DeSmuME 0.9.7 released!

These bits may seem a bit stale to those of you who have been watching our SVN, as they were made in November 2010. Sorry it took so long to get released. A lot of testing and laziness were involved.

This version brings with it the usual assortment of core, graphics, and frontend fixes. Compatibility improvements are numerous, but there is a long way to go still.

Please note that a super OSX buildmaster would be a welcome addition to our team, as it is not really our area of expertise and continually gets short-changed due to lack of attention…

* edit (04-feb-2011) – the NOSSE2 build is posted
* edit (06-feb-2011) – the NOSSE2 build is re-posted since the previous one was a total fail.
* edit (30-apr-2011) – the OSX build is posted

262 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.7 released!”

  1. shiNsei says:

    Oh, nice. been waiting for it, thanks!

  2. Kodev says:

    Looking forward to the OS X build. Good work and thanks guys; it runs great under bootcamp.

  3. alucard says:

    thank you very much.

  4. imamera says:


  5. GatoSoft S.A. says:

    Long time I don’t see any news of your great emulator.
    Thanks for this surprising and great update! ^_^

  6. booger says:

    Just wanted to say thanks and you all do awesome work :)

  7. Jm says:

    The correction of trouble to which the file using “[ポ]” of a Japanese name cannot be read is [madadesuka].

  8. bastek says:

    nobody expected

  9. yuno says:

    thak you

  10. William says:

    1 great! WOW! Thank you so much! Good work. Really hope that this emulator is faster now.

  11. Gerard says:

    Thank you very much for your great work, really appreciate it.

  12. Arshes91 says:

    THANK you my friend, you working harder but thanks a lot of for this ^^

  13. bebatuan says:

    thank you so much … I’ve visited this site almost everyday. really thankful.

  14. beyond9 says:

    thank you very much! happy chinese new year! lol

  15. спасибо огромное!

  16. Kilrha says:

    Thanks for the new release!

    1 question: Do 9.6 saves work with 9.7? Both for savestates and actual saves.

  17. Mau says:

    @Kirlha: yes, they work :D

    Thanks a lot!

  18. bakestrange says:

    I played Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey with this new version and it always crashes every time I open game’s menu. Can u fix it?

  19. MadaraPeinKyuuby says:

    does desmume 0.9.7. include the 3d viewer ?

  20. Dee says:

    I noticed that text bubbles in Wario: Master of Disguise don’t show up at all.

  21. zeromus says:

    we have a bug board and a bug tracker on sourceforge. bug reports in this comments thread are going to be ignored.

  22. dodadipie says:

    ow do you get all of your data from DeSmuME0.9.6 to this one?

  23. Did says:

    Excellent work! Works fine on openSUSE 11.3 x86_64.
    Thank you very much. Continue like this!

  24. Nut says:

    Thanks for this release, it’s a nice New Year gift(but a bit late!)

  25. WOW !!! Thanks guys it’s really a surprise update.

  26. don’t worry about non sse2 users ( it’s about time they upgraded ;) )
    i mean come on even i’ve upgraded to an i7 920
    so get your wallets out :)

  27. Andres says:

    Thank you is the best emulator

  28. Carlos says:

    ¡Muchas gracias! :)

    Thanks so much!

  29. HikariKyuubi says:

    Dunno about a bug, but it always crashes on game load (any game) for me. X64 version. 0.9.6 works fine, though :S

  30. Juan Otero says:

    Great emulator!!!. Thanks for your time XD

  31. Azfar says:

    Thanks much…
    You`re all great!!!

  32. codebreaker says:

    This is awesome!!!! it runs close to 100% :D just edit some settings and it will be fast! but best of all, it saves!!!

  33. Nut says:

    I agree…we should dropped support for non-sse2 users…they need to upgrade…even me I bought an Intel Core2Duo E4600.

  34. jdon says:

    Hey, i’ve been using this for Pokemon HG/SS and I am impressed with how it runs, especially during the Pokathelon. I have heard rumors aboue trading capabilities with this, whether with wi-fi or linking on a pc. Is this possible, and if so, how can I go about doing it?

  35. Freestate says:

    Please! add a fullscreen support,like the extra options that no$gba with zoomer.
    Almost emulators had a fullscreen mode,some tech difficulties to add?
    Please,don´t be angry it´s only a suggestion

  36. darth says:

    Hey all, can anyone compile the mac version and post it here?

  37. Shakir says:

    Beautiful commitment and work guys… keep it up! There is no better emu than DeSmuME for the DS and this is coming wholeheartedly
    Is this faster than the prev version?

  38. Some Mac Guy says:

    Hey, I’ve been compiling your SVN versions with GTK on my Mac for months now. If you need help, maybe I can be of some assistance. I left my email in the mail field — feel free to contact me.

  39. CrazyMax says:

    Freestate, press Alt+Enter

  40. jellyfish says:

    I can’t help but notice that the new version’s executable is considerably larger than the 0.9.6′s executable
    Why is that @@

  41. I_love_3DS says:

    DesMuME 0.9.7 noSSE2 crashes instantly on a PC with an AthlonXP CPU :(

    The previous nonSSE2 version (0.9.6) worked fine. What a shame.

  42. hailstorm says:

    Thanks for Desmume 0.9.7. We waited for quite a while, but the wait was worth it.

    I’m happy to announce that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is much more playable now with this new version. Audio / 3D rendering is still a little choppy in some places e.g. Djinni summoning, but it’s much improved now compared to 0.9.6.

    Save state works well too. Just a little suggestion: on the menu save, state slots should be in the order 0 to 9, to match the on-screen save state UI display. Currently, the menu has slot 1 at the top, and slot 0 at the bottom.

    Here’s to a great 0.9.8 release in 2011.

    And when you reach the milestone 1.0.0 release, congratulate yourselves again. For you have come a long way.

  43. AryaNusa says:

    Is DeSmuME 0.9.7 can play Dragon Ball Kai – Ultimate Butouden very well??

    Cause in DeSmuME 0.9.6 crashed if playing it…

  44. zeromus says:

    Some Mac Guy – please visit us on IRC. this is a necessary step to ensure that we don’t waste time with hit and run helpers. it is also the only way that any real desmume organizational deliberation happens.

    jellyfish – because i messed up and forgot to UPX it.

    I_love_3ds – youre right, I think i messed up making that build. I’ll post another one. It’s hard to test since all the computers I’ve ever had access to that are that old have become spider nests or boat anchors by now.

    hailstorm – that is an interesting observation. I think we will change the on-screen display to go from 1,2..9,0 to match the F-keys on the keyboard. what is your response to that?

    AryaNusa – would it hurt you very much to try it and see?

  45. kile says:

    Is heartgold not crashing now? 0.9.6 still had crashes after third badge

  46. cartman says:

    Respect My Authority!