DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!

Yes, it’s been a while since the last release, but we haven’t been completely idle. There’s a brand new top shelf Cocoa frontend to make life far more pleasant for OSX users, and a host of compatibility fixes.

Head on over to the download page and check it out!

* edit (09-apr-2012) – the win32 binary was updated to remove the console window which was accidentally left enabled
* edit (18-apr-2012) – the win32 nosse2 binary was updated to fix it so that it was actually what it says it is
* edit (29-jul-2012) – the OSX version doesn’t work in mountain lion. youll get sound but no video. we’ll post an update here when we have a solution for you.

337 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!”

  1. richard says:

    hi, i know you have probably been suggested this a million times, but could you please try to implement direct 9 or above into desmume. :/ i know i have no right to ask this because im not programing or helping with the project in anyway, but there is something i REALLY want to try, but need directx to do. any consideration towards this would be much appreciated. anyway thanks for the update, it works amazingly!

  2. 12345 says:

    Many thanks for your hard work

  3. Bruce says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to disable my action replay codes. When I remove the code or press disable, the effect of the code remains and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

  4. Christian says:


  5. guest635 says:

    I want to know if someone can open viewmaps of desmume 0.9.8 because I can’t open it.
    I redownloaded it but still not working.

    I’m playing it on Windows 7 ultimate.

  6. ExtremeDude2 says:

    “there is something i REALLY want to try, but need directx to do.”

    3D? XD

  7. fabricio says:

    hey man could u add full screen in desmume because i love to play in full screen

  8. says:

    great job!thank a lot!

  9. adm says:

    Does the correction of the bug that cannot be read when nogood character (2byte) is included in the file name still do [de]?([ポ] etc.)

  10. Aman says:

    I have Desmume 0.9.8 and have been playing pokemon black on it and it works well.
    I played yesterday, saved my game (from the rom itself), and closed it. woke up to find that i had to start all over again, the game save was gone PLUS, i had action replay cheats added and they were gone as well. Why did this happen? what can I do so it doesn’t happen again?

  11. Dave says:

    Is there any way you can change the app so it runs off cocoa instead of X11. because i am using mountain lion and it will be released soon and many people will be downloading lion and this wont work becayse you need to have it running off cocoa. everything works except i can’t see it. i can hear it, click buttons, add codes. If you get a chance please fix this. Thank you

  12. Dave says:

    actually i am not sure what is in the new version that doesnt allow me to see the screen of the game. If you have any suggestions on how to get this to work please email me back at or respond here. I am currently running os x mountain lion



  14. Carlito says:

    Will there be some trade option, for trading pokemons? ^_^

  15. Happy says:

    Has a solution for the problem with Golden Sun DD sound been found yet.

    In comparison with the older version of DeSmuME, 0.9.8 plays GSDD much better and faster (there is even increase in speed when in battle) and i know that the speed of the game would increase in the future versions.

    But it seems that the audio problem with the game still existed. And to stop that problem i had to mute the #02 and #04 options in the “View Sound State” of the Tools. But because of that the menu selecting sound and a few other sounds in the game is also getting muted.

    I hope that this problem gets solved in 0.9.9 of DeSmuME and i would be able to play the GSDD game properly in it (like i was able to play the LoZ – PH properly without any problem)

    • zeromus says:

      happy: you have to use the windows desmume, where you can enable synchronous sound mode and advanced spu logic.
      lucifel: sorry, those builds are made by other people and cannot be supported here. we have no idea what theyve done. surely you can find other forums full of people talking about those builds.

  16. Lucifel11 says:

    Hello people,
    Already a good job the team Desmume, I’m French, but I would like to know when you will look at the option of the DS wifi. It’s still the option that makes the charm of this console. I know this is possible because I downloaded a Desmume 0.9.7 svn 3947 with optional wifi and it works, little trouble is that the backup Desmume 0.9.7 are read but freeze after, I tried everything to get even by following the tutorials in case I missed something, but nothing changed anything. I play pokemon black (not patched, but AR code) and even with the codes on the AR Desmume 0.9.7 svn 3947 Wifi, not the Pokemon n’xp. I think Desmume 0.9.7 svn 3947 Wifi was not done by your team. So at the same time I wonder if you could help me on this. I love Pokemon (despite my age) and I hate to cheat shot AR code for a particular pokemon, I like to trade and fight over the internet (the charm of Pokemon games).
    Otherwise again, you do a great job. I say goodbye, waiting for a response that could help me with my worries and especially, with great impatience, the wireless option on your Desmume. ^ ^

  17. meow says:

    How do you access the main menu in Pokemon Black/White 2? Start doesn’t work.

  18. Lucifel11 says:

    Zeromus: No problem, thank you. But regarding the wifi, do you work on it soon?

    • zeromus says:

      lucifel: no. it isnt a priority nor an interest of any of the real active developers.

  19. fabricio says:

    hey crazymax thanks for the help i also see that wins ds pro leaked a desmume 0.9.9 svn version

  20. Jaye808 says:

    When are you going to add the feature of actually being able to use wifi, because if the computer we are playing it on has accessible internet then the app itself should to, wouldn’t you agree?

    • zeromus says:

      jaye808, it should be possible after about 10000 hours of programming work. it will be added 10000 hours after someone decides to give up 10000 hours of their life.

