DeSmuME v0.6.0 released!

This new version includes graphic enhancements and fixes:

  • added support for window, transparency and brightness
  • fixed sprites and background rendering bugs
  • added possibility to resize and rotate emulation windows

A new interface based on glade is now available and support for gzipped and zipped roms has been added.

92 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.6.0 released!”

  1. Ideasemu says:

    Gottcha :)

  2. Ideasemu says:

    Suggestions-before next release

    Shash, I’ve seen your wonderful work on the 3d, It would be nice if it could be commited in the 0.7.0. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes, I know your busy and don’t have much time, The longer it takes the better the next release will be :)

  3. shash says:

    It’ll comitted when it’s done.

  4. 香港玩家HK User says:

    can i use chinese to comment?
    我運作時模擬器運作太慢,我用的是2.8g cpu ,512mb ram,32mb顯示卡)
    the nds eum running slow ,the fps is 1to4 (on the screen top
    my computer is 2.8g cpu ,512mb ram,32mb dispaly card,does it is the problem of my computer?

  5. edgeboymax says:

    @ HK User: No, the emulator itself is slow.

    :D Great work. It even emulates the cutscenese in Megaman ZX now. Emulator speed itself needs more work, ’cause cutscenes like those are still greatly distorted and music still plays really slow.

    Nevertheless, its working great so far. ^_^ Keep it up, I look forward to 0.7.

  6. johnny says:

    on your next release could you please make it so you can play zip file right when you download them. please.

  7. Ideasemu says:

    I dunno If you should be asking that…

  8. chris says:

    ok everytime i try to extract i get a zlib.dll error message? ….anyone know what to do?

  9. 香港玩家HK User says:

    i will keep a eyes on !!
    don’t make us disappointed!!

  10. ImP0steR says:

    chris, extract what?

  11. chris says:

    the emulator i click on it and it says something about zlib1.dll was not found and it wont let me open it. im using winrar to open it should i use something else?

  12. Ideasemu says:

    Download zlib1.dll from amponzi’s website

  13. FooooX! says:

    Nice work. =D

    Keep it up, I look forward to 0.7 too.


  14. 180223 says:

    The only problem i can see with it is the frameskip and i hoped it will be raised higher in the next version.

  15. 青羊 says:

    excellent work!
    I can hardly believe your success on such a short time.
    I’m proud of you,and,I hope you can make the perfect edition soon.
    support you forever!

  16. Kiwi3000 says:

    Can anyone tell me if the next NDS-Emulator of “Desume” is able to play Castle Vania-Dawn of Sorrow? And I have one more question: Is anyone German? I don’t can speak English very well (My English Teacher is horrible…)

  17. igor says:

    very good

  18. SmirkZ says:

    Itz great, but its kinda slow. I just hope its faster in the next release.

  19. Believe it says:

    umm so when is the next release gonna be out. Speed is good in normmatt’s version. Maybe you could use the same coding for it but it didnt have save states. I think these combined would make games faster and better in display

  20. fred says:

    Hey i got not very high FPS how can i change that?
    in every game i get 3-6 frames per seconds that realy low

  21. michael says:

    if yo think desmume is slow yu can try config and than frame skip 0

  22. Daichi says:

    Great job guys!! the frameskip is a little slow but i can´t complain, i´m playing a NDS game XD, keep up the great work you´re doing

  23. Michierru says:

    Michael putting frameskip to 0 on v0.6.0 or v0.5.0 isnt gonna help Its of course the best frameskip to use yes i agree but its still gonna run slower than its suppose to v0.5.0 is better than .0.6.0. v0.5 is faster and more reliable but still slow and v0.6 is slower -.- but the only good thing about that is the resizing of the screen and ppl u might think its ure pc it aint just the emulator is to slow…i mean if they can get the speed fixed on these things to the right fps then itd be good to go and there’d be less bitching lol especially outa the hundreds of thousands posts i see of flamers yelling about Advance wars dual strike wanting it to work fully lol so funny..

