Bug Reports

For those who have been submitting bug reports, please please please keep it down to -one- bug per bug report. Also include what operating system you’re running and any other relevant information that would be helpful(like your computer specifications for example). Any bug reports that don’t follow these guidelines will most likely be deleted from now on.

16 Responses to “Bug Reports”

  1. Francisco Pimenta says:

    Megaman ZX freeze after see the video from the anime.

  2. Marigno says:

    The emulator does not succeed to read the roms well, goes in jerks :(

  3. su-oung says:

    Because of save type.

    All of rom working bad and show “DS card” error.

    Save type is not working last version.

    But 0.6.0 version and Next versions has many save types.

    In the future, this emulator will change and we can play all of roms

    with good speeds.

  4. noname says:

    megaman zx is low speed of the game

  5. viet says:

    Load states sometimes don’t work well , everytime I press F1 , it don’t respond

  6. Bang says:

    505 – Rune Factory stop when I press the New Game, with version 0.5 a screen show and the game freeze

  7. Deluge says:

    OS: Windows XP Professional SP2
    RAM: 512 DDR
    CPU: 2.60Ghz P4

    Game: Final Fantasy 3

    Very slow emulation. Also, is there going to support for gamepads in future releases?

  8. ANDRE says:

    New Super Mario Bros. says error with card, then i select a type of save and works, but when im going to press start game, it freezes, its because the game has some 3D or what?

  9. Nathan says:

    No Sound says Error when creating secondary E_NOPTIMPL – Function not supported at this time

  10. rui gomes says:

    when i run the emulator with anyy game, the only thing i see is a black screen.

    what can i do???

    why is the DeSmuME so slow???

  11. DigitalAg says:

    Advance wars DS begins emulation. However, one of the graphic layers appears to be missing. Thus Select button text is missing and the main map is blank, but the game still runs. DeSumMe is easily the best DS emulator. Good job.

  12. Maikel says:

    Wen i play a game.. It works but soooooooooo amazinly slow…
    I waited 40 minutes before they were done doing the intro talk with harvestmoon…

  13. MattHunX says:

    I see I’m not the only one who can’t run Mega Man ZX properly.It’s very-very slow and there are some bugs in the sprite as well (the first boss, that snake in the intro stage).I have a 2.8Ghz P4, 1G RAM XP with SP2, and I doubt that my PC is not good enough to play the game properly.DeSmuME is a good program do, the best DS emulator out there so far.Keep up the good work and I hope that 0.7.0. will play my games without any problems.

  14. Azarath says:

    When I load Digimon World DS.

    It says:

    Unable to read data.
    Please turn off the power
    and re-insert the DS card.

    Whats the DS card??

  15. kpoeira says:

    when i open a game file the screen remains grey, and then desmume tells me that i miss the codec directsound8create, i have been into desmume since the 0.3.0 version and it always turns to run the same way in my windows 98 second edition ive been patient since then,but i cant be no longer, i dont really understand what the problem is because my cousin has a computer with windows xp and she can play desmume without any difficulties, could you help me with my problem?
    there will be any desmume version for windows 98?

  16. shash says:

    At the moment, desmume isn’t supported officially for Windows 98. The reason is very simple, none of the developers use it anymore, and it’s unlikely to change in the near future.