DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!

Christmas is getting nearer and still haven’t found any gift ideas?
Don’t worry anymore, here’s the perfect present : a new DeSmuME release!

0.9.5 introduces an entirely rewritten main emulation loop
This totally changes the timing, and totally breaks old savestates.
The OSX build is now based on the GTK port which is more up-to-date.

Assorted Highlights:

  • synchronous SPU mode to fix streaming sounds
  • win32: lua engine, path configuration, 7z dearchiving support

If you want to know more, you can read the complete press release.

394 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.5 released!”

  1. mike says:

    0.9.4 runs better than 0.9.5, as does the compiled SVN version. Why is that?

  2. Leo83 says:

    Cool.. finally new release… goodness gracias…

  3. zeromus says:

    mike, i guess we just picked a bad day to release.

  4. Max G says:

    I think most of people here already realize that this version does not run better…. no, this version run better than the last one IF you have powerful pc. 0.9.5 consume more processor power than 0.9.4 version. The most important thing is it able to play a lot more games than the last one. resident evil deadly silence with no character in the game…or the character is actually at the back layer of the enviroment?

  5. N2039 says:

    I agree. This version runs much better than the previous version. Those people that says that this version runs worst because they’re PCs is not good enough to handle it. In my Pokemon Heart Gold, I got the highest FPS of around 60 and lowest around 57 or 58 which is very fast already. Keep up your amazing work!

  6. BlackMoon says:

    Emm, there is 5 choice at the download link, which one should i choose ?

  7. BlackMoon says:

    I got it now, thanks^^ for the emulator

  8. DottorLeo says:

    @shash: i’ve checked on the lastest SVNs for Phoenix Wright the wallet part and works fine like in the video.

  9. hasheesh says:

    Anyone know how to fix this bug

    Windows- No Disk

    exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c

    I get it when i load a game to my 9.5 (i was using Pokemon Pearl and Zelda Hourglass)

  10. i2Dvision says:

    I love this emulator!!!

    Although the Pokemon games run too slow to play with enjoyment, I still am grateful that there is even an osx build.

    Ill just wait for the time being until the version improves or i finally get a windows cd and use bootcamp :P

  11. i2Dvision says:

    oh incase u dont know by reading my comment i am a mac user

  12. someone says:

    Is there some sort of speedup or turbo ? I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates having to watch videos or wait through enemies’ ridiculously long attacks? I see some things in the hotkey configuration, but none of them seem to do what I’m trying to do.

  13. zeromus says:

    someone, hold down tab. thats the best you can do, if youve already followed the suggestions in the faq for speeding things up.
    hasheesh, thats not our problem. consult a windows support group. dont use removable disks, or run directly from zipfiles, but rather work in a directory on your hard disk.

  14. Annalena says:

    Hi, i have a problem!
    I downloaded DeSmuME 0.9.5 on Windows XP an clicked on DeSmuME.exe, but nothing happens :-( Not even any windows appears!
    What can I do?

  15. Sillica says:

    The OSX version may have gone uglier, but it plays SO MUCH BETTER!!

  16. msrm says:

    Nice nice.. compared to older versions, this is breakthrough.
    But, it’s still far from being perfect. Same no$gba performance wise is far more superior than DSME0.9.5. Hope it’s not for long and open source community will speed things up little ;)

    Waiting with impatience for next release.

  17. Syafiq says:

    the most important update to me is th customizable screen layout :D

    thank you vry much!!

  18. N2039 says:

    I think desmume was the only DS emulator that still updating! because I think ideas had stop updating since I hear no news from Keep up your good work! You are the only hope of the good DS emulator!

  19. Bárbara says:

    hello! i’ve got a problem with this emulator… i’ve downloaded this and the 0.9.4 version and tried to use action replay codes on both, but it just don’t work! i’m emullating Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.
    The most intrigant thing about it it’s that i’ve had sucess on this before… but got troubles and my pc was formated. could you guys help me?


  20. LM says:


    I got this new 0.9.5 version.
    And I played several roms. They al work!:)
    But…. It run slow not at the speed it should be.
    I have a Core2duo t8100 2.1 ghz with 4gb
    Windows vista 32 bit version.
    I saw some people runnin it at normal speed on youtube.
    Can someone help me out please?



  21. Syafiq says:

    i have only a few nintendo ds games, and they are all working out fine with desmume (except Pokemon Platinum; it’s slow, but i don’t play it on pc), so i don’t have any performance complain.

    but i do have suggestions for 0.9.6:

    - Separate windows sizing (separate sizing for top screen and bottom screen) like in no@zoomer for no$gba
    - unique settings for different games

    thank you and please keep updating this excellent emulator, you’ve all done a great job ^_^

  22. Hookee says:

    Please create .deb file :D Very good job. Go go realase next better version ^^

  23. zeromus says:

    LM your system does not meet the recommended specs. Why do you think it should run at full speed? The folks running it at normal speed may have a 2x faster cpu than you. Also they may have recorded an AVI at lower speed which plays back at full speed.

  24. Jame says:

    The OS X version is pretty redundant now. Not only is it ugly as hell and completely “un-native” it still runs worse than No$GBA running through pretty much any version of Wine

  25. someone says:

    Is it possible for desmume to take better advantage of multi-core processors or perhaps things like OpenCL?

