DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!

The new things in this release are a Cocoa port and translations support for Gtk-glade port.

With the Cocoa port, Mac OS X users can now fully enjoy DeSmuME on their favorite system! The Mac port doesn’t yet have all the features of the other ports but should run all games with near same compatibility. (DeSmuME running on Mac OS X)

Translations are now available on three ports: Cocoa, Gtk-glade and Windows, feel free to send us new translations (there’s instructions on how to do it in README.TRANSLATION).

273 Responses to “DeSmuME v0.7.3 released!”

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  2. B-boy says:

    0.7.3 is only for MAC OS X??

  3. OuTee says:

    wheres download?

  4. admin says:

    Yeah, there’s not been changes in emulation core, only a new for Mac OS X and translations for gtk-glade (mostly for linux/*bsd users)

  5. Leo83 says:

    So the compatibility is still the same as a previous?
    PLEASE! I,m waiting to play Advance Wars DS for so long time
    how long I should wait.HA.

  6. oli says:

    So speed of emulating Yoshi Island DS is the same ?
    I am waiting for your emulator coz no$gba have bug with Yoshi Island DS…

  7. shash says:

    Leo83: It’s the same compatibility, don’t know when it will change.

    oli: It is the same.

  8. messsinter says:

    DeSmuMe on Mac !! That’s just fantastic, thank you !

    To OuTee and everybody else, go to “Downloads” and click on the “Dowloads page on Sourceforge” link. Enjoy ;-)

  9. xg323 says:

    only for intel macs? i downloaded it and it says that application is not supported on this computer. the icon for the app is a DeSmuME logo with a white sign on it.

  10. admin says:

    yeah, the mac build is for intel macs only, the next release should be an universal binary, though

  11. LINTERNBOY says:

    same cmpatabilty. good news for intel mac users. can’t wait to test it out. p.s. nintendo ds rocks! ^_^

  12. VT Phantos says:

    I wish you could play some DS games with 3D. The 2D core needs a speed update as well. This is still by far the best DS emulator though.

  13. Todd Martin says:

    Would you mind adding support for 3D sprites on games such as Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Diamond, and Pokemon Pearl?

  14. toy1 says:

    How about SD gundam g generation cross drive? It can’t work!

  15. Zero says:

    Hope it will works in ZXA, I am waiting so long ^^

  16. Tsuska says:

    Most things in this needs an update…so much that it’ll take a load of time…so owell…we’ll just hafta wait =P. But at least there’s progress…which is the MOST important part of this program =P (almost…) So enjoy Mac users =P

  17. Leo83 says:

    Even though it still the same compatibility, I pray one day
    this emulator can increase it list like VBA emulator.
    Come on team I don’t know how to programming
    but what I can do is to praise because among other
    emulator this one have better compatible list. Cayo! Cayo!
    (in Cantonese I Think )

  18. Leo83 says:

    PS:Cayo! Cayo! meaning Do your work Hard

  19. Sonic Hachelle-Bee says:

    Whoa! That’s incredible news for OS X users!
    An Universal binary version would be cool too.

  20. Flame-FD says:

    SD gundam g generation cross drive worked but it is very very very very very very slow. Hope the next release would increase the speed. Great works anyway. Really appreciated.

  21. dark5523 says:

    [# Zero Says:
    August 13th, 2007 at 2:33 am

    Hope it will works in ZXA, I am waiting so long ^^]

    Hopefully, this emulator will be “updated” enough for MEGAMAN ZX Advent (U) to work by October…

  22. shash says:

    Flame-FD: Did you disable the frameskip? What are your hardware specs? What do you consider “very very, etc, slow” ?

  23. X says:

    where is the windows version??? and, play megaman ZX Advent ?

  24. shash says:

    X: Could you read the comments before hitting the submit button? It has already been answered.

  25. Trevor says:

    i download it but I got windows vista so how can i open it?

  26. vergas says:

    Easy, just go and buy a mac. ;)

  27. Unknown says:

    Well at least there is an update, hope there are some new roms we can all play on it. Wouldn’t mind it if some newer games were compadiable, but I can wait. Thanks for the hard work DeSmuME staff and others who worked on it.

  28. shash says:

    Unknown: if you mean that there might be some roms that run on 0.7.3 and not 0.7.2, then you’re wrong, the core has remained untouched, thus 100% exact compatibility than last release.

