DeSmuME 0.9.4 released! Also OSX Universal.

This new release introduces lots of bug corrections, improvements and new features: among them are new save autodetection, new save file format and full rerecording support.

For those wondering about the missing 0.9.3 version, we somehow lost it ; it got captured by hunters that thought it was a new p*kem*n.

And also, the download page now links to an 0.9.4 OSX Universal binary.

269 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.4 released! Also OSX Universal.”

  1. shash says:

    Leo83: A lot of SVN builds claiming to be 0.9.3 got spread, which caused a huge amount of problems to identify from which version the bug reports came, thus releasing an official version with that number didn’t seem a good idea :P

  2. findingo101 says:

    so make version 0.9.4 into 0.9.3. couldn’t you just do that.

  3. shash says:

    findingo101: No, then how could you tell the difference between official and leaked builds?

  4. zeromus says:

    We are smart enough to code emulators but not smart enough to sort out a simple question of release number logistics. Thanks for educating us. Stick around, you might come in handy.

  5. shash says:

    zeromus: I seriously doubt they’ll get your sarcastic answer, so expect people giving you advice on release numbers on the upcoming days :P

  6. FailatFrogger says:

    thx for the new version, im still surprise a hunter caught the 9.3 pokemon lol

  7. jclopes says:

    just to let you all know .. I FOUND THE 9.3 … is the mac binary … just look in the about menu ;)

    Nice work boys. You have the best emu for DS. Keep it on.

  8. Nut says:

    Nice emulator! I think in the future DeSmuMe will be the best DS emulator in the world!

  9. Leo83 says:

    Anyway, 0.9.4 is a good stuff come in handy. New version better than old one. I don’t mind that. It’s just and odd to know they lost the old one. Just wish u don’t lost it again in tha future. lol.

  10. findingo101 says:

    shash: i know how you will tell the difference, but putting all into the 0.9.4. it is so simple. its like math. if you had 0.9.2 and went up one, you will have, 0.9.3. But you lost that one, so your back to 0.9.2. you got another one that you did not lose, so it becomes 0.9.3, not 0.9.4. so simple

  11. Crazy says:

    mine says its version 0.9.3 instead of 0.9.4 is it supposed to be like that?

  12. shash says:

    findingo101: You don’t get the idea. How the hell do you tell the difference between the thousand versions claiming to be 0.9.3 and the official one? You can’t! And your comparison with math is pure stupidity, so don’t try to look smart.

  13. shash says:

    Crazy: If it’s the MAC version, it’s OK, seems that zeromus forgot to update the version number on that port :) If not, just download the new version from this website.

  14. Crazy says:

    I did download it from here but i was also looking at comments for 0.9.2 and mine seems to have the same probs

  15. James Madley says:

    findingo101: By that logic you must be fuming at the Debian. They skipped version 1.0 because someone jumped the gun and released an older, buggier version marked 1.0.

    In thirteen years they haven’t changed the version number of their first release and they’re not ever going to change it.

  16. Pokefan999 says:

    you speak as though you know what is happening but you don’t.
    why don’t you stop harping on the 0.9.3 and 0.9.4 version.
    if you are a gamer, enjoy the new 0.9.4 and be happy.
    if you want to be a tester, download the nightly svn build and contribte your bug report at sourceforge bug tracker.

  17. Jozefu says:

    Sweet! This release still doesn’t fix the Megaman ZX Advent problem! Woot! >:[

  18. Nut says:

    Nice release! This release fixes saving bugs in Pokemon Diamond which was present in V0.9.2. Finally I can save and lode my save game normaly!

  19. Nut says:

    Oh another thing, this version finally fixes the avi recording problem because in the previous version, when I played my recorded avi, there is no sound and sometime the recorded files just become corrupted, but this release fixes that problem. Thanks for your hard work!

  20. Lan1k says:


    It doesn’t work under 0.9.4, regrettably, however, as of 0.9.5 svn build 2628, save file for Pokemon Platinum IS working without a hitch!!

  21. Nut says:

    Yeah. Oh, I just found one new SVN Build for 0.9.5, but I know that’s unofficial release, I think I will wait for the official release. Maybe the 0.9.5 official release will have all features from the SVN Builds! Excited? Well probably not because that is still pretty far away.

  22. shash says:

    Nut: The next version WILL have the features on the SVN. Learn what is SVN and why what you just said doesn’t make sense.

  23. HELLO says:

    i think you so much for making a mac desmume the could be run on a powerpc, but when i play the games the graphic is very bad, i cant see much its almost blurred out, pokemon is a lil better except tht there are boxes over the people… and the colors seems to be weird…
    is it a glitch or is it my graphic card?? .. i thought most mac had pretty good graphic card… and i run world of warcraft perfectly.. i believe wow has better graphic then ds games..

  24. joao says:

    i’d love to have the “sleep mode when you close the DS” in the next version of the emulator for games like Zelda Phantom Hourglass

  25. zeromus says:

    HELLO, it is all of the above. Sorry, the PPC build is not very good. Youll have to be patient, maybe it wil be fixed some day.

    joao, there is a lid close button. It might only be in the windows version. Check the hotkey or controls config.

  26. Leo83 says:

    I would like to know what is the requirement for this emulator?? It’s seems to be crash on pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz and the RAM is 512 but it’s work perfectly on AMD Athlon 64×2 2.19Ghz, and the RAM is 896. Is ir because a memory problem???

  27. Pokefan999 says:

    There is a link on the homepage to a new updated Games Incompatibility List (WIP). Have a look at it.

