DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!

The new things in this release are a Cocoa port and translations support for Gtk-glade port.

With the Cocoa port, Mac OS X users can now fully enjoy DeSmuME on their favorite system! The Mac port doesn’t yet have all the features of the other ports but should run all games with near same compatibility. (DeSmuME running on Mac OS X)

Translations are now available on three ports: Cocoa, Gtk-glade and Windows, feel free to send us new translations (there’s instructions on how to do it in README.TRANSLATION).

273 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!”

  1. JCmonX says:

    and my processor 3.2ghz (damm block num key)

  2. shash says:

    nil: whenever GFX FIFO irq is supported, don’t know when.

    JCmonX: Megaman ZX is one of the most demanding games CPU wise that I know (being Castlevania probably the first one), so that’ll be the best you’ll get atm.

  3. langy says:

    so this will still work on a basic windows xp system ???

  4. shash says:

    langy: It will, as long as you’ve your hardware drivers up to date, and a graphic card supporting opengl 1.2 (which means, not older than 9 years :P)

  5. JCmonX says:

    yeah, i think emulation cost a lot of resources, but maybe you can use more rosources, ’cause in my case it only usses 50% of my only core of 3.2ghz, i think its posible to use more of the processor to gain more speed
    what do you think?

  6. shash says:

    JCmonX: that’s because you’ve Hyperthreading activated, it’s not like the emulator will get any faster by writing it for multi-core, atleast on your current PC. The emulator is using all the resources of your PC, it’s not sitting idle, believe me :)

  7. izaakoh says:

    Wow…. all this computer talk…

    pretty interesting~~0.o

    Wish i knew what SHash was talking about…

  8. Nightw@lk3r says:

    YOU ROCH Shash!You’re the best!Can’t wait for the newest release,I already have sky-high expectations:)!

  9. Nightw@lk3r says:

    I meant you ROCK:)!

  10. lyon4 says:

    osx power-pc version’s link seems to be dead.. :( (I will retry later…)

  11. lyon4 says:

    after retrying several times, osx ppc download link on sourceforge doen’t work at all…
    has anyone an other link for this version ?

  12. lyon4 says:

    sorry for the multiple posts.
    I found the good link by clicking “browse all files” in the download menu.

    very thanks for this mac version.

  13. strider says:

    no games work on mac ppc version

  14. lyon4 says:

    it runs well my own homebrew project and some homebrews I’ve tryed.
    but controls with keyboard bug on my G4 (french keyboard)

  15. Bolo says:

    whrn new verion will come ??

  16. shash says:

    Whenever it’s done :)

  17. JCmonX says:

    will the new version be compatible with windows vista?

  18. shash says:

    JCmonX: afaik, current version runs already on Vista without problems.

  19. Neither says:


    First of all, thanks to the dev team for a great emulator that works on Linux and compiles with no problems on a x86_64 system. I have a question, though.

    Desmume GTK apparently never calls any of the save/load state functions, nor does it pause SPU emulation when the rest of the emulator is paused. Both issues seem easy enough to fix (I did it in my copy but haven’t extensively tested it), so is there any good reason why they are there in the release, other than “you should use the GTK Glade version instead”? (The GTK Glade version doesn’t work for me for some reason I haven’t looked into — I’m betting on something about multithreading, though.)

  20. Homebrew Bob says:

    Go Dev team go! I LOVE your work. I am now working with students developing on your software and they are so excited to be making there own DS games. It makes a great plug in to the Microsoft C++ programming environment. Keep up the great work! I look forward to future work.

  21. JCmonX says:

    “shash Says:

    October 12th, 2007 at 12:17 am
    JCmonX: afaik, current version runs already on Vista without problems.”
    i mean if the new version will be windows compatible, ’cause 7.3 is for only OSX, and any release date for the emu?

  22. shash says:

    0.7.3 is basically 0.7.2 ported to Mac, nothing emulation related was added, afaik. It’ll be released when it’s done.

  23. Bolo says:

    The new version will be ever released ??

  24. shash says:

    Bolo: it’ll be released when it’s done.

  25. Bolo says:

    You can tell when it will be ?? I can’t wait

  26. shash says:

    I don’t really know, I’d be lying if I said an exact date…

  27. Homebrew Bob says:

    What are some of the new things that will be in the new release?

  28. shash says:

    Homebrew Bob: I can’t talk about the future, but I’ve commited some of my code fixing stuff of the 3D core, mainly transparency (not blending yet), proper layering with the rest of backgrounds, viewport size on 3D core, VERY minor speed ups, and I’d like to fix some big bug I’ve seen lately, for example, Mario64 DS hanging when getting ingame (hell, I didn’t even know that happened with the official build).

