DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!

The new things in this release are a Cocoa port and translations support for Gtk-glade port.

With the Cocoa port, Mac OS X users can now fully enjoy DeSmuME on their favorite system! The Mac port doesn’t yet have all the features of the other ports but should run all games with near same compatibility. (DeSmuME running on Mac OS X)

Translations are now available on three ports: Cocoa, Gtk-glade and Windows, feel free to send us new translations (there’s instructions on how to do it in README.TRANSLATION).

273 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!”

  1. wad11656 says:

    Huh? I can’t get DeSmuME to work on my Mac! :( It has the DeSmuME icon, but when I click on it, it says, “You cannot open the application ‘DeSmuME” because it is not supported on this system.” >|(

    Is it because my iBook doesn’t have an intel processor or whatever? :/??

  2. shash says:

    wad11656: Care to read the comments, that has already been answered.

  3. kevin says:

    Eh? Um….where is the .exe file to open DeSmuME? (I downloaded the 0.7.3 DeSmuME source version from the link on the downloads section of this site)
    The file named “DeSmuME.exe.Manifest” doesn’t work (assuming it’s the exe file) after renaming it to DeSmume.exe, a command prompt opens and a error message pops up. “16 but MS-DOS Subsytem” ….The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction, (problematic area)…Choose “close” to terminate the program.

  4. wad11656 says:

    Oh…I see, shash…I read all the comments all the way to the top where that comment was posted…^^; Anyway, I can’t wait for the next release, then! :D I’ll FINALLY be able to get DeSmuME on my Mac!!! XD!!!

    Universal Binary is next! :)

  5. shash says:

    There’s no 0.7.3 windows build, and probably never be, as it would be exactly equal to 0.7.2.

  6. kimu says:

    English is not understood.

    Please use Japanese.

  7. Loyal Fan says:

    Kimu: Yet YOU wrote your message in English. That is pretty ironic if you ask me.

    Good work Staff, thanks again.

  8. Kezzzar says:

    Well first things first. Cant wait for the new version to come out as i am having the same problem (non intell mac). Keep up the good work and waiting the next version.

    (P.S Diamond and pearl….. Diamond and pearl (heheheh) waiting) keep up the good work.)

    Oh yeh come on PC peaple read the posts. Dont work….

  9. Rebecca says:

    Well, actually I can tell Kimu is Japanese since I recognize this broken engrish grammar. I have lived in Japan so I can easily spot them. Still I don’t see why WE should use Japanese, since almost everybody can understand english?!?
    I made the effort to learn Japanese, so why don’t you jappers try to learn at least a few words in english?
    Anta nihonjin eigo ga zenzen dekinai ka? Ike.

  10. Bolo says:

    Arigato Gosaimatsu :D Tsuki yo ni agake ;D I know few words in Japanese

  11. kimu says:

    LOL ok!
    English can be read a little.
    You are good at Japanese.
    Cannot the speed be done like seem being the same as a real machine 0.7.3DeSmuME?
    My English is unskilled. I’m sorry.

  12. kimu says:

    The spec of my PC is P4 3.8G.
    Do enough?

  13. ndsman says:

    maybe the next release will run tetris ds?

  14. Samuraikill says:

    The next release should be a big improvement. Read Cyber Warrior X’s Blog.

  15. shash says:

    samuraikill: Link, please?

  16. DsMan says:

    Thanks, I’m very happy

  17. Samuraikill says:

    Lol :) I reread the blog and the post is from April 9, 2007. Lol :)

  18. izaakoh says:

    UhhH~~ i have a suggestion but,….
    could the desmume staff add a sound on and off function?~~
    I would like to listen to some music instead of the boring background music from the games…
    I dunno… its just a suggestion… i dunno if it’ll be an easy to do thing..
    i just thought thought it’d be useful~!!!
    THnx again!!

