DeSmuME 0.9.2 released!

This version of DeSmuME releases some odds and ends. A few new games are playable, and RTC works for day/night games. Additionally, the windows and linux ports have had a slew of new features added. And finally, the addition of a preliminary software rasterizer (which may be selected instead of opengl) will allow you to work around frustrating display issues.

210 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.9.2 released!”

  1. Nut says:

    Oh, thanks for telling me. I guess I was doing something wrong that’s why it always resets to the default format.

  2. Nut says:

    Hi, me again. I wonder if I start a new game then save and restart DeSmuMe and lode up my savestate, do the save type will still resets to the default format?

  3. shash says:

    Nut: Just start a new game using the method detailed on the wiki. Don’t load old savestates to recover your game after that, else you could end screwing it again.

  4. Nut says:

    Thanks. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try again to see if same thing still happen. I guess I wasn’t start the new game that’s why the save type resets!

  5. Nut says:

    Me Again. When I play Pokemon Diamond on DeSmuMe 0.9.2, why the clock in Pokemon Diamond remains at 0:00. Is it the emulator or my computer.

  6. Friend says:

    Has anyone tried and succeeded with Pal Park in pkm Diamond. I’m using the r2493. Everything works file, save game, sounds, graphics are all great, but not Pal Park. I dont see any new screen on the menu of the game . Anyway, great work and thanks a lot.

  7. Nut says:

    Hi, me again. I think what causes the problem explained above is maybe I had change the time zone of my computer and that’s affect all of my DS Emulators including iDeaS! But now I had changed the time zone back so probably it will be fixed.

  8. Leo83 says:

    Wooow….. this new version great. almost all game playable. thanks shash. Many thanx.

  9. Nut says:

    When I play Pokemon Diamond on DeSmuMe 0.9.2, why the top screen become black everytime when I loded my savestate. I know how to fix this, is by doing something else like open up a menu and go to bag or other option then exit that menu then the screen becomes normal again. But I want to know that why this happens? Is it the emulator or the rom?

  10. shash says:

    Leo83: Not my work, better thank the team.

    Nut: Start using the forums, the comments are not for this kind of questions (and thus, I’ll be moderating them accordingly from now on).