2009 Community Choice Award

The 2009 SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards nominations are now open and you can support DeSmuME! Vote for us and DeSmuME developers will get free pizzas for a year… or something like that, not sure, but still… it should be cool!

For those unsure about which category DeSmuME belongs to, we suggest Best Project for Gamers. ;)

16 Responses to “2009 Community Choice Award”

  1. One vote sent your way.
    Kudos for the efforts. Desmume ranked as the 10th most active Sourceforge project over the last 7 days. Keep it up.

  2. Dave says:

    +1 from me too. Keep up the great work!

  3. Gleasonator says:

    Another vote scored. This is hands down the best Nintendo DS emulator, and I appreciate you guys sharing it with us.

  4. findingo101 says:

    you got my vote. i tried many other emulators, and no other one even compares to this one. this is the only emu with lots of options and other stuff that are really useful like how big the size of the window should be.

  5. petingo0 says:

    I will vote for you but the development looks really slow or abandoned sometimes.

  6. LOLS says:

    what about pizza for us?

  7. SoBEAR says:

    Got my vote! #1, keep up the great work guys

  8. doridori says:

    +10! i told my friends to vote too.

  9. DeSaSuoppoter says:

    u get my vote, great job so far looking forward to more!!

  10. vitorios says:

    Great emulator!

  11. kezza says:

    Good work guys… defo the best emu out there but its still runnin things like pokemon diamond slowly…

    Keep up the good work though guys

  12. Brian says:

    Sounds like fun!

  13. CadaGuti says:

    +1 bote.
    When the nominatiĆ³ns end?

  14. Supanut says:

    Great, great, great! I really like this emulator! I tried other DS emulators like iDeaS and No$GBA, but when I had tried this emulator, I could say that this is the best DS Emulator! I tried iDeaS, but I got a problem with the sound and wifi, No$gba got a problem with savestate and crashes quite often, but when I had tried this emulator DeSmuMe, I find lesser bugs, so this emulator is really good! Keep up your great work!

  15. JBGoode says:

    Great work guys! Is there any way to change game language? Thank you.

  16. Gratzworthy says:

    Very nice emulator! I already voted for Nexuiz, but your emulator is still great to me.