  19. shash says:

    izaakoh: It’s already in the sound options…

  20. izaakoh says:

    OooO lol~~ didnt know~~ ty!^^

  21. Tsuska says:

    Hmm~~looks like this way for typing~~is strange…~~~Owell it looks funny ~~

    NE wayz, my sister took my mac…no i can’t try it on my mac laptop TT_TT


    Oopps sry about that~~…

  22. izaakoh says:


    In Korea~~
    Some Kids write like this so~~~

    KOREA SUX~~~~~~~~~~~
    WIsh !~~~~~I COuld~~~~~~ Go Back!~~~~~ to PHiLYY~!!TT-TT

  23. Samuel Zhang says:

    Can you play Pokemon Diamond or Pearl on these?

  24. Trevor says:

    Can you play Pokemon Diamond or Pearl on these?

    let me save u the trouble … HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL no offense
    buy the console or play it using no$gba or Ideas emulators :)

  25. Bolo says:

    I am just Wondering, when new version will be released ??

  26. dreampeppers99 says:

    I put the translation on site, it will be used?

  27. shash says:

    yoko: Feel free to code some fixes and upload the patches, else shut the fuck up.

  28. Mickey says:

    Why wont it work

  29. Bolo says:

    shash : That’s right. Making emulator is not easy thing. I agree with you.

  30. shash says:

    Just deleted yoko posts, just so you know.

  31. Rpg Gamer says:

    Shash, thank you for all your guys hard work. I imagine making new versions isn’t easy. Take your time, if the new version takes a while, then it takes a while.

    YOU moderators and staff decide that, not us gamers. I can’t even imagine how difficult the work is to make a new version.

    Thanks again.

  32. Zero_99 says:

    Hope the updated version can play Megaman ZX and Advent cause i’ve waited a long time to play these games.

  33. shash says:

    Megaman ZX is playable on current released versions (I don’t know about Advent) :P

  34. Crash U UP says:

    Does It Work With WindowsXP??????????????????????>

  35. Crash U UP says:


  36. moonraker808 says:

    Dam, I wanted to play goldeneye rouge agent but it doesn’t load. Upon inspection of the compatibility list it doesn’t work.

    When will the next build be out, and will it fix major compatibility issues?

  37. John says:

    Hi, when will we be able to play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl? I have 0.7.2 but it doesn’t play Pokemon Diamond.

  38. shash says:

    moonraker808: Don’t know when the next build will be out, neither if it’ll play “GoldenEye: Rogue Agent”.

    John: Probably won’t.

  39. Hombrew Bob says:

    Will the next patch make more improvements for Home brewers? I am particularly looking for more 3D support.

  40. shash says:

    Homebrew Bob: what features do you think are missing ?

  41. darkjenso says:

    i downloaded it, but there doesnt seem to be any sound…

  42. Hombrew Bob says:

    3D objects flicker considerably when using the PA_SetRotsetNoAngle() and the PA_SetRotset() methods. I mis-stated i guess, the function is there, but it flickers

  43. Bolo says:

    darkjenso : I have sound. But performance of games is very low…(5-10 fps)

  44. shash says:

    Homebrew Bob: checking this ->, it seems that PA_SetRotsetNoAngle() doesn’t have anything to do with the 3D core if the 2D engine of PALib isn’t running on top of the 3D engine, which wouldn’t be that rare… Is that the case ?

  45. JCmonX says:

    ZX advent wont run on 7.3 neither on 7.2, it has a lot of bugs and sometimes crashes, sorry DeSmuME team, but iDeaS is taking the advantage, it runs ZXA pretty nice, and almost all the games run over 50fps

  46. shash says:

    JCmonX: if you mean Megaman ZX, it runs perfectly on 0.7.2, at least the last time I tried, just set the save type to 64k, and it’ll run without crashing. And about Ideas, use whatever you prefer…

  47. nil says:

    when will FINAL FANTASY 3 work?!
    thats the only ds game i want to play …

  48. JCmonX says:

    @shash, i didn’t mean to be rude to you all, i apologize for causing miss understanding, but i think you could improve speed, in my case zx runs at fps,
    i’ve got a P IV ghz, with 1BG on Ram and 128Mb Nvidia video card, i dont’ think i need a better PC? Do I?

  49. JCmonX says:

    Sorry i meant 30fps