DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!

Yes, it’s been a while since the last release, but we haven’t been completely idle. There’s a brand new top shelf Cocoa frontend to make life far more pleasant for OSX users, and a host of compatibility fixes.

Head on over to the download page and check it out!

* edit (09-apr-2012) – the win32 binary was updated to remove the console window which was accidentally left enabled
* edit (18-apr-2012) – the win32 nosse2 binary was updated to fix it so that it was actually what it says it is
* edit (29-jul-2012) – the OSX version doesn’t work in mountain lion. youll get sound but no video. we’ll post an update here when we have a solution for you.

337 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!”

  1. iSubaru says:

    Thank You very much zeromus for Your reply

    Hmm commandline, I like to mess there a lot. However I don’t have clue at the moment how to mess with vfat. I don’t want to make spam about that in comments so maybe there is some place on wiki or something that I can find some information? I don’t want to take Your time on explaining me part by part this ^_^”

    Sorry for trouble
    Best regards and have a nice day


  2. Lan21x says:

    thanks so much! for this!

  3. Mattk says:

    What is the difference with Desmume SVR r4256?

  4. Lan21x says:

    can 3ds roms work here? just curious :D

  5. don says:

    why can’t i save a game? or game state?
    its grayed out

  6. JJ says:

    OMG! It has been too long! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I was making a bet to myself which will first release a new version: Desmume or Dosbox.

    Desmume wins!

  7. Public_Enemy says:

    I own a DS Lite and I donated my Ds Phat to someone who cant afford it. I have to say that I enjoy playing all of my DS games on this emulator on my laptop at 60 fps much more than playing on my actual handheld. I love this emulator and thank you for working on it.

  8. Nut says:

    Will DeSmuMe be eventually release with Metro UI for Windows 8?

  9. Nut says:

    Zeromus, thanks for the reply!

  10. qwerty says:

    When you try to load the rom it will ask for a .ds.gba file and not a .ds or .gba file so it won’t load gba for me.

    • zeromus says:

      qwerty, this is not a gba emulator. go download vba or nocash.
      lan21x, can you check whether the question was asked already in this thread?

  11. Tsaukpaetra says:

    It would be entirely unpractical to have a metro ui, not to mention you would have to recode the entire thing in .Net as well :(

  12. Lan21x says:

    Zeromus, will desemume eventually go emulating 3ds?

  13. Lan21x says:

    oh right sorry bout that :3 thanks for telling me to check :D btw it works great! > <

  14. Ark says:

    Thanks for the release guys. But I’m noticing something odd with the emulator, I’m experiencing static sounds that wasn’t in the previous version. Is there a way to fix this?

  15. flamekyzer12 says:

    thanks,but there is a problem,it has a good graphics and running smooth but slow emulation, the sound is slow. hope u fix that :)

    im running windows 7 ultimate…

  16. Ian says:

    Can anyone help me with this?

    I’ve got a game going on Mac desmume that I want to run on PC desmume with the same save. How could I do this? I’m running a Windows VM, and when I open up the program on from my Mac folder, the save doesn’t work.

  17. rogerman says:

    Ian, files for DeSmuME should be compatible across all platforms.

    Open, then choose the Tools > Show Game Data Folder in Finder menu option. In the 0.9.8 folder, you will see all of the folders that DeSmuME uses to store its files.

    If you want to transfer a ROM save to DeSmuME for Windows, open the Battery folder on your Mac, and copy the ROM save file to the corresponding Battery folder on Windows. The same process can be used to transfer cheat files and save state files to Windows by copying files across their corresponding folders.

  18. Ian says:

    Thanks a bunch, rogerman!!!

  19. Adam says:

    I cant find out how to run it….theres no button called DeSmume and I cant findwhat to click to get it going….

  20. Specifically for Adam says:

    @Adam, please do not have children.

    Thank you,


  21. Nut says:

    Adam, what operating system are you using? Also did you download the correct version for your platform?

  22. Manu says:

    YEAH, finally :D
    I’ve been waiting so long =D

  23. Manu says:

    I love it that you finally made an HQ4x Filter <3
    I always hated that there was no 4x filter :)

    And I also have a request for the next version:
    you can select interface languages for france, italy, spain and others, but not for germany :(
    could you implement that? (it's not that I can't speak/read english but I feel discriminated :s)

  24. Nidmantis says:

    You people are awesome!

  25. chris says:

    When I click on download it goes to source forge and doesnt stop loading it just keeps spinning, also I had this version on my other computer but when I coppied it to here it didnt work

  26. h27 says:

    Will there be a wifi version of the current emulator?

