DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!

Yes, it’s been a while since the last release, but we haven’t been completely idle. There’s a brand new top shelf Cocoa frontend to make life far more pleasant for OSX users, and a host of compatibility fixes.

Head on over to the download page and check it out!

* edit (09-apr-2012) – the win32 binary was updated to remove the console window which was accidentally left enabled
* edit (18-apr-2012) – the win32 nosse2 binary was updated to fix it so that it was actually what it says it is
* edit (29-jul-2012) – the OSX version doesn’t work in mountain lion. youll get sound but no video. we’ll post an update here when we have a solution for you.

337 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.8 released!”

  1. Tyrael_Kane says:

    This is great and thank you for all your hard work for this release!

    May I ask on what revision this is based from? 4243 or 4244?

    Again, thanks!

  2. NinFan~ says:

    Well I’ve already got this version yesterday by svn :P

  3. AsPika2219 says:

    Thanks for update!!! :D

  4. Dex says:

    Thanks for the update! and keep up the good work! :D

    Finally you guys allowed AR codes in the mac version, I love you more than ever for this :D and the new thing at the top is great!

    Thanks again guys! :D

  5. CAstle says:

    Thank you! Very great. Best NDS emulator for PC.

  6. ScoobyDoo85 says:

    what compatibility fixes ??????????

  7. nein says:

    many thanks!

  8. Thanks for this update!!!! ;)

  9. Kimbo says:

    tanks for this emulator but he must is very slow, is necesary otpimizing.

  10. Ian says:

    i know i must sound like a bit of an idiot but…… iv just downloaded the mac versdion but… how can you change controls for the emulator as im struggling to find where each button is….. at the minute iv found that “backspace” pauses the emulator and “enter” is start….. other than that im clueless….

  11. ElityZero says:

    passei por aqui, hehehehhehehe, thanks for this work perfect^^

  12. Gerard says:

    Many thanks for the update, your hard work is really appreciated, congrratulations!

  13. dominique says:

    Merci beaucoup – a mac user -

  14. the_randomizer says:

    Wow! Holy schnikes! Keep up the good work!

  15. rogerman says:

    Ian, refer to README.MAC for the key bindings. You can also change the key bindings by choosing the DeSmuME > Preferences menu option.

  16. zeromus says:

    Tyrael_Kane, there is no difference between those revisions. Check the svn log. All we did is checkin a reference manual for the cpu.

    ScoobyDoo, check the changelog, but it wont say if any game in particular is fixed. Youll have to test it yourself.

  17. the_randomizer says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, is there a way to compile a version for x64 CPUs for a slight speed boost?

  18. Nut says:

    Thanks very much for this release! I’ve been waiting for this for a year!

  19. DefenseJAZERSHIVA says:


  20. ExtremeDude2 says:

    @the_randomizer there is one >.>

  21. Shiden says:

    Is there any way I can use DeSmuME with the console window enabled? Can’t you guys add an option to disable / enable it whenever we want? :(

    • CrazyMax says:

      Shiden, add to desmume.ini in [Display] section “Show Console=x”, where x – 0 disable, 1 enable console window.

  22. hunter says:

    When/is their a way to get WiFi working with this version?

  23. Gunman says:

    Oh yeah! I can finally play games like Super Mario 64 perfectly!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  24. Zerrot says:

    Thanks for update!! hope the speed improved more the next version XD

  25. SKyWard says:

    i have looking for desmume 0.9.8 everyday…But today !! thanks!! :)

  26. ev0lut10n says:

    PLEASE I NEED HELP. Any game i try to play laggs. For te first 3 min. it’s ok then suddenly it starts lagging. How can I fix it Plaese?

  27. Gilga says:

    Great work Dev Team !
    Better compatibility, less bugs, slightly faster.
    You’d think there’d be a negative.

    Cheers !

  28. krazix says:

    great to see that it is still alive

  29. Ian says:

    On Mac the new one seems to be laggy. Is there a way I can fix that?
    If not, is there a way to un-migrate the files from the new Desmume?

  30. Kimbo says:

    evolut1on, like i sad before, this emu is slow, is neded otpmization.