  21. LT says:

    cant get bottom screen to function on poke black/white can anyone offer a suggestion?

  22. Dude says:

    can anyone help with pokemon black/white screen problem during gameplay you cannot access the game menu from the bottom screen the screen is blue with dark blue lines any suggestions would be appreciated

  23. ipwnijr says:

    is their anyway to trade on this new version????

  24. Alex says:

    What’s new in this new update?

  25. Gerardo says:

    Doesn’t work on OS X Mountain Lion!

    i can only hear the sounds of the game but nothing visual, only a white screen :L

    And i have a question, is there a way to change the save directory?? i want to change it to somewhere else, not Application Support. If there’s no way, it would be nice if you add a feature to let us change the directory.

    thanks :)

  26. Lucifel11 says:

    zeromus: ok never mind ^ ^

  27. rogerman says:

    Gerardo, there is no way to change the save directory from Application Support as of v0.9.8. This is a strongly requested feature and is likely to be present in the next release. I agree — it would be nice to change the directory to a synced directory (like iCloud or Dropbox) so that DeSmuME’s files can remain synced across multiple Macs!

    With regards to OS X Mountain Lion, it isn’t released yet, so it is not yet supported at this time. However, I am curious as to why the graphics don’t work, since they work great on Lion.

    Please make a post on our tech support forums about this issue. Be sure to include the name and serial code of the ROM (both can be found in the File > ROM Info menu option), as well as the OS build number. Thanks!

  28. richard says:

    actually yes. see i want to program a 3d function into the emulator itself, but that takes valuable time. (debbuging, adding different types, ect.) so i was going to try it out with Iz3d, just to see how most games looked in 3d (to see if it was worth it) but i need direct x to do.

    • zeromus says:

      richard, it wont work. desmume has to perform layer composition in software. after that point all depth information is lost.

  29. richard says:

    well that is certainly is bad news, but thanks for saving me some time.

  30. Rofl says:

    Ahaha @ pokemon menu start button questions

  31. Anon says:

    Can you include the nds firmware tool from the svn in the next release or make a separate release for it please

  32. Anon says:

    Its in the trunk/tools svn folder btw

  33. a says:

    wow, i have to say THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. really appreciate your hard work and the fact that it’s up for free, honestly not complaining about a single thing :) (especially a version for a small-ish niche market like apple macs)
    seems like so many people are continuously bombarding you with questions and/or complaints so have this well-earned compliment!
    please continue to be awesome! :)

  34. Gabro says:

    how can i speed up this new version? it goes so slowly!

  35. But Actually says:

    Hey, do you think you could add an automatic save feature in the next version of OSX Desmume? What I’m asking might be confusing, so heres an example: One can set an auto-save for every 1-5 minutes. You could also make an option whether to keep old save files or delete old ones as you make new saves. PLEASE make this a function, it would be a life-saver/throwing my laptop across the room saver in so many situations.


    But Actually.

  36. rogerman says:

    But Actually, thanks for the suggestion.

    The only way to implement such a feature is by using save states. However, the use of save states creates a number of technical hurdles to overcome, as well as requiring the design of a new user interface for managing the save states. While this would be a great feature to have, the amount of work it would require to implement is something that would push it past the next release. Most likely, this feature would be considered in the release after the next release.

  37. Dave says:

    hello, i have the new OS X mountain lion and the screen is white and the sound of the game is playing but i cant see it. Is there any way i can fix this. Also is there any info i can give you to help you fix this in the next release. I will be glad to help. Also i tried multiple roms and ll of them do the same thing.

  38. Karl says:

    it plays fine for about 5 mins for me…but then it starts spamming Print Screen windows asking me to “Print Screen As…” everytime i close one, another pops up….maybe its the game im playing, so i’ll try another one to see….

  39. Leon says:

    Hello guys, why we have in the desmume Linux version no action replay codes? I use to play the pokemon black version, but after every fight, my pokemon dont get a ep. in other versions like windows it gives patches, bhetter cheat modules. but why?

  40. marc says:

    hey guys nid help…..i have a problem regrading this coz when i play pokemon diamond it was very slow..

  41. SG says:

    I read in one of the first comments in here that you now can use AR on desmume for mac osx, but why doesn’t it work still then? Do i need to download some adds or? Somebody please help me.

    Yours Sincerely SG

  42. Nut says:

    Can DeSmuMe be run without being an admin?

  43. Cat says:

    any config or settings that might improve fps/speed? :3
    btw, awesome emulator :D

  44. DarkRoxas97 says:


  45. Jack says:

    Thanks DeSmuME! Keep up the good work! Hope you can add WiFi to it soon, would love to start battling and trading on Pokemon Black and White 2.

  46. Zhihu says:

    Play Devil Survivor 2 (on opengl/desmume 0.9.7) fine, but when I play it on opengl/desmume 0.9.8, I can hear the sound but the screen is black. Anyone have got the same problem?

  47. qitiiannian says:

    thanks so much! for this!

  48. Feanor says:

    nice work
    we require wifi though ;D

  49. mark says:

    can i do something abot the audio,it sounds kind of “broken”,or do i just have to put up with it?

  50. Curtis says:

    Cannot update my mac because the application is refusing to quit. It won’t eject. Nothing.