  24. Trevor says:

    wow lots of complaints man i havent complain here in a long time =) I guess that is a blessing =)

  25. AnthonM says:

    If i use AMD64 Dual Core 2.6ghz or 3ghz will i have a perfect speed? will a geforce 8800 make a difference?

    Anyone knows? thanks in advance.

  26. colinchen(China) says:

    Great work!
    But it still run too slow.When I play ,its fps just have 6~7.
    I’d like you will improve in 0.70.
    Support you forever!

  27. su-oung says:

    It’s new version of DesmuMe !

    Nicktoons unite is working.

    But 3D screen is still black.

    I think DesmuME can’t read 3D grapic yet.

    I’ll wait until next version release.

  28. gio says:

    how do i download this? can u plz tell me?

  29. Erik says:

    Harvest Moon works almost perfectly only freezes sometimes its really starting to come along great work guys! :)

  30. Tahir says:

    Great version!I hope that in version 7.0 the graphics will have improved so that Desmume can show the sprites in Ranger.

  31. Phen says:

    Great emulator, I bid you to please continue and appease the masses! =)

  32. Michael says:

    Yes at least i was can play megaman zx but not for long snake and game have fatal error if you could do somethink with this on 7.0 i have arleady 100 person and all of them want only MEGAMAN ZX fully playable withous errors

  33. This is great but it’s very very slow. The older version (0.5.0) was faster but didn’t load as many games.

  34. HAHA says:

    I can’t test games on it like diamond or pearl,why??

  35. Ranma says:

    well its a very good version but the slow speed is VERY annoying and id love to be able to play ff3 any time soon

  36. edgeboymax says:

    @ Michael: Megaman ZX is already fully playable. I’ve finished it using v0.6.

  37. edgeboymax says:

    @ HAHA: Diamond or Pearl aren’t playable, that’s why. Wait til they are. There are features in Diamond and Pearl that aren’t supported by v0.6.

  38. fbi_2099 says:

    hello got the new release of DeSmuME and got problems trying to run Yu-Gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller on it, i keep getting a white screen. can any one help??

  39. dave says:

    pokemon ranger stil has graphic errors

  40. HAHA says:


    Ok :(
    Then i will wait till the features are playable….Does somebody know,when the version 0,7 or the version 1,0 will be released??
    Cause I have to write a report about the two versions for a magazine and I’ve only got 2weaks until the report has to be ready.Then I’ll delete the game,I’m not such a pokemon-fan.

    Does somebody speak GERMAN???I’m living in Germany so it would be easeier for me to speak :)

  41. sylvainulg says:

    just tried desmume 0.6.0 (freshly compiled) this afternoon. I’m happy to see that there’s CF support added and that there is a cflash.c file in the sources, but i don’t see anything to define what on my Linux system should be the flash card. Is that a windows-only feature atm?

  42. atyxias says:

    yooooo!this emulator really rocks! Although i am trying an emulator for the first time i would like to join my comment along with yours:} firstly i want to congratulate the creators for their splendit work and i hope they will keep on like this. having seen what an emulator is capable of doing i went crazy.i mean if you put it down and count the price of not just the hand held system but also the games you buy you will definetely be stunned to hear that just with a simple click in the download section you will find yourself with all of these free of charge!!!! LOL anyway thank you for your time and see you in the forum of the next release of our digital (GOD) :} overeacting? i dont thinc so!

  43. NAM says:

    Does the Metroid Prime Hunter play good on the v0.06 ?

  44. NAEM says:

    cant load the yu gi oh 2007?

  45. geekyguy says:

    More of advance wars works than other emulators, but the words dont work right. Darn slow

  46. geekyguy says:

    battlefield doesn’t show either

  47. 17v says:

    the old one woks faster and this one works slower…
    i’ll be waiting to see what you will do in the future

  48. rob187 says:

    great work shash, really looking forward to your next release, everyone appreciates the hard work being put into this, keep it up