  27. Defry says:

    love this emulator, but one question… can it run crys…
    lol jk, but really.
    my main question is, will you guys make an android version? i know u guys are epic when it comes to emulation, and all other emulators for android are so slow! going from x86 to ARM would be difficult for you guys… but if microsoft can do it, you guys can!

  28. Lan21x says:

    H27 asked a really good question :)) which made me wonder too.. if there would be a wifi version would you include guides how to use it? :D

  29. LadyJane says:

    Guys can I use now the GBA slot in 0.9.8?

    HELP please

  30. IplayHPC says:

    Thank you!

  31. DeS Fan says:

    Wow didnt expect this coming :d cant wait for 0.9.9 now or a 1.0 release :o
    (using des from 0.9.4, i love this emu)

  32. javier says:

    What about wifi on this emulator???

  33. ooi says:

    thousands of thanks ^^

  34. BLAKE says:

    hey i was just wandering this is my first time trying this stuff, andy i downloaded the mac version, and was trying to play pokemon soul silver, and it works fine, until about 10 mins in the game, where it will just randomly start having problems, like me not being able to move, or when i try to go into a building the screen will just stay black, or when i go into a battle the music play’s but my dude is just sitting there frozen in the grass… can someone please tell me how to get rid of this thank you

  35. BLAKE says:

    also i have a macbook air if that helps at all…

  36. Nut says:

    I think that is relating to the anti-piracy feature in Soul Silver, not the emulator.

  37. ExtremeDude2 says:

    I believe you need a cheat code to fix it.

  38. Keil says:

    Thank you so much you just made it possible to play on a mac now thank you so much theres cheats and all kinds of good stuff it runs so smooth now and hasnt crashed yet thank you so much

  39. Daniel says:

    Just compiled it on x64 gentoo. So far, its about 10fps faster! Just awesome guys, thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to this project. Still hoping for Action Replay, but oh well. Its absence just tells me not to cheat lol. Keep up the good work guys.

  40. joseph says:

    awsome emulator, thanks for your work!!!!!!

  41. anon says:

    This project keeps getting more and more impressive! it’s not just my fav emu, it’s my favorite emulator period.
    I know you hate reading these kind of comments, but there’s still that flickering issue with some games, even the ones that don’t appear to be using 3d on both screens to fix.
    Wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the flickering wasn’t so inconsistent on my pc even at full 60fps with vsync on and no frameskip…
    What about adding motion blur (or interframe bleeding) as a workaround to that?
    Just my stupid non-informed 2 cents.

    The Emulator looks great, awesome work everybody. The TAS features like speeding up, frame advancing, rewinding and ram searching make this even better, possibly the best retro emulator out there that I know of.
    Just wanted to say: Thanks!

  42. UnisonGamerz says:

    Thanks for updating the new Desmume version. I just love the way of your development on these nds emulator. Thanks again :D

  43. Big E says:

    Oh crap, I completely forgot i posted here.

    The sections i was referring to, were parts of games. For instance, Infinite Space, you could navigate the title menu, and some of the menu’s when you were docked, but during travel between ports, you couldn’t select anything, nor could you during fights. I had to load a firmware file to make it work, which I didn’t need to do on 0.9.7. Calibration would also be off on some games and would also need the firmware for the mouse to be accurate on the touch screen emulation, something else that didn’t creep up on 0.9.7

    I also noticed an increase in graphical glitches from 0.9.7. For more 3Dish games in particular. Only thing that seemed to fix it was Advanced Bus Timing, which was odd since i never needed to use it before. i haven’t noticed anything else, just those 2 things.

    • zeromus says:

      those dont sound like flickering issues. its possible for there to be new touch screen positioning bugs in 0.9.8 but this is the first i’ve heard of it. youll have to be more detailed about “increase in graphical glitches”. i dont think theres an increase in graphical glitches or else we wouldnt have released it. if “graphical glitches” means entire screens flickering, in dual 3d games, which is about the only thing the timing could affect, then youll still have to answer the original question: which games? also note that flickering may always happen if youre skipping frames, and changing the timing will change your emulation speed will change the frame skipping will change the flickering.

  44. Lila says:

    I have problem with packed Desmume in Winrar.It doesn’t unpack Desmume :<

  45. NoobGuy says:


    Who can Help me how to use the GBA SLOT in 0.9.8 please help me
    I’m playing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl PLEASE HELP


    e-mail me in


  46. jing says:


    almost flawless
    i know i’m a noob to this but can desmume 0.98 do wifi like 0.97 if it can, could you tell me?

  47. DeSFan says:

    Hmm can you explain in a noob friendly way what is the dif between this release and Jit releases?
    JIT Releases have new features or what?
    Thanx from a pc noob