DeSmuME v0.6.0 released!

This new version includes graphic enhancements and fixes:

  • added support for window, transparency and brightness
  • fixed sprites and background rendering bugs
  • added possibility to resize and rotate emulation windows

A new interface based on glade is now available and support for gzipped and zipped roms has been added.

92 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.6.0 released!”

  1. anirudh says:

    please help me i cannot figure out why the top screen turns blank
    and the players images does not to correct it send me a mail about this.

  2. Atem(PLS HELP) says:

    PLS i need help with emulator ?My emulator is working slow?Why

  3. MattMelfice says:

    why i can’t play game sprung???only top screen have images

  4. bilal says:

    nice work people keep it up pretty soon everything’ll work!

  5. fabtar says:

    Thanks a lot for this release! Brain Training of Dr.Kawashima is still not running here.Has anyone been sucessfull in running this game? Could you support this game in the next release please?

  6. CC says:

    I really hope to see more 3D support in the next one. Even games like Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney need it.

    It just keeps getting better and better…

  7. Andy says:

    I used the old version before and it is too slow. I think it is my computer problem. I would like to try this.

  8. isaac says:

    it’s really a good emulator though it ‘s really slow , i am looking forward to it , thx for the people who invent NDS emulator, thx a lot, good job, please keep working

  9. ?????? says:

    when i start a game, it tells me “could not erase data turn the power off and reinsert the gamecard”

  10. ancolfetser says:

    Aleluia A new version i´ve been sufering ith old versions for some time now and for a week that i´ve been using the new version but wats up with the speed????

  11. Trevor says:

    um i got windows vista upgrade and so far the sound does not work anymore and i cannot fix it

    error when creating secondary sound buffer : E_NOTIMPL the function called is not supported at this time so basically i can play it but no sound =(

  12. jaewoon says:

    i can’t english very well…
    anyway thank you !!well use it!!

  13. SJ PARK says:


    Can we use keyboard instead of mouse to input spells on touch screen? I mean that key “A” can be used instead of drawing “A” on touch screen area by means of mouse.

  14. Robert says:

    Trevor im haveing same problem with the windows vista the sound crash,and i want to know if anybody got to play pokemon pearl and diamond?? im getting a white screen

  15. shash says:

    No, Pokemon doesn’t work. And with the lastest WIP ( sound works in Vista.

  16. kouseki says:

    :D Good work~ Harvest moon works and I’m happy xD Perhaps in the next version, the ability to link to GBA games can be added? (or is that not possible?)

  17. biiboo says:

    the emulator never statrs up why is that?

  18. Yusuf Mustafa says:

    ok ive got DeSmuME v.0.6.0, im i right in assuming that still doesn’t play pokemon, if so is there an emulator that can or is DeSmuME going to make another version so we can play it?

  19. JCmonX says:

    now that Diamond and Pearl are out, i wish we can play them soon, hope also the version 7.0 will be faster and more compatible


  20. Cesar says:

    I dont know how to download this can anybody help me ?

  21. Bob says:

    Hey It said when i first opened the emulator that i need some program for the video to worK! but i pressed to no dl it! and now i don’t know where to find wht to get? what do I do?

  22. Yusuf Mustafa says:

    sorry i cant help you out there, try and contact DeSmuME.

    Does anybody know when V0.7.0 is out? ive got the Pokemon Diamond rom but i haven’t got anything to play it with?

  23. Trevor says:

    i have both of them but im lookin for a program that can work

  24. Trevor says:

    no one knows when it will be out but only time will tell =)

  25. Trevor says:

    yah pokemon diamond does not work with any of the desmume emulators here =(

  26. MattHunX says:

    edgeboymax said that Mega Man ZX is already fully playable and that he finished it with 0.6.0. GOOD FOR HIM! Because my DeSmuME 0.6.0. can’t play it properly.It’s slow.Bugs.I wanna play with it!!!It’s such a cool game!I didn’t play with it much just a few minutes with very slow speed, but I can already tell it’s awesome(I’ve played all of the previous games-> Mega Man ZERO 1,2,3,4, the X-Series).I hope 0.7.0. will be out soon.VERY SOON!

  27. Trevor says:

    u sound despirate which is kind of pathetic :P

    if u dont have patience then why bother?

  28. Meatloaf says:

    Lets all hope in 0.7.0 the emu wont be so slow, its quite hard playing Advance Wars duel Strike with only 2 frames per second.

  29. juan says:

    hope that the next release can play pokemon diamond…

  30. Trevor says:

    good point :)

  31. shash says:

    For those asking, Pokemon won’t play on next version, so stop asking.

  32. Trevor says:

    that stinks :(

  33. dan says:

    yeah it really does :(

  34. shash says:

    You’re free to fix the sources to make it run, if you really want it that badly.

  35. Trevor says:

    how can we do that???????????????

    anyways yu gi oh world ch 2007 does not work with desmume 6.0 because of a white screen

    u should update the compatibility for the new games and etc…

  36. Paponchia says:

    Great Work! Remember to buy the original game if you have the rom on the pc!! :D
    I hope to see progress!

  37. EuzIn says:

    Great, nice Emulator…=D

  38. i have the emulator desmume 6… and ive read that pokemon pearl and diamond dont work on it.. but surely that theres a way to make it work

    does anyone know if the newest desmume 7 emulator works with pokemon pearl and diamond

    i would reaaaaalllllyyy appreciate a reply

  39. shash says:

    Desmume 0.6.0 or 0.7.0 (or WIP/CVS builds, for that matter) don’t run pokemon, neither know when they will. No work has been done towards that, and personally I won’t even spend a single second debugging those games, as I’d prefer to avoid all the STUPID fanboyism associated to those two games.

  40. i see
    well im bored and trying to avoid work so do you have any good ideas for games that work on this emulator?

    oh woops i just read up and saw that shash said stop asking about pokemon.. sorry about that lol

    im not used to these weird chatroom thingies

  41. so shash do you make these emulators then?
    they are very clever and well done *round of applause

    do you use linux or windows or another type? i know it doesnt really have anything to do with the emulator but i was curious because linux has a wider amount of programming that you can see into and it appears more techinical but yet on windows you can play and programme more games..

  42. shash says:

    I use windows. Anyway, this is a post about 0.6.0, and 0.7.0 was already released, so closing comment addition to this post right now.