberpad 8)
    START (numberpad ENTER)

    it’s only my suggestion though…
    still, you are GREAT!! nice improvement with sound. I can’t wait the new version, keep going!!

  15. I have no problems with FPS says:

    I have a very very low-tech computer I mean I have a 20 gig harddrive but the emulator runs at prefect FPS the only problem I have is the inverted colors and the still broken 3D parts of it

  16. me says:

    when i choose my rom, nothing on the screen shows up

  17. Steve says:

    It sais “unalbe to find opengl” It wont run the roms T_T Why?????

  18. Ainlanzer says:

    application failed to initialize properly….bla bla bla…terminate the appication.
    Click ok.

    dunno what is really happening….. ?_?

  19. Noel says:

    Well, thanks a lot, it’s really good!!

  20. Kool Aid Man says:

    OH YEAH!!!

  21. Robbie says:

    Score Super Mario 64 goes in game, plus sound support finally! Great job, keep up the good work!

  22. DJDragonkilla says:

    How can i download the file

  23. Steelvc says:

    I have three Computers each with a different Windows Operating System. Windows Vista, XP and 98se. I tested the emulator on all 3 systems with some playable DS Roms. On Windows Vista it’s was a little slow, on Windows XP is was very good, but when I tested it on Windows 98se I got an error MSVCR80.DLL is needed.
    Keep up the hard work and thanks for making the emulator better. It would be cool if the emulator can be play on all Operating System, but that’s up to you all. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  24. Lilith says:

    failure and errors depends maybe on game. I have tested Castlevania potrait of ruin, Digimon world, Final Fantasy on yoyo’s emulator, and on Castlevania and Final Fantasy which is high graphical detailed the emulator runs with low fps and broken 3D parts. Digimon world which is low graphical detailed runs good. the emultaor is stil on improvement. I think it’s good emulator in future.

  25. snkmad says:

    If you have problems or questions, this is not the place to post them.
    Instead go to forums.
    Cya there.

  26. Chaos says:

    Cheering! Although it is a little slow, I believe that you will make a perfect one!

  27. Destero says:

    I’m counting on you guys, keep up the good work.
    It would be cool if you could the speed though.
    Anyway, thumbs up.

  28. Tony says:

    can i spin the emu 90° right or left to play brainage?

  29. Robin says:

    To all lol newbs that says “It looks great but is slow and you need to make it playable”:

    It IS playable, get a new PC dammit stop whining

  30. Trevor says:

    heheheheh so u finnally updated the compatibility thing heheheheh ohwell :P

    take as much time as u need ;)

  31. cody says:

    for people havin errors did u make sure u uploaded source files in to the folder? might help worked for me.

  32. Neither says:

    I’m eager to try this emulator, but I’m getting a linking error in that the linker can’t resolve “init_GL_free_s”. Where -is- this function? I run Linux, by the way.

    (I initially got the same compilation errors that other people reported, but I think I got around them through some fiddling.)