  31. rogerman says:

    Ian, you’ll need to provide more details about your issue. According to our testing, as of v0.9.8, the Mac port now performs nearly as well as the Windows port. A lot of efforts were made to make this reality.

    Please post a more detailed description of your issue in our Support forum. You should refer to README.MAC for some guidelines before posting, since this will ensure the fastest response from us.

  32. Ian says:

    The video is fine once I disabled the frame skipping, but the sound is kind of jumpy.

  33. besson3c says:

    Wonderful release!

    Is what the FAQ says about the missing microphone support in OS X still true?

  34. Paulo says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at last i was waiting, we thank your hard work! i have a suggestion:

    do you can make what the emu show two windows to play with my sister? please!?

  35. Big E says:

    Thanks guys, I use desmume for my ar code hacking and every release helps me out. Great work!

  36. Big E says:

    Btw, I just noticed that with one of my ROM’s, that in some sections I was unable to use the mouse as a stylus when I was previously able to in 0.9.7. Selecting a firmware under emulation options fixed the problem, but i just found it strange. Pretty sure it’s a bug, but at least is fixable, or so it seems for the time being.

  37. RafaMuriali says:

    wow, thanks man, great work, i wish you still working on this amazing emulator. your emulator is the best NDS emulator, the sound is great, everything is great, better than no$gba, wich, i think, is abandoned

  38. daibouzu says:

    0.9.8 for MAC is MUCH better! Faster, more compatible, better GUI, more options, and the turbo 2X button is a great addition for the MAC version.

    Question: Can we use controllers for the MAC version? PS3 bluetooth?
    Thank you~

  39. rogerman says:

    daibouzu, yes, you can use any USB or Bluetooth controller that is HID-compliant for DeSmuME for Mac. Also, the PS3 controller is supported in Bluetooth and USB modes on OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or later. However, if you are running OS X v10.5 Leopard, then the PS3 controller can only run in USB mode.

  40. lordoflowlands says:

    for some reason the sound is really staticky at some points and there are some weird blur effects and jumpy frames in videos. anyone else having these problems?

  41. daibouzu says:

    rogerman: Thank you! Yes it works! I’m so happy I can use my PS3 controller now, my hands were getting tired always on the keyboard ;P Thanks again!!

  42. iSubaru says:

    I’m very happy that next version of Desmume came out. However after quick comparision between Windows and Linux versions I feel…bad. Linux version has no such things like selecting audio output which would be useful here, there is no vfat stuff mentioned in the changelog as “general” no Windows-only, sound is still laggy on GTK version (and on simple homebrew to add) however Glade version does it 99-100% good…however 0.9.7 version did it that much already. In other words I feel no real change between 0.9.7 and 0.9.8 on Linux version. I hope at least Windows version can utilize FAT functions for homebrew games…
    I may sound harsh, sorry for that but in fact I like that project, it overcame greedy no$gba and is still going ahead instead of focussing on “pay donation or scram”
    I hope there will be more support for Linux version, in my opinion sound output and vfat stuff would be most priority but of course You developers has last word in there.

    Best regards and have a nice day


  43. SofaKingAC says:

    Very nice update. I’ve got one question: When recording a movie, is there any way to start recording from the current frame/state instead of having to reset?

    • zeromus says:

      sofaking, no way to record from state. only from SRAM
      guest86, desmume will never emulate 3ds. i dont know what happened to your comment, maybe it was confused with spam. theres a lot of spam.

  44. uu says:

    Thanks for your talent

  45. Pokefan999 says:


    Just want to say you did a fantastic job.

  46. guest86 says:

    Dear admin,

    What happened to my comment was deleted? I want to know what wrong with you?

    Are you going to add 3DS support on this emulator in near future? I want to hear from you, please.

  47. Daniel says:

    Best update ever! games run much faster, no more crashes and love the new features!! keep up the awesome work guys!

  48. guest86 says:

    Ok no problems. It really strange happened. Maybe cause by bot or robot to delete auto on any people’s comment and think it spam. Oh well.

    I really love your emulator a lot. Keep it up. Take care.

  49. SofaKingAC says:

    I see. Thanks for the answer. I guess you could consider this a feature request for a future release, then.