  29. Unknown says:

    Shash, I am sorry but I didn’t mean that. What I had meant is, I hope more roms are compadiable. But if not, then that is okay. Patience is a virtue if you want to play decent roms.

    However, please take your time with the updates, anyone who wants to play a certain rom will agree with me when I say that if you take your time the end results are that much better.

    Thank you Shash, if you are one of the people who work on DeSmuME, your doing a fine job and it is quite a treat to be able to play roms.

    Also thank you to those who work on the project, without you we wouldn’t have any emulators. Nice work!

  30. Hyper Z says:

    Keep up the great work guys! Much appreciated! :D

    Re: Mega Man ZX Advent:

    For those who are wondering whether they will be able to play the game, the answer is probably yes; I say that because it currently plays ZX1 pretty well. Version 7.0.0 fixed nearly all of the glitches in ZX1 that the earlier verions had; I think all that’s left is the cutscenes still don’t show properly (horrible screeching noise!) and a very small number of minor graphical gliches. Plus it’s slow like everything else – which also does crappy, crappy things to the background music :P.

    Mainly I’m hoping for a speed improvement by October; any chance of that? That’s the only real problem left with ZX, which I think is the game [series] most people are after, next to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. ;)

  31. Andrew Clunn says:

    Awesome! I’m glad you’re putting universal access for homebrew support before comercial rom compatibility. That’s really the right thing to do. Though I might be a bit bias as I own a mac.

  32. Bolo says:

    I am wandering, when I will be able to play Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. On DeSmuME game is freezing on first battle. On No$GBA game is running goob, but when you must open the equipment screen the rom is crashing. Also sprites in battles are barely visible.

  33. gus says:

    Thank you!
    I am waiting for next month
    I’m not English very well
    Thank you…

  34. lelol says:

    Thanks a lot for the Mac OS X version, can’t wait to play Electroplankton :D

    Keep up the good work!

  35. tenshin2002 says:

    Is there soundsupport? I have no sound on my Macbook

  36. Jeff says:

    Sorry there’s no sound on the mac version yet, that will hopefully be in the next release.

  37. Gicob says:

    When will the universal binary one be coming out because it comes up with is not supported on this computer?cause i really really want one!

  38. riccardo says:

    where can i find the last version of package for ubuntu?i checked but there is just the desmume 0.6.0

  39. tenshin2002 says:

    Ok, sound coming then!
    Great release by the way, I want less and less reasons to boot into BootCamp.

  40. Russ says:

    Hopefully in the coming versions, we’ll be able to play more roms. Preferably more role playing video games, since as of now there is more than enough action games. Thanks for all your hard work staff.

  41. deejay08 says:

    uhm i don’t know how to use it… pls help me… i can’t see the .exe file in the folder of desmume v0.7.3 please i need ur help… after downloading it what should i do?

  42. Edin says:

    Dude when can mario work on ds …… it always work to bowser and then GLITTTTTCH !

  43. dark5523 says:

    Speed is no problem to me, but in my testing of MegaMan ZX Advent, it is playable, but NO SPRITES!!!

    I can’t see “myself” and I can’t see the enemies, so I had to stop the game because I’m playing BLIND!!! >8(

  44. Russ says:

    Well if its any consolation to the DeSmuMe staff, at least some people can play this version. Maybe when version 7.4 comes out I can play more roms, but I am in no hurry at all. Honestly, the staff does work that I wouldn’t be able to do unless someone showed me how.

    Hopefully the next version will be easier to make, I wish the best for the staff and any other people who work on this project. Thank you for all your hard work.

  45. izaakoh says:

    Cool~~ Nice work Desmume Staff ~ keep up the good work~.^.^.

  46. I just want to thank u for ur great and hard work. u guys did well since the first releases and the programm is getting better and better. ur the best ^^

  47. Cancan says:

    Just to report so u guys can add in the Compat List:
    Digimon World Moonlight and DW Sunlight (Jap) just shows a blank screen ;)
    hopes that someday we can play it =D

  48. Cancan says:

    *ops, the right name isn’t sunlight (its sunburst)

  49. Antonhio says:

    Excuse me, do you think there will be a release for Pocket Pc in future?