DeSmuME 0.9.4 released! Also OSX Universal.

This new release introduces lots of bug corrections, improvements and new features: among them are new save autodetection, new save file format and full rerecording support.

For those wondering about the missing 0.9.3 version, we somehow lost it ; it got captured by hunters that thought it was a new p*kem*n.

And also, the download page now links to an 0.9.4 OSX Universal binary.

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  1. shash says:

    Read the FAQ, to know what those percentages mean, if you get 60 FPS, it’s full speed.

  2. chris says:

    I’ve been looking for installation instructions for the DeSmuMe Emulator. Could someone help me, please?

  3. Ulf says:

    Hi! Have you planed to probably port DeSmuME to the Maemo 5 platform for the upcoming Nokia N900? It has an OMAP 600mhz processor and a PowerVR OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU, so this is probably a good platform for porting?

  4. ThePokemonKid says:

    Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver [JPN] work well on DesMuMe 0.94!!! :D :D :D :D :D All you need to patch these rom files, using Anti-Piracy patch to prevent random freezes.

  5. heyyyy says:

    scribblenauts doesnt work in the mac .94 version

  6. another guy says:

    yup scribblenauts just says “executing…” forever

  7. Pokefan999 says:

    For those pokemon users waiting to transfer pokemons from gba games to platinum, it is working. Download the latest svn and transfer your pokemons.

  8. shash says:

    For those with scribblenauts problems, the game is not yet released, thus you won’t get help.

  9. Dean says:

    wow pokemon heart gold works absolutely perfect in desmume 0.9.4! i dont have freezes or something else and it runs in full speed (60 FPS)! Thank you for that miracle :D! cant wait for 0.9.5 official release! and wi-fi of course hehe . . . THANK YOU . . .

  10. Dean says:

    oh and i havent used a patch for heart gold…

  11. duy says:

    i play sd gundam cross drive by desmume ver. 0.9.4. when i play map 20 in the middle event of map- domon encouter his master. domon and him talk toghether, after that i can not play any more.
    i am very sad about that.
    COuld u give me some advise to overcome this case. thanks!

  12. Pinecone says:

    i want to make a scribblenauts video, but it won’t load for some reason. i just get a white screen that says executing…

  13. shotakan_pichu says:

    Pokemon fans,

    It is now possible to migrate your beloved pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum :D

    I have tested all the games above :D It’s possible to evolve your pokemon such as Kadabra/Graveler/Onix/Scythe…etc.

    Well done, guys :) You guys are so smart!

    You need:

    DesmuME 0.95 svn build 2800 or above (compiled)
    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Save file (POST-E4 and Have national Dex)
    Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG
    Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG Save file (Must have at least 6 any pokemon in a box)

    Note: All the above files must be in the same folder, otherwise, it won’t work.

  14. hanishkvc says:

    Hi All,

    The SVN version fixes issues with running of lot of games as well as screen update issues with some other games. Definitely worth the effort of downloading (using svn and or tar.gz/bz2 from sourceforge) and compiling.

    This includes scribblenaut also.

    Enjoy everyone.

  15. wahyux says:

    i download desmume, but i can not find exe file in the folder, so i can open the aplication…
    please help me…where is the exe file of desmume v0.9.4 that i download from sourceforge??

  16. Supanut9678 says:

    Does the latest SVN Build includes a trading fixed for Pokemon Diamond/Perl/Platinum?

  17. Pinecone says:

    Ooh, that SVN version sounds interesting. Is it for Mac? Or will we have to wait until the next version before it gets Mac compatibility?

  18. shotakan_pichu says:


    no, not yet. I meant you can get evolved pokemon (Kadabra/Graveler/Onix/Scythe…etc) from R/S/E/FR/LG, just migrate these pokemon to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

    Note: You know you can trade pokemon in all the GBA Pokemon games by using 2 VBA link emulators.

    Sorry, I mis-worded my previous post :( Out of excitement, I guess.

  19. Dean says:

    can someone upload the latest svn version? or please show me how to download from svn and then compile? please someone…..

  20. Dean says:

    hmm i have found how to download and i have downloaded 142MB (trunk and branches folders under desmume folder)for now (still downloading). now i only want to compile it? what to do? im new help!

  21. shotakan_pichu says:



    You need to download Visual C++ Express 2008, it’s FREE and around 90mb in file size. Use this software to compile the latest svn build.

