DeSmuME 0.8 released!

We’re finally back! :)
This new release fixes a number of bugs in the emulation core.
The Mac port got a lot of new features, including sound,
preferences, screenshots and japanese translation.
The Windows port has some updates as well with a new core supporting joystick.

Get them here.

87 Responses to “DeSmuME 0.8 released!”

  1. shash says:

    HighOctane: In game save games should work, but haven’t tested myself. Just try it yourself, as they should be supported.

  2. HighOctane says:

    They work at random. As in sometimes they crash the game, sometimes they work fine.

  3. shash says:

    In game save games won’t crash the game, at least I’ve never seen it crash a single game in 2 years.

  4. SevenNight says:

    I must say this ver has gotten a huge improvement as compared to the past versions,but well it is still a bit sluggish.Though one thing i would like to praise is the sudden and sharp increase in working games.Regardless,thanks for the release.

  5. parham says:

    uhm… doese this work on windows xp? please reply

  6. shash says:

    parham: It does, I code it on winXP sp2 :P

  7. BierLiebHaber says:

    why do i allways get an error when i want to compile desmume CVS on linux?
    “.infig.status: error: cannot find input file: Makefile”

  8. George says:

    Oh,you’re back!! I was waiting for you whole year! I’m glad to see you alive!
    You’re the best! Also works great! Please,keep working on! …..

  9. toti says:

    congratulations fron chile but you have to continue at job in tis projet , good luck.
    pd: sorry , my englsh is horrible , im speak spanish xD

  10. mcvic says:

    Amazing progress! I’m very impressed. However, tell me more about the new core supporting joystick feature that you mention for the Windows port (0.8 release). I’m only able to use the usual keyboard mapping controls. Thanks for all your blood, sweat and tears. I look forward to future releases with much anticipation!

  11. dark says:

    why i cant change my speed for the emulator
    is running too fast or slow SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME………………………….

  12. Nikyo says:

    So will version 1.0 be a fully operating emulator, or am I getting ahead of myself?

  13. dark says:

    why my emulator speed running too slow?????????????

  14. Costilla1 says:

    the only complaint i have is the speed is way to slow

  15. shash says:

    Dark, Costilla1: The speed is something we haven’t worked so far, and probably won’t work in the incoming future. We aim compatibility atm.

    Nikyo: Probably won’t be fully compatible at 1.0.

  16. 2bStealthy says:

    How do I install the files in the .tar after downloading? Running 10.4.11

  17. DaNoob says:

    it’s not bad. runs Lunar well until u get in fights. there u auto escape and ofc. it lags some. what I wanna play though is Final Fantasy:)

  18. someone says:

    Actually, Desmume is only for Mac user now, cause windows ones have a lot more efficient emulator that everybody knows. So, forget windows, focus on Mac & Linux or forget this project. You should really think about that, don’t loss time on windows, you’ll always be far behind gimme$gba

  19. shash says:

    someone: We don’t really care what you think we should do. As a matter of a fact, I’ve a Desmume derived build which is a bit faster than all the other Windows emulators besides NeonDS: my main reason of not making it public is stupid people like you that are only interested on pirating and not making a compatible and developer oriented emulator. So keep your opinions to yourself, it’s not like we want or care about them.

  20. ShinMajinBuu says:

    I just want to thank you so much for coding DESMUME also for MAcOSX :)
    thank you very much!!

  21. adam says:

    Hello all,
    I wanted to say that speed is slow DesmuME how to increase and thank you for answering me

  22. shash says:

    adam: Set frameskip to 0, that’s as much as you can do.

  23. adam says:

    thank you shash !!!!!!!!

  24. adam says:

    what are the best Roms ds it a theme park you can give me and others thank you

  25. shash says:

    adam: No piracy support here.

  26. mcvic says:

    You mentioned “The Windows port has some updates as well with a new core supporting joystick.” Help with joystick please , I cannot get a joystick to work. I am running Windows XP w/ SP2. Thank you.

  27. awqaw says:

    need controller support for mac, why isn’t new super mario bros notworking still, emu also crashes unexpected with some games.

  28. donald says:

    when will a working version with pokemon diamond and pearl appear?

  29. shash says:

    donald: We don’t know, but as a good answer, I’ll say that if it depends on me, never.

  30. Fazuka says:

    hello shash, can I know the list of working ROM with this emulator. TQ

  31. Democlis says:

    slash: someday it will have to work, since the main objéctive of an emullator is the ability to EMULATE all (or almost all) games avaiable to the given plataform. However the best answer to donald is that we realy dont care, Pokemon is a nice game but it isnt at the top of the list to be working since there are lots of other things to be done, the day wen the fixes and improvements allow it to work will be the right day, not sooner nor latter.

  32. shash says:

    Fazuka: there’s a link to the compatibility list on the main page.
    Democlis: I know, but it’s gets incredibly annoying to be constantly asked the same.

  33. hamzaxbox says:

    Well if its any consolation to the DeSmuMe staff, at least some people can play this version. Maybe when version 7.4 comes out I can play more roms, but I am in no hurry at all. Honestly, the staff does work that I wouldn’t be able to do unless someone showed me how.

    Hopefully the next version will be easier to make, I wish the best for the staff and any other people who work on this project. Thank you for all your hard work.

  34. UnEscape says:

    … priorities are in the right place
    if you do it right now, and you dont worry about speed, and does this particular rom work, then you are building a strong base for the future of this emulator.

    i wont be surprised if it becomes the best.

    its just how programming works… i know because i usually build terribly weak bases and have to go back and redo them…

  35. NDS lover says:

    I tried My Weight Loss Coach rom on linux , it works fine but there are problems with the clock and the date…
    I hope you will make it works…

    anyway, great job!!!
    this opensource nds emu is great!!!

  36. commandhat says:

    new compatibility list entry!
    Sonic Rush Adventure:
    [*]white screen on title, music keep playing
    Anyway, I’ve got a complete list of all the commercial games released, and a semi-powerful CPU…I’d be happy to test each game.

  37. Censuur says:

    maybe its been said before but its laggy as hell and with some games (castlevania: portait of ruin for example) the screen just goes black and it becomes unplayable, i dearly hope you can solve these issues, thank you for the application