  28. Samlok says:

    new on dsemume, i take it for making run Korg ds-10 synthesizer on my mac, but the sound are totally noisy, like scratching, note the true sound, totally distorded…
    are this a curent problem? or i have to change juste my korg download,??

  29. XMSFel6 says:

    I love how we have an Incompatibility list instead of a compatability list. It’s actually very good and nicely organized. Thanks Pokefan999 for maintaining it :)

  30. Pokefan999 says:


    Thanks for your feedback. I have further enhanced the site to make it more friendly and informative. Look forward to your contribution :)

  31. Pokefan999 says:

    On our newsflash, you can look forward to update on unplayable games on official 0.9.4 version being fixed and playable on the latest svn build (or major improvement to games).

    If you miss our daily newsflash, there will be a Newsflash Archival page coming soon.

  32. zeromus says:

    korg ds-10 wont run well right now i bet.

  33. Pokefan999 says:

    The NewsFlash Archival page is now ready and you will not miss any of the daily newsflash if you did not want to visit the Games Incompatibility List page on a daily basis.

    Try it out.

  34. Samlok says:

    @ zeromus
    Hi, can you help me to chek what’s wrong on my mac for runing well the Korg ds-10?
    Dont know if my problem is clear, sorry for my little english…
    I have Mac 10.5.7 Imac 24″
    The version 0.9.2 of DESMUME
    2 version of Korg ds-10 dowloaded on rapidshare ( itook 2 different download link because i was thinking that the first was the problem…)
    When i play some other games, like mario, megamix,… the sound is clear, no problem…
    But when i run Korg ds-10, the sound is distorded, inaudible. on the begining i was thinking that was a problem on the configuration of out putt setting on the synth sound or mixer… but no…
    I saw a forum speaking about that problem, but no answer, so no solution…

  35. Samlok says:

    on the forum of desmume, there is a person saying
    ” I noticed that the ROM loads fine, but is basically useless because it only produces one garbled note. The FAQ mentions that streaming sound is one of this emulator’s weak points, & I’d imagine that this is the one and only function of DS-10. Just a heads up to anyone looking to try it.”
    This are the same problem…

  36. z says:

    yes they are. now you know to search before you ask.

  37. Dave says:

    Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed. I’m seeing a lot of work on new features and no real progress to the core. Timing issues, slowness even on very high-end hardware, and streaming audio studdering are preventing an enjoyable experience using this emu.

    Focus on fixing those and you’ll have yourself a decent emu. I’d rather have a truly good and accurate emu over one loaded with useless extras (which seems to be the direction the development is heading).

    I’m sure I’ll get some sarcastic “go to hell” type response, but I’m just stating the facts. I do like this emu, but I worry about what the developers’ priorites are.

  38. shash says:

    Dave: Work is done on compatibility issues, but isn’t as easy as coding GUI stuff, so it’s quite natural that you feel that work is focused is there. Getting a compatibility fix on the current stage takes weeks if not months, doing a GUI/usability change takes a few hours. Both are being worked afaik, just the compatibility is harder to see if you don’t pay close attention to the SVN.

    Next time you criticize something, please try to research what you’re talking about :)

  39. Pokefan999 says:

    Visit the incompatibility list and look at the daily newsflash or its archival and you will see how many improvements have been made (still have alot not listed yet). Many games are playable now etc.

  40. Leo83 says:

    Compare to the previous version, the new one is far more better. I believe to create the new and perfect emulator is not as easy as eating a cake. Put ourselves on their situation, then we understand what they are doing is really fantastic. so congratulation to the team behind it. It takes times, effort and a lot of mistakes to make it perfect. But does this emulator able to run on old kind of PC?? cause it seems crash when I’m doing it??

  41. Nut says:

    Yeah, making emulator is not as easy as making websites. I guess the longer the wait is between versions, the better the next version will be.

  42. zyklon for idiots says:

    Haha, what kind of idiots it takes to yap so much about a version number of single release? Especially if there is a reasonable reason for that. You stupid 0.9.3 complaining cunts, start writing your own emulator and/or fucking die.

  43. goooaall!! says:

    hey.. i have problem with this 0.9.4 version.
    With the game pokemon platinum, when i came in a big town, it lags!! always 95%-99% lag. The number on top on the left.

    sry for my bad english.

  44. shash says:

    goooaall!!: Those questions belong on the forum, not here.

  45. pbnec says:

    I think retaining the direct support of *.sav files is a better option, and dumping to *.dsv files is a worse option…

  46. nasdaq says:

    Guyz i am really going mad! Why the save states for Pokemon doesnt work? what version of de Smume i should have? i have tried every single one.. plz hlp! is there something i can do in thev options?

  47. Nut says:

    Do you have the latest version? The current version is 0.9.4. Savestate in Pokemon Diamond works find for me in 0.9.4, I think you should use that version.

  48. nasdaq says:

    Actually in the version 0.9.4 whenever i save to state and go to load i get the message “error to load from state 1″.. :( my save type is switched to “autodetect”.. shall i have to make any changes? ty anyway Nut!

  49. Nut says:

    Well use the “Save State As” in the files menu. At least this works for me. and, ingame saving should work, since it works for me. Maybe it’s your computer’s problem that’s why it won’t work. And, what’s your system spects?

  50. nasdaq says:

    the saves must be in .sav format? coz mine are not! i am on holidays with a laptop dual core 1,45Ghz 1GB RAM and a low-quality graphics card.. :p acTUally it’s not mine.. does Pokemon need more requirements?!?!