  29. Jorb says:

    None of my games Work. ARrrgggh. i’m running ppc, all i get is a blanc screen.
    Thx for the work though.

  30. saturnn says:

    When the version DeSmuME v0.7.4 ?

  31. Bolo says:

    I hope the Mario and Luigi Partners in time will be playeble in the next release. The char sprites are transparenccy and game is crashing after first 2 battles.

  32. shash says:

    saturnn: Whenever it’s done.

    Bolo: it’s somewhere in my todo list :P

  33. Bolo says:

    Cool. I am waiting to play this game…many months

  34. Sky says:

    where to download….are this emulator can play zelda phantom hourglass

  35. shash says:

    Sky: no.

  36. Matthieu says:

    You guys are doing a great work, but I really think you should work in cooperation with the Ideas emulator which is now working a little bit better than DeSmuME, there are only few problems of sound and microphone or input. If you were working together, you would increase the compatibility list and would make greater things! It’s up to you, but anyway thank you for all your work on this emulator.

  37. lyon4 says:

    The new version will be ever released

  38. shash says:

    Matthieu: That is unlikely to happen. Ever. Not to mention that we have different focuses.

    lyon4: Whenever it’s done, you’ll have to wait.

  39. Loyal fan says:

    People, the staff at DeSmuMe are working extremely hard, so if I were you I’d quit asking when there will be a release. If you people want to play Nintendo Dual Screen video games so badly, simply buy a Nintendo Dual Screen. Not everyone has as much time as the next person, imagine how hard the work the staff does before asking.

    Kids these days, this type of rudeness is unacceptable for the staff.

  40. Akira says:

    I downloaded the first version… it seems to open and all but when I downloaded a ds ROM, i cant seem to open it. I was wondering if the roms have to be changed as well to be compatible with the emulator? or am i just missing a step? The ds roms are all .ds files should they be changed or something?
    sorry to ask if its been asked, but im not sure whats wrong with it.

  41. McDullen says:

    Hail, folks! Desmume was the first DS emulator that I ever tried. In that time, the french guy does a really good work. You guys still have contact with him, I mean, he helps you in the development? By the way, no$gba is almost there with the newest 2.5b. Final Fantasy III is fully playable, Pokémon Diamond & Pearl as well. Keep the good work. I hope that the mic emulation will be ready soon (Lost in the Blue). Best regards!

  42. Caery says:

    Sadly, I can get the program to open, but none of the games seem to want to load. I’ve tried games that were listed on the compatibility list as playable, but the program refuses to open/load them. :/ I downloaded the PPC version, which is what I have for my computer. Do I need OS X 10.4? (I hope not, I don’t have a few hundred dollars to toss around)

    I’m SUPER pleased that you guys put out two Mac versions, I’m just sad that I can’t seem to get the thing to work.

  43. lord fastdeath says:

    I think this should be a big stp in DS emulation…

    Fr some reason, my 0.7.2 crashes while playing megaman ZX right after teh first anime cutscene. cant get to rendezvous(did i spell that right?) point!

  44. JCmonX says:

    man, i’m going crazy, i need desmume 7.4!!!!, hope the new version will be out before Xmas

  45. TeenDev says:

    Nice job getting it for Linux and Mac OS X. It works on my PPC Mac Mini, however the 3D doesn’t work and sprites don’t load… The Linux version works fine but the .deb packages don’t work on Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu So you have to compile from the source.

  46. Kibbitz says:

    Would 0.7.4 be able to play 3d games like: final fantasy 3 and kingdon hearts 358/2 days?

  47. shash says:

    Kibbitz: Don’t really know, can’t predict the future.

  48. wad11656 says:

    Could someone read and respond to my post in the forums under “Compatibility” or just respond to it here? I’m having trouble starting the program up…”BPT problem” is the message I get in the little process text window before it closes automatically if that helps…it might be a security thing on my computer or something…??


  49. samfisher says:

    easy there kibbitz. we won,t need to worry about those for a while.

  50. darc says:

    i know that you have a lot of things to do and that all this programming stuff is not easy but i´ve an idea for the next release which i think would be a graet succes
    until now there´s no emulator with a micro support on it and there are a lot of games where you need to blow or speak into it (e.g. zelda, lost in blue, avatar …)
    desmume is such a nice emulator because of the save state feature or the size which can be changed the only thing that is missing is a micro and a bit speed the rest is just fine
    thanks and keep on the good job you´ve done until now