DeSmuME 0.9.2 released!

This version of DeSmuME releases some odds and ends. A few new games are playable, and RTC works for day/night games. Additionally, the windows and linux ports have had a slew of new features added. And finally, the addition of a preliminary software rasterizer (which may be selected instead of opengl) will allow you to work around frustrating display issues.

210 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.2 released!”

  1. toti says:

    i m happy to see a new version of desmume , but i have a mac mini and i need the mac version ,but well fortunately you still working and ….. thats good.
    (saludos desde chile..)

  2. NaN says:

    Well since I’ve been playing with the latest SVNs, these aren’t big news for me, in fact the website proyect was saying you were going to compile it on these days so xD

    Anyway, is good to see this emulator is really active :)

  3. Great to see progress says:

    HI, I am happy to see progress, though it was down and out! ^^

  4. pat says:

    Oh it’s getting better and better, so nice!
    Pokemon should be ok now!
    Yeahhh Let’s catch em all!

  5. KDave!! says:

    Hello, I tried to build this release for Leopard but it says its the 0.8 version. Its something wrong about the source published at the download section?

  6. darth says:

    KDave!! any chance of a mac binary compiled from source?

  7. trogdor says:

    I agree. The mac version keeps getting neglected.

  8. rubicant says:

    Thanks for the continued great work,

  9. lemim says:

    yes it’s so fun

  10. geoslake says:

    thanks for your amazing work guys !!!

  11. zeromus says:

    Theres an official mac binary now. Give it some time to show up on the download page. In the meantime you can get it from the sourceforge downloads page. There is no universal binary support, and probably won’t be for quite some time.

  12. toe_head2001 says:

    Still crashes on loading GTA Chinatown Wars.

  13. darth says:

    @zeromus: thanks!

  14. zeromus says:

    thats sad. it doesnt crash for me on the (U)

  15. findingo101 says:

    is there anyway to make the game itself save without using Save States? i mean like saving a game in pokemon so if you go to the title screen, all you have to do is select Continue.

  16. zing says:

    it’s cool you released a new version, my complaints so far are: the text files have no extension except one and even so you have to add support to notepad in the shell of windows, they dont have a jump line between the lines, all the phrases are close with bad separators, this makes it harder and/or uninteresting to read the text files, the lack of a nice translation system like the one in emulators like pj64 or 1964 is a turn off too, aside those, everything seems to go well, you all are on the way to go. ;) Thanks for your effort.

  17. XMSFel6 says:

    I think saving is still borked. Pokemon Platinum ingame saves don’t work at least. None of the savetypes allow it to be loaded from the title screen so you’re stuck using savestates. It’s really not that bad, but I guess if you want an extra backup to those saves you’re going to have to wait.

    And yea, since I use the SVN builds and update everyday, this isn’t too big, but keep up the great work. We’re all supporting the team :)

  18. Satisfaction says:

    Ah, so the RTC works now for games like Pokemon Platinum! Thank you very much I’m gonna check this out right away!

    Keep up the great work. ;)

  19. lbalbalba says:


    The only reason that the MAC port is ‘neglected’, is because there seemingly are no MAC users or builders or coders out there to contribute. Please come on IRC and discuss what help you could offer on the MAC port, be it building, coding, or documenting.

  20. trogdor says:

    Thanks zeromus :)

  21. bloomy says:

    i’m so happy
    i wait this version for a long time

  22. Badrock says:

    I’m trying to play Pokemon Platinum – when I play for the first time it’s ok, but when I save (no autodetect, I manually set it on Flash 4mb which is a good option here) and restart DeSmuME I get this error:
    What’s going on? :(

    And BTW. Is Palpark going to work since there’s a GBA Slot mode?

  23. KDave!! says:

    Man can you please tell me where is the Desmume IRC Channel? How can I connect to it … I can help with the building and documenting of this proyect. I can also try coding it a little bit.

  24. KDave!! says:

    Sorry for the double post: I founded the IRC Channel. I’ll be online.

  25. amn says:

    It will be able to correspond to Windows X64 multi-core CPU.

  26. XMSFel6 says:

    I don’t even thinking ingame saving works. I’ve tried every save type and none of them work since I can’t open the save from the ingame menu. As for the error, I’m not sure. You should probably stick with savestates

    For Palpark, I’m not sure it’ll work yet because when you try using the GBA Slot, it asks you to reset the ROM for changes to work. Since saving probably doesn’t work, you won’t be able to load up the save you were using. Maybe it’ll work for the savestate, I haven’t really tested it.

  27. Carlos says:

    Thank so much!

  28. tolinck says:

    Thanks for the continued great work

  29. noz says:


  30. lbalbalba says:


    The desmume IRC channel is at :

    * server:
    * port: 6667
    * channel: #desmume

    Also, its int the FAQ:

    And like I said, any coding, building or documenting of the MAC port would be sincerely appreciated.

  31. findingo101 says:

    how do you make the wifi settings under config work?

  32. XMSFel6 says:


    They don’t. It’s still a Work in Progress.
    You’re going to have to wait.

  33. findingo101 says:


    O.K. i just wanted to know if it worked. Thank you for telling me.

  34. theway says:

    Did you add the speedup button ? This very important feature, specially for those who play RPG games like Pokemon. Sometimes you really need to make run faster than normal

  35. calu says:

    I can’t load my Pokemon Platinum savestates. The screen just turns white then crashes. And since loading from battery saves don’t work too, I’m stuck. Are savestates in 0.9.1 compatible with this release?

  36. tenshin2002 says:

    The Legend of Zelda still does not work on Mac :-(
    Its great that the emu is improving though! :-)

  37. Igox says:

    Still crashes on loading GTA Chinatown Wars!!!

  38. z says:

    igox: no it doesnt! wait longer and pick the right save file format.
    calu: theyre supposed to be. in rare cases they might not be. maybe you are unlucky.

  39. ton says:

    está perfeito……….. perfec……………..oh my gooooood

    muito bom………very good…………………


    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  40. findingo101 says:

    for theway:

    the speedup button is the tab key

  41. TestNeko says:

    This is now the only emulator I could find that plays Dragonquest 4 DS at a playable speed with no windowing errors. It is officially awesome.

  42. nuocda says:

    how i can add action replay cheat code ?

  43. zeromus says:

    nuocda, the answer is in the manual. could someone please post something here saying ‘hey, thanks for writing the manual! it helped me without having to ask questions’ because it would make our manual writer feel warm and fuzzy to know that someone did that at least once in the history of the planet

  44. nuocda says:

    @zeromus: i very noob use this :((

  45. nuocda says:

    can you tell me other to add AR code :(, plss

  46. lbalbalba says:

    @zeromus : Thanks for bringing the documentation under the attention of the userbase. And yes, it would make this manual writer feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that it was helpfull to at least *one* living being ;)

  47. findingo101 says:

    how do u use the cheats that u can use on the emulator?

  48. lbalbalba says:

    The article ‘Using Cheats in DeSmuMe ‘ over at describes the cheat mechanism in great detail.

  49. Kira says:

    erm..hello..anyone can help me ??bcuz..i get pblm when try to run the 0.9.2 version on vista….it keep crashing when i try to play a rom. the 0.9.1 version is run smoothly on my desperate to try out the pokemon platinum.

  50. z says:

    If you are truly desperate, then buy a cart.
    Otherwise, download 0.9.2 again from sourceforge and it might be fixed.