  22. Dean says:

    oo thanks but i already compile it! YES i have the latest version :D

  23. Dean says:

    btw the faq helped me lol i just was searching in wrong sites

  24. shotakan_pichu says:

    Lol. Cool, Enjoy the pal park :D

  25. Joshua Yip says:

    DesMuMe Emulator uses a lot of memory usage. Any ideas to decrease the memory usage?

  26. shotakan_pichu says:

    Hey man, quit being a shit. We don’t get a thank you for releasing it, do we? (even though it’s a load of dog shit…)

  27. Dean says:

    hehe that emu keeps updated every hour!

  28. Supanut9678 says:

    Yeah, the latest SVN build uses different save format, that’s why the save from 0.9.4 don’t work in this latest SVN build.

  29. Supanut9678 says:

    Does the wifi will be usable by next release? Because I see that you can config wifi in the latest SVN Build. Does mean that by the next release I can play Pokemon game with working wifi?

  30. obb marley x says:

    How do I use it with Mac?

  31. obb marley x says:

    I mean the SVN version, of course.

  32. Quali says:

    Great Emu, i like it for making homebrew game photos.

  33. Rakkushi says:

    Ok i like this emulator because it’s the only one I know of that saves proporly.
    actualy it doesnt. I have to use the “save state” feature.
    anyways my problem is that I’m playing a game that needs me to blow into the micrphone. HOW DO I DO THAT?
    i can’t get past were I am because i don’t know how to blow on the screen
    pleas ehelp TT_TT”

  34. Josh says:

    Scribblenauts works fine on the windows version, but the mac version just says “executing” forever. I just don’t want to use windows, I wish the mac version was better.

  35. hihi says:

    Let’s hope Desmume exceeds no$gba in terms of compatibility and emulation quality, with working saves and also works for horizontal DS games.


    You need to blow into a microphone that is connected to your pc. I blew into my headset microphone when playing one of the Gyakuten Saiban games. Was using no$gba then, not sure about Desmume.

  36. Rakkushi says:

    Thanks! but the thing is
    my sister stole my mic right before she flew to japan TT_TT
    about a week ago…

  37. Dean says:

    so i need to wait for a newest desmume version or to start playing now

  38. Dean says:

    im asking because im worry that i will play now and my save will wont load in a newest version of desmume

  39. Dean says:

    im using the latest svn btw

  40. Pokefan999 says:

    Game save is unlikely to be broken over svn while savestate may get broken over svn.
    The safest way is to take game save at your latest gameplay point and always do savestate with latest svn for testing / cheating purpose.

  41. Dean says:

    hmm okay thanks i will play now (but i will have a heart attack if my save wont load) and tsk i will use savestates but only for safety (im not a cheater,i love to obtain something very hard :D)

  42. shotakan_pichu says:

    If you are still paranoid, export your game save to somewhere safe. Your exported game save will be RAW in format. Do it daily. In any case the latest version of Desmume cannot load your game save, just import your game file (.RAW).

    Btw, I’m playing Pokemon Platinum on the latest svn build. I found a graphical bug! My character gets covered with a black glitchy block, that happens somtimes after finished battling/enslaving (JKING) wild pokemon in a grass, I can get rid of this bug by entering/exiting any building.

  43. Dean says:

    no,no its okay i will play with saves and savestates. You found a graphical bug in platinum? THATS NOT GOOD! I hope you will fix it! (refreshing every second :D)

  44. Dean says:

    oh no another problem! i have a ds firmware and bioses and i check boot from firmware in the emulation settings but when i open a rom nothing happens i just i see a white screen

  45. Pokefan999 says:

    check the bios and firmware options except don’t check “boot from firmware” if you want to play with bios and firmware.

  46. Dean says:

    um thanks i know that but i want to boot from firmware but as i see that cant be done. i dont know if someone answered for this but in the future you will fix that problem? thanks (back to testing roms :D)

  47. Dean says:

    and lol pokefan you have posted the same comment twise here: :D

  48. Pokefan999 says:

    give a more specific link.
    which issue are you referring to?
    are u talking about the bios and firmware?
    did I post about bios & firmware on sourceforge recently?

  49. Dean says:

    no no you posted this 2 times: Dottorleo, if you really understand, you would have noticed that you did not link to nash679 id# until I ask you to quote the id# in comment #4 (your link came in comment #5) – get it, kiddy. So your latest comment prove that you have an I.Q. of a 5 years old – get it, kiddy. like I said, simply go away and play with your doll and stop bugging this post with your childish nonsense. A…

  50. Supanut9678 says:

    Lol it’s had been sometimes now since the release of 0.9.4. Hope 0.9.5 release soon.