Stable Releases

Latest Stable Release: v0.9.11
Stable releases are designed to have consistent stability, performance, and usability. The latest stable release is the best choice for the vast majority of users.

Note for Windows users: DeSmuME depends on the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime DLLs. If you are unsure if these DLLs are already installed, download and run the following installer before running DeSmuME:
Download Prerequisite Installer

Other DeSmuME Releases

If you need an older release, or if you are a developer that requires a special development build, then you can download these and more at:

Nightly Builds

2016-07-14: We are currently experiencing issues with Orphis’ DeSmuME buildbot. Until the automated build service is restored, the DeSmuME team will be providing nightly builds. We cannot guarantee that every SVN revision will be provided, since we will have to create and upload the nightly builds manually. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our nightly builds include the latest and greatest features that the DeSmuME team is currently working on. The nightly builds are likely to have all sorts of bugs and regressions, and therefore have no guarantee about their stability, performance, or usability. Use nightly builds at your own risk!

If you do find a bug, then please report the issue at:

Automated Nightly Builds

DeSmuME user Orphis has provided an automated build service for creating nightly builds of DeSmuME. Windows 32-bit x86 and Windows 64-bit x86-64 binaries are available.

The automated nightly builds can be found at:

Official Nightly Builds

These nightly builds are provided by the DeSmuME team. However, note that these are not automated builds, and as such, we cannot guarantee the availability for every build revision.

DeSmuME X432R

The mysterious Japanese X432R fork also includes the ability to increase the internal 3D resolution like our own nightly builds, but the 3D resolution is limited only to 2x, 3x, or 4x the native size. However, X432R has some frontend features that may be useful for some users. It is available only for Windows 32-bit x86 and Windows 64-bit x86-64.

You can find DeSmuME X432R from here:

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