  26. zeromus says:

    Sure, it is. Are you volunteering to do the work?

  27. JayeR says:

    a fan here.. :) just wanted to ask why kingdom hearts 358/2 days runs a bit slow.. is there a way that it can speed up? or it can’t run this game in normal speed yet? i’m just asking because i am trying to play this game right now but it is slow. what can i do to make it play faster.

    i am not complaining or anything. I’m just asking if anything can be done.. :) because the other games that I’m playing are going smoothely. :) please help.. :) thanks.. :)

  28. LM says:

    Zeromus, can you play desmume at full speed at your comp,
    With roms if you know what i mean;)

  29. jerem says:

    how configure one it wifi?

  30. Felipe says:

    just a question, why desmume spends 47.368 KB of RAM while opened without running any game, just opened while no$gba spends only 7.940 KB?

  31. zeromus says:

    because nobody really cares how much memory desmume uses when it runs, so long as it is reasonable, and 40MB or so is reasonable.

  32. Felipe says:

    i see, just thought it was strange a program consuming so much whitout doing anything, the majority of the programs arent like that, thanks for the answer zeromus. :)

  33. shash says:

    Felipe: Most of the programs I use every day consume from 2x to 10x that, MINIMUM.

  34. zeromus says:

    I can give you a more satisfying answer. You can allocate memory ahead of time, or you can allocate it when you need it. If you allocate it when you need it, it slows things down. Now, which would you have me do?

  35. hang says:


  36. fsha says:

    If you want you speed up desmume press the + Button on your keyboard every time you press it increase your speed by a small amount.

  37. Felipe says:

    shash: you use programs like autocad, maya and stuff? :P

    zeromus: do as you please, i was curious because of the difference of size between desmume and no$gba, while running a game too desmume spends 116 MB RAM while no$gba spends 80 MB RAM, just curious, it could be a bug, need for optimization or not. ;)

  38. shash says:

    Felipe: Visual Studio, maya, 3dsmax, and other that are worse :P Any way, on current PCs, a difference of 30MB it’s not something any developer cares much, more keeping in mind that this is developed on free time as a hobby.

  39. Felipe says:

    “Felipe: Visual Studio, maya, 3dsmax, and other that are worse Any way, on current PCs, a difference of 30MB it’s not something any developer cares much”

    shash: i see, just as i thought. ;)

    “more keeping in mind that this is developed on free time as a hobby.”

    shash: believe me, i know that. ;)

  40. lucas says:

    I here that my desmume 9.5 will not start the screens are yellow with a catch in right and that takes 9.4 .-.

  41. schnipzzel says:

    thanks for that :) works very great with Zelda Spirit Tracks and New Mario Brothers. only thing thats not working for me are the “RT” and “LT” at my xbox360 controller

  42. Personman says:

    I think there’s a problem with the OSX version. I downloaded it and it just doesn’t won’t open; the system just doesn’t recognize it as a program. I’m running Mac OSX Tiger. [OSX 1.4]

  43. N2039 says:

    With V0.9.5, Fast forwarding key and frameskip 5 I get up to 73-74 FPS!

  44. N2039 says:

    Oops to dubble post, but just to make it clear on my previous comment, I ment that fast forwarding key + frameskiping 5 makes me got up to 73-74 FPS. DeSmuMe is getting better and faster for me! Hope next version I can achieve 80 or 100 FPS!

  45. DaVince says:

    Looking at all the posts, I can’t help but think “Grumpy Coders Make Awesome Software”. :P Then again, not everyone seems to be asking intelligent questions.

    Keep up the great work.

  46. N2039 says:

    Why doesn’t the “Force as Curren” option exists in 0.9.5? In the changelog file it says that this option is included. Please can you add this option in the RR build or 0.9.6?

  47. K says:

    how do i save it? like i am playing the world ends with you and i click save in slot one, close the program, come back later and it will not load. please reply

  48. z says:

    N2039, why do you need it? Load your savestate in 0.9.4-rr and use force as current in that version, then copy your savefile to 0.9.5

  49. N2039 says:

    Z: Thanks! If I ever have problem with my saves, I can transfer my Pokemon saves to 0.9.4+RR to fix it, then transfer it back to 0.9.5. But, does 0.9.4+RR be able to lode an 0.9.5 savestates? Because on the FAQ, it says that it can lode only 0.9.4 savestate, and the steps to solve the problem involved loding savestate too.

  50. console says:

    Dear DeSmuME teams,

    Please can you add mic for right button on mouse to blow/horn to make loud without add mic to our computer. I think it should be great for us.

    Like on Zelda, Yoshi and some other games.

    Please can you add mic for right button on mouse? Please do it! I want see your news release next new version like DeSmuME 0.9.6 and newer!!! People should get more happy for issues to get fixed on next new version of DeSmuMe emulator.

    Left button button on mouse is use for to touch anything. Keep on default setting all times.

    Don’t forget fix issues, what people have problems with DeSmuME emulator.

    Please do it! I beg you! :-( I love DeSmuME teams a lot!!!